POV Bits & Pieces and Roundtable Night; 4/25/17

POV Bits & Pieces and Roundtable Night; 4/25/17

First off, as promised, here is the donation of your golfing money to the Grassroots of Howard County Day Resource Center.


It was a check for $300, was well received and is needed – as you can see by the missing drywall in the ceiling of the rooms behind us.

I can’t thank you guys enough for chipping in the way you all did and I will say that I made sure your donated fees are being expressly used to support the homeless services in our county. Not only did we all have a great time – you probably put some new boots on, or food in the stomach of, someone living out in the woods.

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POV Sunday Podcast; April 23rd

POV Sunday Podcast; April 23rd

Because I felt left out and had to hold down the Quicksilver bar all by myself when others were out having fun golfing, I went out yesterday and bought myself a complete set (used of course) of Jack Nicklaus’ Golden Bear Tranzition clubs.


So, after this podcast I’m off to a driving range to see if my lower back will actually explode  if I hit a bucket or two.  Get this – I bought them used at a local Play It Again store and they asked $90 as is.  The bag was crappy and the club’s grips were in bad shape also.  I told them I’d come back last evening to pick them up.  They re-gripped all the clubs and gave me a very nice new (used) bag… and gave me 20% off for a military discount.

My daughter had said she’d pay half as a small present and so Ta Da! – These clubs cost me $39 total.

Pitt BB:

Not even a transfer; Aaron Thomas is refusing to board the sinking ship.

Stallings Fault.png


Here is the competition RB Dion Lewis faced in his freshman year at Pitt.  If you remember LeSean McCoy had declared early for the NFL draft after only two years at Pitt (2007-08) so he was gone by Lewis and Graham’s first year.

Dion Lewis

Not a whole lot to worry about there but the other, more highly ranked, Ray Graham.  Lewis was a 3*, Graham was a 4* and returning RB Chris Burns was a 4* also.  Lewis blew their socks off that year.


Some More POV Golf Outing Stuff

Some More POV Golf Outing Stuff

As we wrote earlier the golf outing was a ton of fun… so here are some photos to look at until some of the other attendees send me their photos of the event (my cell phone camera skills leave a lot to be desired…)

First off the 1st and 2nd place teams were  Fran Lokar (Lastrowinsection4) and three friends who were 3 under par.IMG_20170414_150954436

Second place tie with Richard Tencza (Richman) with three friends and Randy “JoeKnew” and two friends at 2 under par.
Here is one of our four teams of golfers on the right. They didn’t win but may have had the most fun of all… from left to right they are Erie Express (Rick Caldwell), Jay91 (Jason Smith), MajorsMajors (John Fredland) and Dan72 (Dan Davis).
All Pitt fans of the finest kind.  As you can see this is one of the tee signs Erie Express had made up for the course.  There were a few other and one had the Grassroots logo in the bottom right corner to go along with the POV eyes.


Rick (Erie) was the workhorse of the event and between he and Fran Lokar (lastrowofsection4) they had everything set up and the POV golfers out to the links in a timely fashion.

Here is the Prizes Table with goody-bags, auction items and some POV items for the golfers to grab on their way out.  The star of the show was Jason Smith’s (Jay91) donation for auction the autographed “Ditka” uniform jersey.  That went for a very nice chunk of change and was so very generous of Jason to do.  BTW – that is what Jason does for a living – sports memoribilia, sports autograph conventions, framings and such so if you are interested drop me a line and I’ll give you his contact info.


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POV: BB Issues & OL and TE Questions

POV: BB Issues & OL and TE Questions

Have to apologize for lack of articles lately – between going to Virginia for two days on Tuesday then having to drive up to PGH for two days for a funeral on Thursday I couldn’t find computer time to write anything.

BB News: Cam Johnson is indeed leaving the Pitt BB program as one of the many who have seen the handwriting on the wall with the Stallings hire.  I think that Pitt BB fans are much like the Pitt FB fans in that they find it hard to point fingers at the coaching staffs when there are players to blame.

