Pitt Football’s Glory Days; Part 3

Pitt Football’s Glory Days; Part 3

(This is Part 3 of a three-part series looking back at Pitt’s best decades of football)

Yesterday we discussed that last set of Glory Days from 1974 to 1983. Now let us skip another 33 years from 1984 to the nearer history of Pitt football in 2007. Remember that number because from 1938 to 1974 was a 36 year stretch.  It seems to me that we take around  35 years to ramp up to have another good run of Pitt football. Way too long but it is what it is – at least so far.

Now are talking about this last decade, from 2007 until last season’s end. I think it’s interesting that we look at these last 10 years and think the program has been rather average or even mediocre at times, especially the four years under Todd Graham and Paul Chryst. But if you put these ten years up against our whole history of play you’ll find that we really been above and beyond what the vast majority of other years’ stretches had done.

Here are the years in discussion:


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Pitt Football’s Glory Days: Part 2

Pitt Football’s Glory Days: Part 2

(This is Part 2 of a three part series looking back at Pitt’s best decades of football play)

On Saturday we discussed the early years of Pitt football and the impact Jock Sutherland had on the football program.  I venture to say there are not many living Pitt fans who can point back to that time and say they attended any of those games as adults. https://www.pittmag.pitt.edu/sep95/images/xfball1.gif

The next best decade is for us older guys a more happy time because we lived through that winning period and we remember it fondly as we were either undergraduates or we were in high school and watching Pitt football with our friends and families back then.  Well, some on here might have been in grad school or after also.

I’m  speaking of the years 1974 to 1983. 

Prior to that we went through a period of ball which saw us in a ten-year stretch of utter futility where we combined our wins and losses for a 28/68 record (28%).  During that stretch we had four head coaches; John Michelosen, Dave Hart, Carl DePasqua and the newly hired Johnny Majors… sound familiar anyone?  Like our last ten years maybe? As coaches go that is, we had a much better record over the last 10 years.

And as a topper we had one HC, Dave Hart, who went 1-9 for his three seasons at the helm.

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POV Sunday Podcast: Feb 19th

POV Sunday Podcast: Feb 19th

Yesterday we talked a little about the 1st Glory Years in semi-modern Pitt football.  I had a blast researching and writing that.  Part 2 will be posted tomorrow and Part 3 on Tuesday or Wednesday.

In the podcast I read off of some interesting internet sites – one that I used regularly for statistical info.

This is the web-page for all the Pitt to NFL info I discussed.

This is the Congrove Computer Rankings (CCR128) that I referenced.  It is one of the more accurate ones I could find.

That prep school I couldn’t remember is Milford Academy in New Berlin, NY.  We had Aundre’ Wright, LeSean McCoy, Mark Gubiliato, KK Mosley-Smith, Jevonte’ Pitts, Todd Thomas, and lately Calvin Hamilton is on our roster.

When I say it is a football factory take a look at this list of scholarships gained to D1  & D2 schools.

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Pitt Football’s Glory Days: Part 1

Pitt Football’s Glory Days: Part 1

Sometimes when I’m trying to figure out what to write for the next article I take a look at some of the historical stuff that pertains to Pitt football and I try to figure out patterns or events that I can point to which would be interesting to talk about.  With that I have found something that I think will be nice to share with you guys.

Lets look back at what we all feel were the glory days of Pitt football.600px-pittwvuatexpopark1908.. and to me that means not going back to the turn of the earlier century, the early 1900s, even though we did kick ass then when football was a different animal all together and we played at Forbes field… but into the 1930s. 

In other words lets look at Pitt’s first rush of success from when football was more modern and the forward pass was fully integrated.

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On Life Its Own Self – Retirement

On Life Its Own Self – Retirement

Since my retirement five years ago I have made a promise to myself to do two things every single day: 1) Learn something new and 2) Do some good for someone. That is what I have to do to keep that promise to myself and enjoy my retirement.

