It’s All About the HS Recruiting Folks…

It’s All About the HS Recruiting Folks…

We discuss recruiting on the POVat least once a week it seems and maybe moreso in the summer football doldrums.  It is perhaps the most important component to a successful football team. Notice I said “team” there and not football program – those are two different and distinct things in my eyes.

I strongly believe success in Pitt football runs on individual star performer’s power and production. We have seen that down through the years writ large. In the last 15 years we have had eight seasons of 8+ wins (hard to believe huh?) with three under Walt Harris, three under Dave Wannstedt and two, so far, under Pat Narduzzi.

15 years

Looking at which Pitt players powered those wins on the field I absolutely believe 4* players are integral to having winning seasons.  We can say all we want that a solid group of only 3* kids can be a perennial winning team but I have my strong doubts about that. There are outlier schools with that – Pitt isn’t one of them.

Here are some of the past 4* and 5* players who have been great producers for us and who all played on those winning teams above:

4* and 5*s:  Rod RutherfordTyler Palko , Larry Fitzgerald , Nate Byham, John Malecki, Jeff Otah, Aaron Berry, Dorin Dickerson, Chris Jacobson, LeSean McCoy, Adam Bisnowaty, Dorian Johnson, Tyler Boyd, Jordan Whitehead, Nate Peterman, etc…  All also made the NFL in one form or another – Whitehead will also I’m sure.

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