It’s June! (Time for the Three-Stars)

Well it’s June again, and if you’ve been reading Rivals or PSN, you’ll see that the annual parade of three star recruits started this weekend, and Pitt got two more defensive backs. Now there is a bit of tongue in cheek here, because if you’ve been following the program with any sort of interest you’ve accepted by now that Narduzzi, Bates and company can EVALUTATE, (and develop). And while I haven’t run the numbers, I’d be willing to bet Pitt has put as many two-and-three star DB’s in the NFL as any other college team in the nation. Heck, Pitt may even lead in that (fairly obscure) category.

Anyway, so two three-stars verballed, and more on the way. And PSN showing that we are 16th in recruiting! Well of course that won’t hold but hey let’s enjoy it.

Also speaking of Rivals, Chris Peak – can you PLEASE get the Pitt logo updated ? (or at least get it changed to the Dinocat?)

Lastly, since I posted the numbers above, I want to point out that our stars-per-recruit is 3.15. That puts us in 33rd place, which is about where you’d expect a “good” Narduzzi class to finish. Of course, that plus Kenny Pickett + Jordan Addison + Mark Whipple got us an ACC Championship, so who’s counting?

Hail to Pitt

Michaelangelo Monteleone

Pitt’s Heather Lyke Named a Cushman & Wakefield Athletics Director of the Year Awardee

I think the conversation now shifts from “I don’t think she’s good enough” to “Can we keep her?”

Congratulations Heather. Well deserved.

….Per the Pitt Sports SID…

PITTSBURGH—The National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) announced that Pitt’s Heather Lyke has been named a recipient of the Cushman & Wakefield AD of the Year Award.

The award highlights the efforts of athletics directors for their commitment and positive contributions to student-athletes, campuses and their surrounding communities. Lyke was named one of four honorees representing the Football Bowl Subdivision, joining Mark Harlan (Utah), Jamie Pollard (Iowa State) and Gene Taylor (Kansas State).

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