Reading Between the Lines: What the Interviewees Really Said

Reading Between the Lines:  What the Interviewees Really Said

In Honor of Reed coming back in just two weeks, and also in honor of my 41st birthday which was yesterday, I’ve decided to add a somewhat more cynical slant to my practice recaps.  Who says I can’t be a crotchety old man?

Note that I am two days behind on all of this, hope to get practice 7 up tomorrow or Tues

Practice 6

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“POV” Golf Outing Update

“POV” Golf Outing Update

Hello all, the golf outing is shaping up to be a great one, and Rick has asked me to post an update. Right now we currently have 22 confirmed golfers and 8-10 more who are considering attending. Details are as follows:

  • Location: Meadia Heights Golf Club, Lancaster, PA (where PGA Championship runner-up Jim Furyk played his junior golf)
  • Date: Friday, May 31, 2019
  • Time: noon tee time (lunch provided around 11:15am) – Social time after golf will be at the expense of the individual, such as drinks & dinner.
  • Format: 4 person (team) scramble golf tournament (18 holes)
  • Cost: $85 per individual (includes golf and lunch prior to golf)
  • Payment: Due by April 30th
  • Lodging: Double Tree within a few miles and numerous other hotel options in Amish Country, USA
  • Prizes: 1st Place – Frankcan Trophy; Longest Drive; Closest to the Pin; Longest Putt and Straightest Drive
  • Charitable donations will go to Blessings of Hope – a Lancaster County based non-profit food distribution organization for families of need.

Golfers need to be aware of the Meadia Heights Code of Conduct. Rick has done a lot of work to secure this venue for the event, and we would not want anything to impact his standing with the club.

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Great Future Articles Ideas

Great Future Articles Ideas

I just had lunch with Pittman4ever (Jim G.) as we always do when he comes to Maryland to visit his daughter’s family.  As we ate we sat and thought up possible future articles about Pat Narduzzi and Pitt football that would be sure to upset most Pitt fans.

As of now we have 43 different topics to cover. The first eight are about recruiting.

Just though you should know…can’t wait till mid-April!!  How about you!!!  Which subjects do you think we can write about to torque fans off?







Spring Practice 2019: Ten things we learned on day 4

Practice #4 is in the books.  The interview focus was Defensive Line.  Here’s 10 things I took away.

  1.  Pat Narduzzi is underselling Patrick Jones.  So is DL Coach Charlie Partridge.  “Is he ready to be an everyday starter?” was the question.  The unanimous answer was “Not yet”
  2. Devin Danielson, David Greene and Tyler Bentley were three young guys mentioned by Partridge, when asked who might be able to contribute.
  3. Rashad Weaver’s pass russ got “more appropriate” as the season went on, per Partridge.  To extrapolate, he explained that young DL often only have one move, and when other teams figure it out, they tend to shut him down.  Players that can change it up as the season goes on see more consistent success.  Weaver was able to do just that.
  4. According to Partridge, “We are a vertical attack defense”.  That means they want to see all four linemen in the backfield.  If Pitt can get that to happen consistently this defense could be fun to watch.
  5. Deslin Alexandre is being played exclusively at end, and Chris Maloney was mentioned as a walk on that bears some watching.  Partridge also mentioned that some DT’s were being cross trained at end.  No names were mentioned.  My guess is Jaylen Tywman is one of them.
  6. rsFr QB Nick Patti made his debut on the interview circuit, and he’s a pretty good interview.
  7. According to Patti, all the QB’s are getting more reps at practice.  Whipple mentioned something to this effect when he was interviewed during the offseason.  It’s one of the main reasons why most of his quarterbacks tend to develop, especially after a few years in the system.  If we can keep Whip around for more than a year or two, this will really pay dividends down the road.
  8. According to Patti, Whipple “puts the quarterback in better situations”.  Not sure what this means exactly, but reading between the lines I would think it means that Whipple’s play design is better than his predecessor.
  9. rsSo Jaylen Twyman will be wearing #97 this season.  The Duzz said it’s okay as long as his work ethic matches that other guy…  BTW, Twyman is listed at 300 but said he’s down to 285.
  10. 3 out of 3 Pitt players picked Duke to win it all.

Hail to Pitt

Michaelangelo Monteleone

Welcome Home Vietnam Vets Celebration…Free!

