A Commit! (A Commit?)

Well just when you think the entire thing was going off the rails, Pat Narduzzi goes out and lands himself a commit. And not just any commit. But a Tight End commit. Three stars at that! Gavin Bartholomew is a three-star rivals 5.5 from Schuylkill Haven, PA (Blue Mountain HS), which means he’s a small school guy. He must fancy himself a pass catcher, because he de-committed from Buffalo to sign with the Panthers. Buffalo, as you can see, is more of a running school:

Pitt on the other hand sets up the run with the pass, and has been searching for a pass catching tight end (or really just any sort of tight end) for oh… the last twenty years (exaggeration here, but only slightly), so maybe Bartholomew is the guy.

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The State of the Program

Interestingly the University of Pittsburgh did not release Pat Narduzzi’s press conference transcript yesterday, which is a shame because I was really looking forward to doing a Sunday “reading between the lines”. I’ll chalk that up to a systems glitch.

Nonetheless, Pat Narduzzi is in year six and offensive coordinator four, and this was supposed to be THE YEAR. He’s lost two winnable games by one point, and he’s been blown out by both top five teams that he’s faced.

Expectations were higher. And yet, as long as he beats Georgia Tech he’ll probably be back next year. Oh and here is an interesting stat. Pat Narduzzi’s career winning percentage is .547. His 2020 winning percentage if he beats Georgia Tech? .545. Water finds its level.

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