How Did I End Up a Pitt Fan?

How Did I End Up a Pitt Fan?

This is a bio submittal from wbb who is right near the top in POV comments posted…

The most accurate answer to the above is ‘Beats me!

I have no real connection to Pitt.  My parents were neither alums or fans; my dad was a Youngstown University grad and my mom wouldn’t know a touchdown from a double bogie.  I didn’t attend Pitt but did have a cousin who graduated from Pitt in circa 1964, but that’s about it.

I grew up in Lawrence County, about 60 miles north of Oakland but did read the Post-Gazette sports page every morning in the mid to late sixties.   My dad followed the Pirates (many a summer evening was spent on our patio listening to the Gunner and the Possum) so I was quite familiar with Pittsburgh sports, but frankly, Pitt football was not much good then nor do I ever remember watching them on TV.

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