Pitt Pro Day Results

Pitt held its Pro Day today, and most of the seniors participated.

Darrin Hall acquitted himself well, running a sub-4.5 forty and posting strong measurables across the board.  George Aston took the bench press crown with 29 reps.

Here are the results (copied and pasted from Pittsburgh Sports Now).  Emphasis added by me.

WR Rafael Araujo-Lopes • 14 reps • VJ 36″ • BJ 10’3″ • 40 4.45 • Cone 6.79
FB George Aston • 29 reps • VJ 32.5″ • BJ 9’10” • 40 4.66 • Cone 7.05
DE/LB James Folston • 23 reps • VJ 40.5″ • BJ 10’9″ • 40 4.68 • Shuttle 4.19 • Cone 6.80
RB Darrin Hall • 27 reps • VJ 32″ • BJ 10’2″ • 40 4.40 • Cone 6.72
DE Dewayne Hendrix • 23 reps • VJ 28.5″ • BJ 9’7″ • 40 4.68 • Shuttle 4.96 • Cone 7.15
OL Mike Herndon • 22 reps • VJ 23.5″ • BJ 8’2″ • 40 5.15 • Shuttle 4.79 • Cone 7.78
LB Seun Idowu • 25 reps • VJ 32.5″ • BJ 9’11” • 40 4.60 • Shuttle 4.39 • Cone 7.20
DB Colin Jonov • 12 reps • VJ 33.5″ • BJ 9’11” • 40 4.50 • Shuttle 3.93 • Cone 6.96
DT Shane Roy • 16 reps • VJ 25″ • BJ 8’3″ • 40 5.23 • Shuttle 4.73 • Cone 7.66
LB Elijah Zeise • 17 reps • VJ 32″ • BJ 9’11” • 40 4.73 • Shuttle 4.36 • Cone 6.78

RB Qadree Ollison • Shuttle 4.13 • Cone 7.02 (ran at combine)

LB Quintin Wirginis • 25 reps (ACL surgery)
OL Alex Bookser • 29 reps (meniscus surgery)

Also if you want a really good read on why pro-day is important (and perhaps even more important than the combine), check out this ESPN article.  It’s long and its in depth, and it’s very good.

Hail to Pitt and congratulations to all the young men who took a step towards the NFL today.  Best of luck to them.

Michaelangelo Monteleone

Spring Practice 2019: Ten things we learned on day 3

Spring Practice 2019:  Ten things we learned on day 3

Day three is in the books, and it was the first day in pads.  Predictably, Pat Narduzzi said very little of substance. Dave Borbley’s interview said more. Tre Tipton got some airtime and it seemed like EJ Borgetti trotted our just about every offensive lineman we have on the roster.

After all of that here are today’s ten things:

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The More Things Change…

The More Things Change…

… the more they stay the same. To wit – Reed’s going to be back with the POV again.

I know – WTF? Right? Well, I have just been in meetings with both my accountant and my lawyer about the animal that The Pitt POV is and what it became since I turned the reins over to Mike (“Awesome Mike” I call him).

The upshot of what is happening is this – The Pitt POV is a certified Small Business registered under my name in the state of Maryland and because of that I have some pretty strict  legal requirements on what I can and cannot do with it.

The two main things are having employees and liabilities associated with the business. In a nutshell if we kept the arrangement the way things are today Mike is my “employee” (even if I’m not paying him anything) and thus I am responsible to pay him wages and provide benefits for him…etc.  Since he’s ‘managing’ the Pitt POV business and is it’s full-time writer a whole slew of  legal issues kick in.  There are also issues with copyrights and other crap.  Plus all the computer/website/domain things are still in my name and I’m still paying for everything which makes all the legal stuff even harder to get out of.

This truly came as a real shock to me and we looked at every angle to try to keep things as they currently are, but as Billy Shakespeare wrote, “There’s the rub…” (See below).

So, the upshot is that I’ll be taking The Pitt POV back under my control and Mike will be a ‘guest writer’ just as things were before I turned it over.  It’s either that or I have to close the business and disband The Pitt POV altogether.  

Angry Narduzzi

I don’t think anyone wants that to happen… except maybe  King Pat, the current Pitt HC.  This won’t happen right away and I’ve just talked with Mike over the phone this evening and we decided we’ll keep this arrangement until the middle of April or so.

Mike  is a real gentleman and so very gracious and understands what this means for the blog.  He’s OK with this (I was really worried that I’d  be disappointing him)  and I suspect maybe a small bit relieved as he’s a  brand new father and we know how time and effort intensive that is.

What we envision happening after the switch back is that I’ll hold all management issues get back to writing more articles and he’ll kick in his own expert point of view on Pitt athletics when he wants to – instead of feeling that he’s obligated to.

