POV Bits & Pieces; Oct 24th

POV Bits & Pieces; Oct 24th

* 4 star DT Donovan Jeter has finished his second stop in his “DeeJee’s Nationwide Commitment Tour ’16” (sponsored by Magic Eraser).  His first stop was in South Bend, IN and that was a success as a warmup to his main show.

The pressure to perform live again was too much so his agent booked a date in Ann Arbor, MI for a second and more permanent commitment.  Which he offered up on a silver-plated platter.

“I’m done. I can’t put myself through this again,” Jeter said.

Jeter chose Notre Dame in September after a visit for a Fighting Irish game. But not long after, he began to have second thoughts, admitting he made a decision too quickly. He said he also made the Notre Dame commitment to relieve the recruiting pressure and when he made the decision he said Michigan and Pitt were the other finalists.

“I started thinking, ‘Michigan is undefeated and Notre Dame is 2-5,’” Jeter said.

When asked about his change of career venues Jeter was heard to say “A total commitment is paramount to reaching the ultimate in performance!!”  Image result for indecisionAfterward a reporter was hear saying “Well, when the f*ck is that going to happen?”

Let’s hope he doesn’t switch again and come to Pitt – there will be a locker room fight between he and Chris Clark for bragging rights as to who is better at de-committing from schools.

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A Bit Past Halfway…

A Bit Past Halfway…

If we assume we are going to a bowl game which is reasonable as one more win makes us eligible and two more pretty much secures a spot, then we are just a bit past the halfway point of the season. That is a good place to have a ten-day break between games, especially because Pitt has to really work on our defense.

It is also a good time to look at the season’s games that have been played and at who we face in the next five regular season matches.  First let’s cast back and look at where we were at this point last season in Narduzzi’s first year as a head coach.

OK – here are our first seven games last year when we stood at 6-1:


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Pondering Life Its Own Self

Pondering Life Its Own Self

When I started this blog I wanted it to be about Pitt football – which it is with my own twists applied and with your comments, questions and suggestions. I believe you all appreciate the Pitt POV and the work that goes into it and so you should certainly believe that I appreciate all of you right back.

We Pitt fans love to talk about the football team, the Athletic Dept. and the university itself. That is what we care about and what has become – either in this century or the last – a big part of our lives be it if we are young or older. That is wrapped by the fact that at some point in our collective lives we all lived; slept, ate, drank and breathed in Pittsburgh’s Oakland neighborhood.

Thus we become friends on here also. 

I first noticed this phenomenon when I was writing on The Pitt Blather and realized I knew and cared about some people on there whom I have never met in person as much as I do my neighbors or my friends outside of the blog members writing, reading and commenting on shared things of interest.

So I’d like to take today’s article and talk to you as my friends who I want to share some personal things with.

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POV Podcast: Aliquippa and Pitt; Part 1


I mentioned before that I had been reading a great book titled Playing Through the Whistle by S. L. Price.  I want to share some passages from it along with my thoughts that I had while reading this.

We all know of Mike Ditka and Tony Dorsett’s (Hopewell) great football careers at Pitt but what was the town they came from like?  That isn’t something most college football fans care much about because it is their living in the moment that matters… “What has he done for my school’s football team?” is the most common thought.

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POV Monday Morning QB

POV Monday Morning QB

Pitt stands at 5-2 after beating the Virginia Cavaliers at their place down in Charlottesville, VA. The final score was 45-31 and a 14 point win is good in anyone’s books – especially since in came against a conference opponent.

With that we are 2-1 in ACC play losing to North Carolina then beating Georgia Tech and now Virginia.  We play eight conference games per season and for the home stretch that is all we play – so every game means something.

Can’t take away anything from the nice Villanova and Penn State wins but they are window dressing wins compared to the task at hand.  Very nice window dressing with the  PSU win of course.

But moving forward we start to get into the meat of the ACC contests.  North Carolina was a tough match and they are considered one of the better ACC Coastal Division teams, but after this bye week we have Virginia Tech at home then follow that with two very hard games against Miami and Clemson – both on the road.

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Sunday Podcast: Pitt’s 5-2!

Sunday  Podcast: Pitt’s 5-2!

(Reed is always a week behind!!)

(Please excuse the beginning of the Podcast – I had to edit the first few seconds out…)

The die was cast and Pitt won the football game yesterday over Virginia by is score 45 to 31. It was a strange game especially in the second half after the teams were sitting at 35 to 28 at the end of the first two quarters.  Everyone in the stadium thought we’d see another high scoring two quarters to end the game.

But that didn’t happen. Instead we watched both teams play looser and more error-filled football. The junior quarterback for the Cavaliers, Kurt Benkert, who passed so well in the first half … he had 147 yards in the first quarter… couldn’t complete a pass to save his life in the second half.

Our running game averaged only 4.3 yards on 49 carries. That is a kind of inefficient approach to the game, but again we scored 45 points and I think the offense we saw yesterday  will be exactly the same from now on.  It will have to be if we want to keep winning while giving up 31.4 ppg (to our 38.4 ppg).

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Panthers vs Cavaliers Gameday Thread

Panthers vs Cavaliers Gameday Thread

Let’s hear it – keep us rolling in the aisles with the great observations you guys make during the game.  Game starts at 12:30 – I’m posting this early since I’m going to get onto the road at 6:30 am as I’m driving down to Charlottesville for the match.

Our predictions were made in yesterday’s article and it looks like Pitt fans overwhelmingly feel that Pitt staff and the players (and fans of course) will be a happy bunch around 4:00.  I feel that way also and with no second guessing upon wakening as I usually have.

It will be partly sunny with a high of 70° and just about no chance of rain.  With the winds at 6 mph both passing games should have no hindrances, except what the opposition puts up.

I’ll not be on this gameday thread much – maybe a bit from my phone – but we’ll have our regular POV Sunday Morning podcast tomorrow to talk about the win.

Here are the latest odds:





Let’s go get them and bring home a 5-2 record.