A Texas (Panther) Quarterback…and a Florida Protector

A Texas (Panther) Quarterback…and a Florida Protector

Pitt landed a Quarterback commit in April.  Regardless of stars or potential, when is the last time you could say that?

You’d have to go back five years to Thomas MacVitte (lately of the Kansas Jayhawks), who committed on March 26th, 2015.

Nate Yarnell hails from Texas, and the earliness of his commitment, make his something of a rarity for Pitt.  Defensive back Erick Hallet is the only other Texan on the roster.

But pipelines don’t really matter when recruiting QB’s.  This one was all Whipple, and he’s doing exactly what he was brought in to do:  Build up the quarterback room.

So yes, Yarnell is a three-star 5.5, and yes, he’s only played six games in his high school career.  But as a fan, you’ve got to think Whipple is pretty selective when it comes to QB’s.  After all, he passed on all the second-and-third tier high school guys that were available to Pitt last season, then make Kenny Pickett throw the ball 400 times on a bad shoulder just so he could have a selling point (I’m kidding here…he needed Kenny to throw it 400 times because well…the running game).  Then, of course, he ended up grabbing transfer Joey Yellen out of Arizona State.

What did Whipple see in Yarnell?  Well I’m no expert, but looking at his highlight video I see… Continue reading “A Texas (Panther) Quarterback…and a Florida Protector”

Capel nets a Four-Star. Duzz adds another from VA, and the UVA Profile

Capel nets a Four-Star.  Duzz adds another from VA, and the UVA Profile

A lot has happened since my last post.  Football added yet another three-star recruit from Virginia.  Basketball added a four star from PA!   The Pitt athletic department has announced coach webinars with the general public, and the Pitt Football Top Player of all Time bracket moved to the elite eight.  First, as a PSA, the Pitt athletics webinars.

This one is tomorrow (i.e, Thursday).  You may still be able to register.

There is also apparently a May 12th webinar which will feature a host of coaches, Capel and Narduzzi included and Heather Lyke.  You can register here:


Also if you are into Women’s Lacrosse (or you literally have nothing else to do tomorrow night, which is probable) and you want get an update  and you have an Instagram account…This looks like it might be interesting.  Coach B seems like she’s got a personality.

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Draft Roundup – Pitt’s got no Talent?

Most of you guys have already debated this to death yesterday but we need a new article and I figured I could use this as the opportunity to get in the last word.

First, one Pitt Panther was drafted this past weekend, in round seven no less.  It was senior Cornerback Dane Jackson, and he was drafted by the Buffalo Bills.  While we are all happy for Dane to get his shot in the NFL, I think we all would have liked to see him go a little earlier.  I blame coronavirus for this.  Pitt’s pro day is traditionally where all the non-combine athletes got their exposure, and those who went to the combine (which Jackson did) got even more.

Three other Pitt Panthers signed as free agents.  WR/KR Maurice Ffrench signed with the Chiefs.  TE Nakia-Griffin Stewart (somewhat surprisingly given his lack of effective receiving skills) signed with the Vikings, and Kylan Johnson signed with the Dolphins.  We wish them all the best as they attempt make it work in the NFL.

Taking a step back from this, the chief complaint of many, is that Pitt has not had enough players drafted in recent years, this year included.  This of course, points to a lack of talent and a deficiency in player development and recruiting.  Even Chris Dokish, who is usually a pretty positive dude (and I’m kind of being sarcastic here, because he’s usually a REALLY positive dude), said as much.  Continue reading “Draft Roundup – Pitt’s got no Talent?”

Two Commits Revealed + Another Announced

Pitt landed three verbals yesterday and only one was announced.  Today the other two made themselves known to the public.  Maryland WR Jaden Bradley and Ohio OT Terrance Rankl have both announced that they are going to be Panthers in 2021.

Both are three stars.  Here’s a look at Bradley

Jaden Bradley Rivals

While he had twelve offers, only three were from power five schools.  Pitt, Wake Forest and Virginia.  Names like Morgan State, Towson, Georgetown (didn’t even know they had a team…) and Liberty should maybe give some of us pause, but maybe they were just on to the kid early? Continue reading “Two Commits Revealed + Another Announced”

A Commit (or three) and the Syracuse Profile

A Commit (or three) and the Syracuse Profile

First off, a public service announcement

The ACC Network is hosting a “Pitt takeover” tomorrow.  All Pitt, all day long.  Featured content:

  • 4 a.m. Pitt 24, Miami 14, 2017 (Kenny Pickett’s debut)
  •  5p.m. Pitt 13, WVU 9 (Pat Bostick’s swan song and possibly Pitt’s most famous win.  Ever.)
  • 9 p.m. Pitt 43, Clemson 42.  (I still get butterflies when I see Blewitt line up for that field goal).

Second.  It’s Pat Narduzzi’s birthday.

Thrid, and perhaps more importantly, there were three Pat signals today, which would put Pitt at six commits for 2021.

All I can say is it’s about damn time.

UNC has 14 (count em!) commits already.

Clemson has nine.

Miami has 11.

Virginia Tech has six, Florida State has five, Duke has eight (!) and Virginia has six.  Heck, even Boston College has five.

Of course Pitt typically makes its living recruiting in June, but it’s nice to see some action during this ahem slower time.  Continue reading “A Commit (or three) and the Syracuse Profile”

A Preferred Walk On Story

A Preferred Walk On Story

I normally don’t write posts about Preferred Walk-ons even though they are an important part of the Pitt football program, but frequent POV reader / infrequent poster Walk DelGaudio (pittdoc, CAS ’92, Med School ’96) reached out to me and told me that his son Luke would be accepting a PWO offer.  So first of all, congratulations to Walt.  He’s got to be extremely proud. Second of all, Luke, if you are reading this, yes your Dad put me up to it.  With that being said, I’d like to just post a little excerpt from the Walt’s email before I get to the meat of the article. Continue reading “A Preferred Walk On Story”

An “O”bituary. Pitt mourns the passing of a legend.

An “O”bituary.  Pitt mourns the passing of a legend.

I have been to the “O” a hundred times late night.  We all have.   And that mass of greasy, crunchy, fused-together fries, sided with ketchup, cheese-whiz and warm beef gravy in those little plastic cups always tasted better after 2 a.m.  We all know that.  But, odd as it may seem, the one “O” visit that sticks in my head happened on a Sunday morning.

I had gone on a visit to Penn State Beaver with a friend, and I had expected a legendary Penn State party scene.  Instead I got three guys (one of them me) sitting inside a dorm room, sharing a bottle of Ketel 1.  (And lets just say I did most of the sharing).  I think I might have been twenty.

The next morning my buddy drove me back to my apartment.  (And if you’ve never taken your college days to true excess, then I’m sorry you just won’t be able to relate).  As luck would have it, the O was on the way.

And so we stopped.  (Pretty sure I demanded)

I had a pair of leather gloves – a present from my mother – in my back pocket when I entered.  They were hanging kind of halfway out.

They were not there when I left.

That was probably because I was drunk.

But it might have been because there was a shady dude standing behind me.

Either way, there was enough of a shadow of a doubt behind it for me to write a short story called “The Man Who Stole My Gloves“.

I can’t remember if it was published, but I might have recited it at a reading.  Suffice to say that somehow that story led to a buxom young undergrad um…acknowledging my writing style … at a party later that semester.

So yes, that’s my favorite “O” story.  And who doesn’t love one where the guy gets the girl in the end.

But I digress.  The “O” has passed today.  And this is my obituary. Continue reading “An “O”bituary. Pitt mourns the passing of a legend.”