I do hope all the POV readers and commenters understand that I was very happy with Mike’s efforts and his writing on here – he’s a solid wordsmith and his articles are great,   even though he and I see things through different lenses some times.  After the changeover we’ll have a bit of a ‘Point-Counter Point‘ going I’m sure.

One of the reasons we’ll wait until April is that I’m in Shakespeare’s play (Henry V) at the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company in Baltimore.  This is a Vet Arts Connect program run in conjunction with the Veterans Affairs. It has been a blast so far even if the twice weekly rehearsals are pretty brutal for me as my memory ain’t what it used to be.

Especially because I’m playing three roles (Duke of York, The Dauphin and Bishop of Ely). I’m seriously thinking about getting one of those play-calling wrist cuffs a QB wears with my dialogues on it. So I’m two-blocked with that commitment until mid-April when we stage the play for the paying public.

So Mike will keep the reins until after the Pitt Spring Game on April 13th, which also is the day my play will be performed, then we’ll switch over.  That is until Mike decides to start his own Pitt blog and take all the Pitt POV readers with him…which he half-joking said he just might do… and that would be fantastic also.

I do want to reiterate to everyone that I was completely happy with the arrangement as it has been since Mike took over and really am sorry we can’t keep on that way.  But it is what it is and truth be told I’m looking forward to being involved again…  I miss you guys a lot more than I thought I would so that’s a silver lining with the situation at least.

Thanks and I’ll see you next month.


Pitt hires New Sports Marketing Company

Pitt has hired a new marketing firm.

The University of Pittsburgh Athletic Department signed a long-term multimedia rights deal with JMI Sports, The new agreement is set to begin on July 1, 2019, with JMI Sports becoming Pitt’s official corporate partnership and multimedia rights partner.

It was quickly pointed out by a reader on this blog that JMI does much more than marketing.

JMI Facility Development

While this is certainly interesting, I think it would be extremely foolhardy for the Pitt fan base to jump to the conclusion that JMI was hired to scope a plan for the development of an on-campus stadium.  There is plenty of low-hanging fruit to pick right now in other areas.

Case in point:

I went to the Georgia Tech – Pitt game two years ago in Atlanta.  Now I get these kinds of emails all the time.  

404 takeover 1

404 takeover 2

404 takeover 3404 takeover 4I don’t know who Nicholas Ciupack is.  Heck, I don’t even know if he’s a real person.  But he seems pretty damn interested in getting me down to a Georgia Tech game, and having me support the program in general.  Mind you I did not attend Georgia Tech and I’ve attended one game in my life.  One game!  The funny thing is, this kind of personal engagement actually has me kind of interested.  Not that I would ever forsake Pitt for GT.

How many “personalized” emails have I gotten from Pitt?  Zero.  No emails asking me to buy tickets.  No emails asking me to otherwise support the program.  Maybe this is because I live in Atlanta and the Pitt Marketing department feels like I won’t travel, but still…  I’m a successful 40 year old alumnus who has bought at least one ticket through the Pitt ticket office in the last year.  I am in their database.  You’d think i’d at least be on their email list.  So yes, it definitely feels like a miss that Pitt isn’t reaching out to me.  Who else are they not reaching out to?

Which brings us back to JMI.

Here is what they are expected to be able to provide to our Athletics Programs:

Through this partnership, Pitt Athletics and JMI Sports seek to maximize the value of Pitt’s varied multimedia assets, – Pitt actually does a pretty good job with the videos, need to keep it going

while developing valuable relationships with sponsors, fans, alumni and students through the delivery of corporate sponsorships and advertising; – ROI $$$ if they can deliver.

radio and television broadcasts; – Can they expand our reach?  Don’t fire Bill and Pat…

coaches shows and endorsements; – Say what you want about Pat Narduzzi, the guy has a marketable personality.

website and social media; – Always good to invest here for the millenials n’at

game programs and publications; – Meh

in-game production and hospitality; – No comment, but happy to hear from someone who has perspective

venue signage and naming rights; – $$$

special events – Interested to see what they come up with

and innovative activations – Not exactly sure what this is, but you know marketers love to use the word innovative.

JMI appears to make their money on tailoring their marketing programs to the specific school and “being innovative”.  Here is a puff piece by the San Diego Business Journal about who they partner with, and their style.  If anything it tells you how they go to market and who they have partnered with.   Three names that jump out at me are The University of Georgia, Notre Dame, and our newest archrival, Clemson.

JMI Clemson

On the basketball side, I’d say UK is some pretty good pedigree.

So the bottom line, is while we may or may not be able to hang with the big boys on the field (yet), we are putting things in place to be able to generate revenue like them.  And that is a positive thing.