POV: BB Issues & OL and TE Questions

Have to apologize for lack of articles lately – between going to Virginia for two days on Tuesday then having to drive up to PGH for two days for a funeral on Thursday I couldn’t find computer time to write anything.

BB News: Cam Johnson is indeed leaving the Pitt BB program as one of the many who have seen the handwriting on the wall with the Stallings hire.  I think that Pitt BB fans are much like the Pitt FB fans in that they find it hard to point fingers at the coaching staffs when there are players to blame.

To me this mass exodus from the BB program is all on (dearly departed) ex-Pitt AD Barnes’ and BB Head Coach Stallings’ shoulders. From that initial press conference announcing the hire until now the Stallings era has been on a downward slope.  Multiple players from a small roster don’t leave within months of each other unless there is great institutional instability.

This is NOT what you want a new AD to have to deal with in the first part of her time at your university.  We saw a Pitt FB head coach leave Pitt when there was the same type of institutional instability back with Todd Graham. 

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POV Sunday Podcast; 3/12

Note – I said “Reese” when I meant “Reeves” in talking about our young TEs for 2017.

Just How Bad Have Our Defenses Been?

As I said above I think it is funny that fans who pilloried Paul Chryst for in-staff hiring of Matt House as the DC and then hated House with a passion… while we gave up only 26.3 ppg in ’15 and 27.2 ppg in ’14.  In ’13 Chryst’s defense gave up 21… and that was without a real DC on board.

Let me go deeper – in 2014 we gave up 27.2 ppg against a strength of schedule rating of 3.49… compare that to last year’s giving up 35.2 ppg against a 3.51 SOS. So much for the “harder schedule” argument there.

Year Conf W L SOS PPG Nat’l Rank Coach DC
2016 ACC 8 5 3.51 35.2 106th Narduzzi  (8-5) Conklin
2015 ACC 8 5 3.78 26.1 54th Narduzzi  (8-5) Conklin
2014 ACC 6 7 0.97 26.3 59th Chryst      (6-7) House
2013 ACC 7 6 3.49 27.2 70th Chryst      (7-6) House
2102 BE 6 7 2.05 21.1 23rd Chryst      (6-7) None

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Most Succinct Pitt BB Headline Ever….

“Jamie Dixon leads TCU past Kansas, kicks Pitt in groin

I’ve stayed away from BB talk on here because I historically haven’t been that interested in it.  But halfway through this season, and after reading the complaints about Kevin Stallings on here, I started paying more attention.

And what a waste of time that was.  Again, I didn’t watch much Pitt BB under Dixon – just tourney games but it seems his teams were 100% better than what I saw out of Pitt this season… and I don’t think Dixon had that much better talent every year either.

I had a phone conversation the other day with some interesting third-party info being passed – which means it is 50/50 at best – but supposedly Stallings wouldn’t mind moving on if the financial side of things didn’t hurt him.  Again, that may well be just water cooler talk but still… I wouldn’t be surprised on bit – would you?

We’ll wait and see on that. What is evident, and I’ll disagree with one of our commenters here, is that Stallings had zero control over that squad from the day he was hired.  My take on that?

These student/athletes aren’t stupid and whatever happens in the Pitt administration as far as coaching departures, hires, press conferences, etc…, affect them way more than that stuff affects Pitt fans.  After all, this is not only their educational opportunity on the line but in some cases it maybe their life’s work and huge financial opportunities in the balance also.

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POV Sunday Podcast; This & That

Below is a copy of the Golf Outing flyer I sent out via email email yesterday.  The POCs are Rick Caldwell and myself.  For the actual Golf outing issues; reserving spots, sponsorship, “will attend”, etc.  please either call Rick at 717-838-4855, x246 or email him at rcaldwell@whiteoakdisplay.com.  

Please make any check payments out to either Reed Kohberger or The PITT POV.


For other stuff you can call me at 410-997-0388 (H) , 410-782-9981 (C) or email me at rkohberger@gmail.com.

