Out of Conference Scheduling: A By-Conference Look

by Richard Hefner

Here are the charts that were left out in my earlier article – a ten year look by team at their schedule. I am providing all 5 conferences & not just the ACC & Big 10.

Just remember in the Big 10, Big 12 & Pac 12 an average individual team would need to schedule 10 P5, 10 G5 & 10 FCS teams over ten years. The ACC & SEC are the same but must make a choice between the remaining 10 games. Do they schedule hard & add all P5 or soft & Schedule an additional 10 G5 games? Or some combination?

It is hard from a summary to know who is scheduling hard. But IMO, if a team has 14 or more P5 games currently scheduled, they are scheduling “hard”. Here are the summaries: Continue reading “Out of Conference Scheduling: A By-Conference Look”

Out of Conference Scheduling: Just How do They do It?

Out of Conference Scheduling:  Just How do They do It?

Editor’s Note:  Richard Hefner (Pitt-Cocks Fan) has come through again.  While I thought I would have nothing but time on this quarantine, it has been the exact opposite.  I am busier than ever.  Perhaps it’s because my company (and my customer) is scrambling to figure out what the 19 $ impact will be.  (Let me tell you, it’s not going to be good).  Perhaps it’s because we are all still trying to figure out how to be efficient working from home.  Perhaps it’s just because I am really, really enjoying the extra time with my family (even if it’s just 20 mins for breakfast and 30 mins for lunch).  What I can say is that I haven’t consumed this much alcohol on a weekly basis since I was an undergrad, and that Richard’s articles are just what the doctor ordered, ’cause I sure as hell don’t have time to write any.  Hail to Pitt.

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2020 Power Five Recruiting (and Pitt)

2020 Power Five Recruiting (and Pitt)

Editor’s Note:  This article was penned by our own Richard Hefner (Pitt-Cocks Fan), who you may remember also contributed the data for our weekly “QB Corner” piece during the season.  Recruiting is always a relevant topic when it comes to college football, and right now it’s a welcome distraction from the world around us.  I personally believe the Pitt’s recruiting has been adequate to keep us at the current win level (7-8 wins), and I also believe that generally this staff does a good job of coaching up low star recruits, especially on the defensive line.   Of course offensive line recruiting continues to be a concern, although it’s becoming clear that Borbely is a step up from Peterson, both in recruiting and development.  The problem is that he just doesn’t reel in enough guys, and the jury is still out on how well he can teach pass blocking.  Offensive skill position recruiting has been a concern as well.  For example, Pitt currently has two four-star upperclassmen running backs on its roster.  Neither looks like the four star backs that the Pitt faithful is used to seeing…or even the three star backs for that matter.   On the brigher side, the addition of Chris Beatty at WR coach has already paid dividends at the Wide Receiver position…if you believe the spring hype.  And well, you’d like to think Whipple will be able to reel in some upgraded QB talent.  Transfer Joey Yellen is a start, but I’d like to see him actually recruit a kid out of high school.   With all that all being said, lets take a look at how Pitt stacks up against the rest of the Power 5. 

– Michaelangelo

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Coronavirus Lockdown: What’s on the Twitter

Some filler content until I can get Richard’s recruiting article up this weekend.  Hope you all are staying safe and sane.

First and probably most important, Pitt’s wrestling singlet has made the Elite 8 in the Best Singlet Bracket

You can vote here.  We are up against Wyoming and if we don’t beat them Cowboys, well then you all aren’t worthy to call yourselves Pitt fans.  You have to vote for the entire bracket to get to Pitt, so get out there and vote, you POVerts.

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