Win, Lose or Draw – 2107’s WRs & TEs

Win, Lose or Draw – 2107’s WRs & TEs

Again – here is a follow up on what we projected for last season’s unit productions compared to 2016’s play.  As stated later on we’ll do one for 2017 – 2018 during fall camp when we have a better idea of the starting lineup.

Here is a bit I wrote last June about these positions:

Then again – it all goes back to how well our running backs are handling their end of the offensive equation. Last season our WRs had 89 carries from scrimmage and that worked well but who knows what OC Sean Watson really envisions of his offensive players.

In his last work as an OC Watson in Louisville he didn’t use his WRs to carry the ball hardly at all. In 2011 they had zero carries by a WR, in 2012 one and in 2013 three. Three years running an offense and a total of four WR carries.  Are we sure he’s going to replicate Canada’s offense coming into his first year at Pitt or is he going to do what almost every new OC does when they piss around the perimeter of the practice field to announce it is now theirs to run?

We saw that writ large with Chaney then with Canada… I’ll wait to see what Watson does.

Even so with the returning WRs we have on roster and the fact that we have five with game experience – including the gazelle SR Jester Weah coming back I’ll say it is a …


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