POV Guest Article – “My 2 Cents”

POV Guest Article – “My 2 Cents”

Here is a piece sent to me the other day via email.  It is from our long-time reader but seldom commenter “EtnaPanther” (Mike Cvitkovic)


IMAG0684.jpgAs an infrequent poster (maybe two or three comments over the years) but an avid reader of all the articles and comments posted here on the POV I thought I would take a shot at writing a short article.  

Let’s start this with by stating that I am not a Pitt alumni nor is anyone else in my immediate family. My son-in-law graduated from Pitt but he started at PSU.  I think maybe that should count as ½ of a Pitt relative.

I began following Pitt football began back in the early 1960’s when my Dad would take me to Pitt Stadium to watch the Panthers play on Saturday afternoons.  I enjoyed the game for what it was – an afternoon watching two teams slug it out on the gridiron. We had some good teams and some good players and guess what?  Nobody gave a hoot about “stars” or “rankings” back then.  

Now we jump forward 50 years and fret over these recruiting websites grades assigned to the high school players.  I have read the blog posts and commenters discussing the merits and necessity of 4* & 5* players.  The analysis that has appeared here has been very insightful and in many cases well thought out. My only question to you readers is what are we hoping to accomplish if we sign a whole bunch of highly touted recruits?  

Does it insure success on the field? No, of course not.  But if it did, would we “feel” better if Pitt ended up 9-3 and played in a major bowl game? 

What I am trying to say is that I, like all Pitt fans, want the team to do well.  But for me that is not the bottom line. For me it is the complete game day experience. From what I read in the comments the Pitt POV tailgates are a good time.  Isn’t this why we go to the games… to enjoy our family and friends and to root the Panthers to a hopeful victory?

I feel that we sometimes take the success of the recruiting and on field results too personally as fans.  I am not saying you are wrong in feeling this way, but let’s be realistic here also. Do we really believe that Pitt will ever be a consistent major player again in the current college football universe?  I know myself that if will be more than happy with a conference title once in, say, every 10 years.

I know some of you are saying “screw that!”.  Well, we didn’t exactly tear up the Big East which was a more inferior conference to our current ACC.  Am I being too pessimistic? Maybe I am, but then again I will also still enjoy the other nine years of not winning the title.  Why? Because as I stated above – it’s not only about winning the games. 

Now here is where I get on my soapbox.  

Here in the off-season it’s fun to jab back and forth with each other about player ratings, coaches and expected results. I have read some very well thought out comments on the POV. What I dislike and disagree with is the sniping back and forth that sometimes borders on flat-out meanness.  To disagree with someone is OK, but it doesn’t need to become personal. What really upsets me is when the snarky comments are directed back to the owner of this website. Reed puts a lot of time and effort into this site and I really do appreciate his work.  

As my Dad would tell me, if you don’t like it, do it better yourself or shut up and don’t bitch.  Well, that’s the end of my “sermon” for today. We who read and participate on this blog are in our heart of hearts dedicated Pitt fans.


EtnaPanther (Mike Cvitkovic)