2017 Spring Game Impressions

I invited readers to send in their impressions of the Spring Game and Eric Wassel took advantage.  I will put his article up under the Monday Morning QB piece that will be posted tomorrow morning.

Well, after all that talk from me about ‘if you are going to discuss the Pitt team in detail after the offseason then you really should get to the Spring Game so you know what you are talking about’… I missed the whole day even when I was up in Pittsburgh just this morning.

But we here at the POV had our “stringers” at the game so you know we’ll be getting detailed reports as soon as they put the beer cans down.  Here is one group who showed up at the modified tailgate: see if you can guess who they are (I’ll answer in the comments section later):

Spring Game Tailgate 2017.JPG
Lastrowofsection4/Dr. Tom/Craig Richards (Tom’s Son) /MissingWlat/Richman/RayinPGH/Sorry Spaced on this one and majormajors

Bunch of blood thirsty SOBs right there I tell you.  BTW – I’m doing up a separate Golf Outing article today also – pretty interesting and fun as hell day for everyone – I’m really proud of the turnout at the golf club but also at the number of commenters who wrote me saying they wished they were there.

We’ll find something else to do during the season I’m sure.

Here are the Pitt’s detailed stats for the scrimmage this afternoon.

as provided by the Post-Gazette’s Craig Meyer on his Twitter feed.


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POV Sunday Podcast; This & That

Below is a copy of the Golf Outing flyer I sent out via email email yesterday.  The POCs are Rick Caldwell and myself.  For the actual Golf outing issues; reserving spots, sponsorship, “will attend”, etc.  please either call Rick at 717-838-4855, x246 or email him at rcaldwell@whiteoakdisplay.com.  

Please make any check payments out to either Reed Kohberger or The PITT POV.


For other stuff you can call me at 410-997-0388 (H) , 410-782-9981 (C) or email me at rkohberger@gmail.com.

We really hope to see you all there  and have the gifts, prizes, food and drink ready for you.  BTW – we need suggestions for the name of the trophies.



Who is Behind the Defensive Line?

Last week we discussed the Defensive Line on here and the fact that we have some real questions there.  A major one is if Dewayne Hendrix is as healthy and as good as advertised.  We’ll see about him in about four weeks when Spring Practices start… along with other players we have yet to see in action.

But with the main defensive question mark staying the same – which is who is going to be in the defensive backfield for us – because God knows we need all the help we can get there. That’s been discussed to death.

But I think our Linebackers are going to play a huge role in how well this season’s version of our defense plays.2016-lbs

Looking back at 2016’s LB corps we saw SR Matt Galambos as a constant four-year player and a three-year starter.  He was in there mainly for his football knowledge, his devotion during practice and classroom sessions, and his ability to call the defense… which isn’t going to look great on his resume’ considering our defense was a pile of dung on Heinz Field’s 50 yard line.

He was not a star by any means but he also didn’t make many mental errors and for a middle linebacker that is paramount. Slow afoot though.

Next to him we saw SR Mike Caprara in at the “Money” LB slot with SR Bam Bradley and rising JR Oluwaseun Idowu switching out at the “Star” LB position – with the Star usually lining up over the TE.  There isn’t a whole lot to say about those four starters other than Paul Chryst didn’t really know how to recruit defensive players very well. 

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LOI Day Travel & POV’ers Festivities

I’m on the road early this morning – have some things to do in Pittsburgh before we meet at Bettis’ Grille around 3:30 or so.  As I said I’ll be down there then or maybe even earlier and if I tip the staff there early enough maybe they will let me fly the beautiful Pitt POV flag Bernie B. bought us.pov-flag-1

I’m bringing along some nice Pitt POV gifts for all who attend so please make it a stop before you go over to Heinz Field – in the East Club, when the doors open at 5:00 for the Fans & Staff Meet and Greet and then the Position Coaches take the stage for player introductions and that begin at 6:00 .bettis

As I said earlier I’ll take care of the bar bill – you guys bring yourselves and buy dinner or whatever.  I’m really looking forward to see old faces and meeting new ones.

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