To me this mass exodus from the BB program is all on (dearly departed) ex-Pitt AD Barnes’ and BB Head Coach Stallings’ shoulders. From that initial press conference announcing the hire until now the Stallings era has been on a downward slope.  Multiple players from a small roster don’t leave within months of each other unless there is great institutional instability.

This is NOT what you want a new AD to have to deal with in the first part of her time at your university.  We saw a Pitt FB head coach leave Pitt when there was the same type of institutional instability back with Todd Graham. 

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The Spring Game is Up Next

The Spring Game is Up Next
I think I could describe the perfect quarterback. Take a little piece of everybody.  Take John Elway’s arm,  Dan Marino’s release,  maybe Troy Aikman’s drop-back,  Brett Favre’s scrambling ability,  Joe Montana’s two-minute poise and, naturally,  my speed.
Peyton Manning

What do we expect to see out on the field in April when Pitt holds its 2017 edition of the Spring game?  Will anyone jump out at us and make us shift focus from players we already have penciled in as starters?  Is anyone going to make us forget the players who just graduated from that position leaving it open?

I don’t know but let’s look at a prime position where this will happen.  First we’ll start as every football fan does – looking directly at the QB.

I don’t believe anyone who has been logically following Pitt football over the past two years thinks that Pat Narduzzi brought in ex-USC Trojan QB Max Browne 26_4826581to do anything but be the starter in September.  Recent history shows that he wants results from that position right away and will do what is necessary to make sure that happens.

He sat down the incumbent starter returning after the 2014 season and tossed Peterman to the top of that QB heap. He’ll do exactly the same with Browne with the only difference being there is no one returning that has played more than one half of a football game.

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Football Bits & Pieces

Football Bits & Pieces

NOTE: I’m wondering if I got ‘punked’ at the LOI Day event. The guy I talked to there looked exactly like our old DL position coach Inoke Brecterfield… and when I asked him if he was Coach Brecterfield he said “yes”  I introduced myself and we started talking about things we had in common (Pacific Islands) and about our current DL Jeremiah Taleni (who Brecterfield recruited and coached).  7511380

But the point was brought up on here that Brecterfield was almost sure to have been in Wisconsin on Wednesday for their LOI Day. gig.  I have been researching to see if Brecterfield was indeed in Madison, WI and can’t verify it.

In the interest of accuracy and honesty I’ll say that now I’m not sure at all it actually was him – but if not it was a very strange thing for someone to do.  And if it was that is strange in other ways also.

Watching the Super Bowl last night made me remember the best comeback I never saw.  Back in 1970 my oldest brother and I wpitt-stadium-pittsburgh-pennsylvaniaent to all the Pitt home games like we had ever since we were born.

The year before in ’69 Pitt was 4-6 under Carl DePasqua and had lost to West Virginia 46-19.  In ’70 we were sitting at a surprising 3-1 and had a three game winning streak against Baylor, Kent State and Navy when WVU came into Pitt stadium. They were 4-1 and nationally ranked at the time.

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LOI Day Travel & POV’ers Festivities

LOI Day Travel & POV’ers Festivities

I’m on the road early this morning – have some things to do in Pittsburgh before we meet at Bettis’ Grille around 3:30 or so.  As I said I’ll be down there then or maybe even earlier and if I tip the staff there early enough maybe they will let me fly the beautiful Pitt POV flag Bernie B. bought us.pov-flag-1

I’m bringing along some nice Pitt POV gifts for all who attend so please make it a stop before you go over to Heinz Field – in the East Club, when the doors open at 5:00 for the Fans & Staff Meet and Greet and then the Position Coaches take the stage for player introductions and that begin at 6:00 .bettis

As I said earlier I’ll take care of the bar bill – you guys bring yourselves and buy dinner or whatever.  I’m really looking forward to see old faces and meeting new ones.

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