Ditch Comcast Unless they get the ACC Network

Pitt published a very measured and dispassionate message via Pat Narduzzi on Twitter today. It asked fans to demand that Comcast add the ACC network, and threaten to switch if they don’t.

I understand why Pitt struck this tone, and I respect it.

I, on the other hand, am not Pitt, and so I’ll try to put a little feeling into it, and I’ll give you three reasons to care.

1) You should care about it because you want to watch the games.

2) You should care about it because a deal with Comcast fills the ACC’s coffers.

3) You should care because the ACC Network supports intercollegiate Athletics, and Comcast supports only itself. And so no matter what, The ACCN has the moral high ground here, even if there are some entities that will profit from it.

So yeah Putt fans, you can choose to do one of two things. You can do what some Pitt fans do best: exercise your apathy. Or you can do what college football fans do best. Fire up the passion, grab the bull by the horns and do something.

Here are your options for switching:  

DirecTV, Charter/Spectrum and Verizon Fios, along with Hulu, Google Fiber, YouTube TV and PlayStation Vue.

Here is the script

  1. Call Comcast

  2. Ask for the customer retention department

  3. Tell them that unless they the ACC network in place by August 23rd you are going to drop them like a bad habit. Both cable and internet. (Internet is where they really make their money). Act angry or at very least annoyed. Now is not the time to be polite. Think of how you would feel if the game were suddenly blacked out in your area. Because that’s what Comcast is aiming to do.

  4. They will give you the standard bullshit lines. They may even offer you a discount. Do not fall for their tricks.

  5. Tell them one last time what you are going to do, then hang up. Felt good didn’t it?

  6. If they haven’t added ACCN by the 23rd, call back and drop ’em. (Make sure you have other backup service provider lined up.)

If enough fans do this across the ACC it may just hit them in the pocketbook.

And even if it doesn’t, at least you’ve got the personal satisfaction of standing up for something you believe in, at little cost to yourself.

So go ahead and give Comcast a call and tell ’em hail to Pitt. 1-800-934-6489

Hail to Pitt

Michaelangelo Monteleone

Pitt Panther Fan Fest?

Pitt will be hosting a Football Fan Fest today at 6 p.m. at Heinz. My apologies for not getting this out earlier.

Pitt fans will receive a free poster, as well as have a chance to get some autographs, probably get a picture with the ACC coastal trophy, and also enter to win some prizes.

Would love to hear from you if you make it or the event tonight. Feel free to email me pics if you take any, and I will post.


Continue reading “Pitt Panther Fan Fest?”

Pitt Football 2019 Fall Camp – Day 13

Pitt Football 2019 Fall Camp – Day 13

Day 13 is in the books, and the Panthers are scrimmaging today.  Looks for some meaningful depth chart updates to leak out (or be straight up published by the SID…) next week.

Here are yesterday’s interviews and Narduzzi Transcript.  My only observation is that both Linebackers, Pine and Reynolds, appear to have turned the corner from a maturity standpoint.  This will especially help Pine.  Hopefully Reynolds has worked on his speed and quickness over the offseason, as he’s always been good between the ears.  Hail to Pitt. Continue reading “Pitt Football 2019 Fall Camp – Day 13”

Pitt Football 2019 – Fall Camp Practice 12

Pitt Football 2019 – Fall Camp Practice 12

Practice interviews are up.  Enjoy.


Head Coach Pat Narduzzi

Some good commentary on Kenny Pickett and the O Line here.  Yes it’s typical positivity from the ‘Duzz but for some reason this year I believe him.  Okay well actually I believe him every year, but I believe him more this year.

Offensive Line Coach Dave Borbely

Still one of the best interviews on the staff.  Very good and what I believe to be true information on the state of the offensive line.  Form your own conclusions though.  Here is Borbley after practice 18 last fall.  His second sentence is “We still have along way to go.”  I’m not hearing that this year.  Also noteworthy at about 4:30, he goes through all the young backups (who are now potential starters).

Quarterback Kenny Pickett

Man is he good at saying stuff without staying stuff.  Clearly he’s got more confidence.  Clearly he’s focused on the season.  Gosh I hope his maturity shows through on the field.

Offensive Lineman Carter Warren & Gabe Houy

Carter has some swag.  Houy is just a humble dude.  They are both who they are, which is what you want.

Linebacker Leslie Smith

Honey Badger 2.  I’m just going to start calling him that right now.  If course if the hype isn’t real this name won’t stick… Continue reading “Pitt Football 2019 – Fall Camp Practice 12”

Things to talk About


Things are slow.  Should be a new round of interviews up today, so stay tuned.

In the meantime:

On Saturday’s scrimmage:
“There were good plays and bad plays. Everybody got them. We’re just trying to eliminate all of the bad plays. Deslin [Alexandre] was a guy that stuck out to me just as far as details and doing more than what I’ve seen from him. That’s what you expect when something like that happens. You expect for somebody to step up and take over, and he really did.” Continue reading “Things to talk About”

Cool Vintage Pitt Stuff

Cool Vintage Pitt Stuff

Lets take a break from all this training camp stuff for a minute.  I got my hands on something called the “University of Pittsburgh Football Vault” earlier this weekend.  (Thanks for sending Reed!), and it’s pretty damn cool.  If you aren’t familiar, it’s basically a giant, full color history of Pitt football through 2007, complete with all kind of memorabilia replicas (for example a copy of Jackie Sherrill’s Pitt contract, or the run-of-show for Pitt’s 1929 Rose bowl appearance.) Continue reading “Cool Vintage Pitt Stuff”