Welcome Home Vietnam Vets Celebration…Free!

I’ve been remiss for not getting this PSA out sooner but a local health care organization I volunteer with, Gilchrest, has an annual “Welcome Home Vietnam Vets” celebration and this year it is on  Saturday, March 30th.

It isn’t too late to register for this free gig at Martin’s West  just outside of Baltimore.  All Vietnam era vets and their families are invited- great full brunch and a speaker’s program that is just fantastic – this year the Governor of Maryland is the keynote speaker (last year was Jan Suggs who headlined the efforts to get the Vietnam Memorial Wall built in DC).

In addition this year we’ll have a vet who spent several years in the Hanoi Hilton POW camp.  He’ll share his story with us, along with a nurse who served in-country and other great speakers.

I will be there again as a volunteer Veteran and hope to see anyone else from our POV family who might want to take part. You will absolutely not be disappointed you did this and I promise it is worth even a hour or two drive – it is that well done and meaningful.  It is a true Welcome Home! to our citizens who served during the Vietnam war era who didn’t get the reception they deserved back then.

Here is a great video explaining just what this is all about…

Here are some great photos of last year’s event:

Welcome Home 2018

There will also be a detailed and expert US Military Museum set-up by the Boys Latin Center for Military History in a seperate room to look at and learn from.

Image result for gilchrist welcome home vietnam

Thanks all and hope to see you there, and no – I won’t be in uniform – that was 30 pounds ago!  Again – here is the link to register for this well done and memorable event.

Reed Kohberger, LCDR, USCG (Ret.)


Pitt Pro Day Results

Pitt held its Pro Day today, and most of the seniors participated.

Darrin Hall acquitted himself well, running a sub-4.5 forty and posting strong measurables across the board.  George Aston took the bench press crown with 29 reps.

Here are the results (copied and pasted from Pittsburgh Sports Now).  Emphasis added by me.

WR Rafael Araujo-Lopes • 14 reps • VJ 36″ • BJ 10’3″ • 40 4.45 • Cone 6.79
FB George Aston • 29 reps • VJ 32.5″ • BJ 9’10” • 40 4.66 • Cone 7.05
DE/LB James Folston • 23 reps • VJ 40.5″ • BJ 10’9″ • 40 4.68 • Shuttle 4.19 • Cone 6.80
RB Darrin Hall • 27 reps • VJ 32″ • BJ 10’2″ • 40 4.40 • Cone 6.72
DE Dewayne Hendrix • 23 reps • VJ 28.5″ • BJ 9’7″ • 40 4.68 • Shuttle 4.96 • Cone 7.15
OL Mike Herndon • 22 reps • VJ 23.5″ • BJ 8’2″ • 40 5.15 • Shuttle 4.79 • Cone 7.78
LB Seun Idowu • 25 reps • VJ 32.5″ • BJ 9’11” • 40 4.60 • Shuttle 4.39 • Cone 7.20
DB Colin Jonov • 12 reps • VJ 33.5″ • BJ 9’11” • 40 4.50 • Shuttle 3.93 • Cone 6.96
DT Shane Roy • 16 reps • VJ 25″ • BJ 8’3″ • 40 5.23 • Shuttle 4.73 • Cone 7.66
LB Elijah Zeise • 17 reps • VJ 32″ • BJ 9’11” • 40 4.73 • Shuttle 4.36 • Cone 6.78

RB Qadree Ollison • Shuttle 4.13 • Cone 7.02 (ran at combine)

LB Quintin Wirginis • 25 reps (ACL surgery)
OL Alex Bookser • 29 reps (meniscus surgery)

Also if you want a really good read on why pro-day is important (and perhaps even more important than the combine), check out this ESPN article.  It’s long and its in depth, and it’s very good.

Hail to Pitt and congratulations to all the young men who took a step towards the NFL today.  Best of luck to them.

Michaelangelo Monteleone

Spring Practice 2019: Ten things we learned on day 3

Spring Practice 2019:  Ten things we learned on day 3

Day three is in the books, and it was the first day in pads.  Predictably, Pat Narduzzi said very little of substance. Dave Borbley’s interview said more. Tre Tipton got some airtime and it seemed like EJ Borgetti trotted our just about every offensive lineman we have on the roster.

After all of that here are today’s ten things:

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