Ranking the Power Rankings

Ranking the Power Rankings

Trying something new this week.  In order to get a better sense of how Pitt is perceived , and get some ACC talk started in general, I’m going to be providing a sampling of where Pitt is ranked in various ACC and national power rankings.  Enjoy and I look forward to your comments.

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Monday Morning Quarterback – Penn State

Monday Morning Quarterback – Penn State

There is not a lot to be said about this game that has not already been said, but I will say a few things.

First:  I owe Kenny Pickett an apology.  Immediately after the Virginia game, I wrote an article that completely trashed Pickett’s play and his overall potential as a quarterback.  Well, I would like to say that I was wrong and I am sorry.  Whatever Kenny has done since that game has been nothing short of transformational.  Here is  my list of critiques from Virginia (and last season), with updated analysis: Continue reading “Monday Morning Quarterback – Penn State”

Penn State Hate Week: Game Preview and Prediction Thread

Penn State Hate Week:  Game Preview and Prediction Thread

First, I would like to congratulate the #6 Pitt Women’s Volleyball team for defeating the #10 Oregon Ducks on Wednesday night in four sets.  That folks, is what athletic excellence should look like.  Enjoy these highlights and Hail to Pitt.

Second, Pitt Football’s Tre Tipton (WR, Apollo Ridge HS) was named to the AllState AFCA Goodworks Team.

Tipton is one of 22 players nationwide named to this year’s team, which was selected from a pool of 137 nominees by an esteemed panel of judges, including ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit and former Florida Gators and NFL quarterback Tim Tebow.

As a reward for being named to the team, Tipton will be invited to the 2020 Allstate Sugar Bowl to join Tebow and Allstate volunteers to give back to New Orleans through a special community service project. Allstate will recognize the team during the halftime show.

Not too shabby.  Tipton’s perseverance in the face of adversity has certainly paid off.

Most importantly,  you should vote for him to be named Captain by clicking this link.  You can vote once per day, so get out there and vote for this outstanding Pitt Man.  And do it more than once!

Okay now lets talk some Pitt-Penn State.

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Penn State Hate Week: Wednesday Link Clearance

Penn State Hate Week:  Wednesday Link Clearance

BREAKING:  Commander Reed Kohberger, blogger emeritus and founder of the Pitt POV has informed me that he’s going to start posting a guest column on the Pitt Blather on a regular-to-semi-regular basis.  Here is his first one.  This may be the best piece of media you read this week.  

Not a lot of news from the Pitt Side this week, thanks to Pat Narduzzi’s media lockdown.

Perhaps in anticipation of said lockdown, at least one reporter asked Pitt Center Jimmy Morrissey about Penn State right after the Ohio Game.

And, even if there was, Jimmy Morrissey sees no reason in waiting around.

The junior center made sure his team’s attention turned toward State College shortly after head coach Pat Narduzzi’s side won a 20-10 affair with Ohio in an interview with reporters.

“I can’t wait,” Morrissey said, according to The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “I’ve said it before. I’m from the eastern side of the state, Philly area. I know a lot of people who go there. Some of my closest friends go to Penn State.

“I don’t like them one bit. That’s pretty obvious. I mean, I play for Pitt. I’m excited to play them.”

Penn State did not address the Panthers after the game, save for a brief comment from Franklin saying: “We have a really good opponent next week, and have to take the next step.”

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