Recruiting?… and Other Things.

All’s quiet on the Western PA’s front, which isn’t a good thing like it was in WWI.  Here are the recruits that we have grabbed so far in the all-important month of January, which in recruiting terms is the most important time period. recruitiung-jan-17 That is because top-shelf recruits with the most really good offers usually wait until this month to commit to a university’s football program.  

You see above we have  three 3* kids with one coming in as a re-commit from a community college after being kicked off the Penn State team in 2015. Actually though, he may turn out to be the biggest ‘get’ in this class.

These players are fine I suppose, as are the other players we have verballed to Pitt, but right now is when Pat Narduzzi is supposed to be reeling in the big fish and not have he and his staff traveling throughout the country visiting important recruits and hearing “Thanks, but we’ll call you if …“.

Right now our recruiting class sits at 22 players with room for at least five more (I believe) and are ranked 37th nationally.  That ranking is down a few slots from last week and if we don’t get some decent players in the next two days it will slide a bit more.

I don’t put a whole lot of stock in class rankings because there are so many variables – but it is one way of comparison and a point of discussion among fans.

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POV Sunday Podcast 1/29/17

First of my sincere thanks to these uber-readers, commenters and now Pitt POV support donors who are so much better looking and smell nicer that those who didn’t drop me a dime.

Thank You!

Tip of the Helmet to: Greg (Greg),  Jack (Friends of Pitt),  John (MajorMajors),  Joe (jnrpitt), Kevin (Kman),  Mark (PittPT),  Peter (PetePitt73),  Phil (pmdH2P), Russ (rkb),  Tom (Dr. Tom),  William (wwb or wbb kind of like like a Jeckell & Hyde deal…) our BB Nostradamus Mark (UPitt) and Michael (Altomike). 

My true friends listed  above – I am in awe of you all.  Your generous donations are actually humbling this rather medium-sized ego of mine and I hope to do even better in 2017 in getting to you, all POV’ers,  better articles and more items and issues to have a blast discussing.

BTW guys – Altomike has a total of one (1) comment yet kicked in big time. Which is why I keep saying we have a huge amount of readers who rarely comment or not at all.

To Sports:

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Pitt v Clemson BB Game Day Thread: Noon Start


OK Folks – Pitt basketball’s team sits at a not-so-great 12-8. But support it you must.  I don’t have to, but some of us on the POV do.The game starts at noon and will be on Root Sports TV and on 93.7 The Fan radio.

Here is the gist of the season so far at first glance.

Overall: 12-8 .600 W-L% (128th of 351)

Conference: 1-6, 14th in ACC

Coach: Kevin Stallings (12-8)

PS/G: 77.6 (89th of 351)

PA/G: 77.8 (297th of 351)

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POV’s NLOI Day Festivities Roll Call

Let’s get together and celebrate our new 2017 class of young men who have decided to become Pitt’s latest football student/athletes.  First on February 1st we’ll break bread and drink mead (drinks on Reed – no exceptions!) at Bettis’ Grille  I’ll be there at 3:30 then we’ll go over to the North Club at around 5:00 pm for the event…  and to ask the coaching staff the hard questions.

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