Camp is Around the Corner

Camp is Around the Corner

If you haven’t heard, Pitt’s football training camp is going to start this week.

For those of us who have suffered through a long, quiet off-season that is welcome news.

And believe me, a quiet off-season is a good one.  I don’t think I can remember an offseason where nobody got hurt, and nobody had a run-in with the law.

On the contrary, by all accounts the Pitt team spent their summer quietly focused on conditioning.  Just like all good football programs do. Continue reading “Camp is Around the Corner”

Link Clearance 7/24

Link Clearance 7/24

Training camp starts next week.  Here’s a few links to keep you going until then.

First:  Pitt released its 2019 Media guide to the general public.

Second:  Jimmy Morrissey is on the Outland Trophy watch list.  This is his second watch list so far this preseason.

Third:  Alex Kessman is on the Lou Groza award watch list.  If he has as much ice in his veins during the season as he does during bocce ball, he just might win it.  (Make sure you have the audio turned on when you watch the video)

Fourth:  Maurice Ffrench

Fifth:  Older news, but Pitt has released the preseason two-deepHere are Chris Peak’s reactions via podcast.

Sixth:  Those Miami fans bringing some swag

Seventh:  Rashad Weaver is pretty good

Rashad Weaver.jpeg

Seventh:  #97 back on the field

Eighth:  Hail to Pitt

Michaelangelo Monteleone

Revisionist History – POV Style – 2016

Revisionist History – POV Style – 2016

Well now that Chris Peak has gone ahead and posted his analysis on the 2016 recruiting class, I’ll go ahead and offer my take.

First of all, I think Chris makes an excellent point about coaching continuity in his article.  Chris points out that any time that Pitt has had a coach for five successive years, the results have pretty pretty good in years four and five.  It was such a good point that I actually went and did some of my own research on it.  Here is what I found:

Pitt Continuity Football

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ACC Media Days Interview Transcripts

Some good articles out already.  Here are the words straight from the horses’ mouths.

Transcripts courtesy of ASAP Sports



July 18, 2019


Pat Narduzzi

Maurice Ffrench

Dane Jackson

Charlotte, North Carolina

^ Start Pitt

THE MODERATOR: We are joined in the room by the Pitt Panthers.

We will spend some time with Maurice Ffrench, wide receiver for the Panthers. Questions, please.
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Revisionist History – POV Style – The 2015 Class

Revisionist History – POV Style – The 2015 Class

Chris Peak has recently put up a couple of nice 3-2-1 columns where he looks back at a recruiting class and recaps that classes success (or lack thereof).  I figured I’d do the same but with my own spin to get some discussion going.  We’ll start with the 2015 class because there are still some 2015 players on the roster.  Peak calls 2015 a “Transition Class”, meaning that it was a class that was recruited through a coaching transition.  Peak also points out that Transition Classes are generally a little bit less productive after it’s all said and done, for obvious reasons.  If you were to look at the class below, I think you would agree.

Still, there are a few players that have made it through to year five, and I’ll highlight them below.  Continue reading “Revisionist History – POV Style – The 2015 Class”

10 Bowls at the Same Time

10 Bowls at the Same Time

The ACC added a couple of extra bowls for 2020, which brings their total number of bowl tie-ins to 10.  One of the new bowls is in a desirable location, the other is in Boston.

The two new bowls are San Deigo’s Holiday Bowl and an an as-of-yet-unnamed bowl that will be played in Fenway Park.  (Insert joke about Boston playing second fiddle to NYC here.  The good folks in beantown are certainly not doing anything to dispel that image given that the Yankee Stadium Pinstripe Bowl has been around since 2010.)

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