Book Review: The Point After


There is an old saying that goes along the lines of “Nobody ever thinks about the kicker until you need one.” Well maybe it’s not exactly an old saying, but I heard an ex-NFL radio jock say it once and it stuck with me. And to prove my point, if I said the name “Sean Conley” to you, you’d probably think “who’s the hell is that guy?”

He’s a former kicker of course. For Pitt. All Big-East actually. But you didn’t know that. Primarily because he played on one of the most underwhelming teams in modern Pitt history, and also because well…he’s a kicker. And so if you saw Conley’s memoir on the bookshelf, you’d probably walk right past it.

That would be a mistake.

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2022 Commit

Pitt landed a verbal from Elijah Staham yesterday. He’s (gulp) unranked on and had only (sigh) two other offers (Akron and Cincy).


But I will say that all D-line recruits get a pass from me, given that Pitt recently turned two, two-stars into consensus All-Americans and looks to be loaded with talent across all positions. Until that production drops off I don’t think anybody has any room to say anything.

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HUDL Video

Hail to Pitt


All-ACC Analysis

As Rashad Weaver and Patrick Jones continue to rack up All-American Awards, our All-ACC analyst, Richard Hefner, put together a nice run down on the 2020 All-ACC team. I’ve been sitting on this for about a week, so my apologies if some of the data is a little bit dated. – Michaelangelo

The 2020 ALL ACC Team

The 2020 ALL ACC Team and (some) Recruiting Info

by Richard Hefner

The 2020 All ACC Team was announced in late December. Below is a link to the press release. If you have not read the release, I suggest you do. It does add some detail to the first team selections.

Tigers, Irish Lead All-ACC Football Team – Atlantic Coast Conference (

For a quicker read, you can also review Mike’s 12/22/2020 article.

All ACC (

If you decided not to read the ACC press release here are a few details you may want to know:

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