We really hope to see you all there  and have the gifts, prizes, food and drink ready for you.  BTW – we need suggestions for the name of the trophies.



A Quick Hitter Today

On this date in 1981 the only church open for Saturday business on the Big Island of Hawaii was the small Imiola Church in Waimea.

Imiola Church

So, that is where my wife and I got married and in a rush since my ship was changing homeport and leaving mid- week.

See – I knew if I left Hawaii without her hand I’d regret for the rest of my life.  So I took a machete…


Koa Wood Interior

A wedding on Valentine’s Day is rather tacky but it had to happen that way. Kidding aside I’d be in bad shape without her counsel over these years. I fully admit that.

Now, how we met is a story that is best told over drinks... without kids present.

36 years ago and after only knowing each other for six weeks.  Weird huh?  I still don’t think we know each other all that well…  She has an uncanny ability to hear whispers from two floors away. She may have the rooms bugged though.

Anyway, because today is that anniversary I’m pulled away to do other things but wanted to get something up for Pitt fans to discuss…

Rivals.com’s Chris Peak has another good podcast up and discusses the arrival of OC Shawn Watson and the departure of DL coach Tom Sims. 

He absolutely disagrees with my and others’ beliefs,  that Pitt’s offer to Matt Canada was done knowing that LSU was going to and/or already had topped it.

Well, here the thing – if you know that your offer is going to be topped – which they did, and you know the buyout was going to be paid – which Pitt did, and still offer $1m then great for Pitt.  Kudos for them I suppose.

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Call Out the Damage Control Team!

Editor Note: Our great friend and long time commenter Eric Wassel (MissingWlat) send me this piece for you guys to discuss.  Even though I don’t really follow Pitt BB that much I watched part of the UL game to see if Pitt was as bad as UPitt thinks… well, we know the answer to that now don’t we?
Last week Reed sought out volunteers to pen a basketball article. At the time, in the midst of a four game losing streak, I thought that it would be a good time to assess where the primary blame lies. There are a couple of viable theories. Did Jamie Dixon leave the cupboard bare? hqdefaultIs Kevin Stallings just a poor basketball coach? Do the players lack heart or senior leadership?

Let me state for the record, that a week ago I was in the camp that Coach Dixon was primarily to blame for his lack of recruiting and for leaving the program without a center, a competent point guard, or any quality depth. However, after tonight’s embarrassing loss to the Louisville Cardinals (just for emphasis: Final Score: Louisville 106, Pitt 51. Second worst loss in school history),  I am reevaluating my position.

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Why Blogs Are So Important…

In a word…”Independence“. 

Just yesterday morning Mike Vukovcan of the Pittsburgh Sports Now website and blog announced to the public his resignation from KDKA-TV.  Here’s the pertinent bits:

For years, I’ve battled management regarding running my own website. Twice, I was forced to take my sites down because I was told it was a conflict of interest. Take it down or lose my job. It was also a reason at one time, I had an alias Twitter name while writing for another site. No association with the site or lose my job.

A year ago, KDKA management allowed me to start Pittsburgh Sports Now but I wasn’t permitted to profit from it, work on it while at the station and all major news had to go to the stations site first.

He then writes:

All those have come into question recently and when Pittsburgh Sports Now broke the Scott Barnes story, I found myself in trouble with management.

Within the last couple of weeks, I was called into a meeting and given the ultimatum of keeping my job and taking down the site or getting fired. That brings me to my decision today to resign.

We’ll get into his personal details in a bit but I want to take a minute and tell you why I think this is such big news and why it doesn’t just effect Vukovcan only.

Ever since I had been writing for the Pitt Blather starting six years ago, straight on through starting my own blog and now today, I have been explaining to readers just what my role in the world of sports media is and how it differs from the work the beat writers from the papers and recruiting sites do. The Tribune-Review’s Jerry DiPaola and some recruiting sites’ writers for example….  and let me say up front that I have a ton of respect for all  those guys.

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