Guess what one of those two things is that I do… yep, its writing a blog about Pitt Football (and obviously other issues) for my fellow Pitt fans to enjoy. That is the really fun thing in my life.

But I also push myself to get ‘out of myself ‘because, lets face it – the Pitt POV  is pretty self-serving for me. So I volunteer for a lot of different things and boy do I love that – even the crappy parts which sometimes happen. 

I work at a Homeless Day Resource Center where I break up fights sometimes (helps to be 6’6″ and 255). I work with Wounded Warriors, I volunteer to read/perform short stories to audiences at the local library, I judge high school STEM competitions, etc… Some are on a continuing basis and some are  a one-off gig.


What I’m getting to here is that I’ve been asked to, and agreed to, do something new and be a “Human Book” in my County Library’s system’s Human Library Project. It is basically a project where somebody with something unique about their lives volunteers to share that with others who may have never met anyone like that before.

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Charlie Partridge & the 2017 DL Unit

Charlie Partridge & the 2017 DL Unit

The legalized bits are from Pittsbu

Lets talk a bit more about this recent hire and what it could mean for Pitt… and I’ll tie it in with the continuing series of looking forward at the different units for 2017. 

Here are some details about Partridge’s tenure at Pitt earlier on in his career:

Partridge’s initial Pitt tenure was from 2003-07. He had a positional focus on the defensive line for four seasons and the linebackers in his final campaign. Partridge also served as the Panthers’ special teams coordinator in 2006-07.

 In 2007, Pitt ranked fifth in the nation in total defense, yielding just 297.7 yards per game. The Panthers closed that season with one of the most celebrated victories—and defensive performances—in school history: a 13-9 upset of West Virginia that shattered the Mountaineers’ national title hopes. Pitt limited the high-powered WVU offense to just one touchdown and 183 total yards.

Well, I remember that game pretty well. Do you?

Sad Pat…

Our DL and especially our linebackers got after Pat White like they were fireman and he was a house on fire.  Chased him all over WVU’s field and into the stands almost. There was continued heavy pressure  on him and here were the results.

Here is what White had done that season; in passing he had 1,724 yards (68%) and 14 TDs – not too shabby for a wishbone QB.  As a runner he excelled with 1,335 yards at a 6.8 ypc clip and also 14 TDs. That was awesome .

But we held him to 5/10 passing for 50 yards and 14 carries for 41 yards which was only 2.9 ypc.  No only season’s lows but embarrassingly poor. Yeah Us!  The Good Guys prevail!

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Found the Future in a Pear Tree

It’s no surprise to Pitt fans by now that Pat Narduzzi has hired ex-Pitt Defensive Line c4pojy6xaaehdwpcoach Charlie Partridge as our new DL position coach .  Partridge was a fan favorite back in the early Dave Wannstedt head coaching days. You can see on his job chart that he was here from 2003 until 200 when he went to the Wisconsin Badgers.

And he was a fan and player favorite.  Our defenses were pretty good back then but his forte was player recruitment and then developing those players into real mainstays at their positions.  That was in his younger coaching days… he’s grown up since then.

What is pretty interesting about this hire, and this is based on  intuition, is that because  we are hiring a staff coach who has been 1) DL coach, 2) Co-Defensive coordinator, 3) Asst’ HC and the 4) a HC at Florida Atlantic. We are setting the future table.

My Pitt friends, what does that resume’ say to you?partridge-salary

That’s right… he’s Josh Conklin’s replacement as Pitt’s Defensive Coordinator if thing don’t get 1000% better on defense next year and quick like.  I think this is the first case of Pat Narduzzi really seeing the handwriting on the wall when it comes to Josh Conklin’s abilities and lack of production at a Power Five school.

Partridge was making $591K at Florida Atlantic (94th nationally) before he got fired there. So he’s not breaking the bank here at Pitt and I’ll wager he’s making less than that.  He’ll have one year under his belt if a change is called for at the DC spot.  If we start out badly enough and are getting burned in the passing game like we did last season then he’s on staff and ready to serve as an interim-DC in a pinch. 

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