Another Scrimmage; Another Film Breakdown Session

Another Scrimmage;  Another Film Breakdown Session

Pitt scrimmaged again this weekend, and another video was released. Since our crack team of video analysts did such a great job last time, I’ve decided to bring that back in for a second go round. Enjoy the double-click into what the Pitt SID really wants us to see.

First the still images:

Trying to decipher who is in the the huddle with the ones…Pickett Obviously. I think that’s Carter Warren he’s got his arm on? I can sort of just make out the 7 on the right side of the back of his jersey… If it’s Warren then it does indeed look like he’s slimmed down. Huge arms too. That’s #4 at Running Back – I.e. Daniel Carter. Seeing a lot of him in scrimmage footage. #18 is Shocky. There is another receiver inside of him. Can’t see a number. It’s not Addison because of the black t-shirt poking out from under the jersey. (Addison as you can see below has a blue one). Maybe Tipton? Another of the true frosh? I’m assuming that’s Krull immediately to his right.
Paris Ford does appear to be practicing. Is that him saying “my bad”?
Jason Pinnock’s arms (and dreds) pass the eye-test. With Mathis out he’s our unquestioned #1 corner. While I’m no body language expert, he appears to be walking with a bit of a swagger.
#3 Jordan Addision and #71 Bryce Hargrove (number is hidden but it’s him). Addison doesn’t look as small as I thought he would next to the 6’4″ 320 Hargrove.

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Because this might be the only College Football game you See all Season Open Thread (Austin Peay at Central Arkansas)

And also because Pitt is scheduled to play Austin Peay in two weeks.

Austin Peay Governors (0-0, FCS OVC) vs Central Arkansas Bears (0-0, FCS Southland)

Date/Time: Saturday, August 29th, 9:00 PM

TV: ESPN (Play-By-Play: Matt Barrie/Analyst: Mike Golic Jr./Sidelines: Lauren Sisler)

Location: Cramton Bowl, Montgomery, AL

Betting Line: O/U 42.5 Central Arkansas -3

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Focused on September 12th

Focused on September 12th

As we sit here, 14 days away from a college football season that came perilously close to not happening (and still may yet not happen), the time has come to ask ourselves, “what do we have?”. In many ways, we already know. A good defense. Questions on offense. A coach that can motivate his team to greatness on any given Saturday and at other times lead an undisciplined rabble onto the field. And yet, for all his perceived shortcomings, (questionable in-game decisions, high rates of penalization, lack of focus on offensive recruiting), Narduzzi has won more than he’s lost, against tougher schedules than any other Pitt football coach since Jackie Sherrill. And that in and of itself is something. He’s also maintained a clean program, ranked fourth in the ACC in APR, and by all rights built a team culture that is one of the strongest in recent memory.

But APR does not win games. Players do, and to some degree scheme. Pitt has the players on defense (except for a newly-formed question mark at corner) and certainly the scheme. Offensive talent is…well behind the defensive curve, but the scheme is there with Mark Whipple, who made a living for four years at UMASS coaxing an effective passing game out of questionable talent. If ever there was a situation that called for that skill set, that situation is Pitt right now.

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Devin Danielson and Carter Warren

Devin Danielson

Let me lead into this by saying that Devin Danielson is clearly a man of few words. Not that that is a bad thing. His answers were straight and to the point, which is what you’d expect from a hardworking, blue-collar Pittsburgh guy.

Devin played 238 snaps last season and graded out at 68.7, which is knocking on the door of “above average” as far as Pro Football Focus grades go. He’s supposedly got the inside track on the starting defensive tackle job for Pitt to replace Jaylen Twyman. Generally speaking Danielson’s run defense was better than his pass rush last season (as long as PFF grading is concerned), and that’s actually not a bad thing if Pitt has three other pass rushers on the line. I’m looking for Devin to take the next step this year if he breaks into the starting lineup. Here are the nuts and bolts of his interview:

On what he learned from Bill Cherpak (his high school coach: I learned a lot. How to work hard.

What are some examples of hard work: Running hills. Doing ladders. Just conditioning every day.

As a Pittsburgh guy, you’d expect Danielson to have a strong work ethic. I don’t think there are any surprises here. This is one of the reasons why I think we should expect him to improve.

On his thoughts when Jaylen Twyman opted out: I was a little confused at first, but I understand why he did it, and I wish him the best of luck and it just created an opportunity for me and all the D tackles.

On what it was like playing behind Jaylen: He really taught me how to watch film. How to truly watch film. Dive into the smallest details in a o linemen’s stance, the keys to a good get off and a whole bunch of things.

This is not be underrated, and is one of those intangibles that sets guys like Twyman and Aaron Donald apart from the rest.

Some things he needs to work on: Just mainly footwork and getting the fundamentals sound and consistent.

Spoken like a true student of the game.

How does it feel about knowing who the first opponent will be: Very excited.

Did I mention he was a man of few words? But really, what else are you going to say here?

What’s it like to have a bunch of experienced guys on the D Line: I learn something new every day.

Culture. Important.

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