Virginia at Pitt Open Game Thread

Virginia at Pitt Open Game Thread

So first, in order to celebrate the impending kickoff, a bunch of POV’ers met up at a local area golf course yesterday.  After they quickly and easily dispatched an imposter’s best attempt to troll the group, a good time was clearly had by all.

And after the round it was rumored that this refrain could be heard echoing from the 19th hole:

Fight on for dear old Pittsburgh 
And for the glory of the game 
Show our worthy foe that the Panther’s on the go 
Pitt must win today! Rah! Rah! Rah! 
Cheer loyal sons of Pittsburgh 
Cheer on to victory and fame 
For the Blue and Gold shall conquer as of old 
So fight, Pitt, fight! 

Da da da da da-da Fight, Pitt, fight! 
Da da da da da-da Fight, Pitt, fight! 


Hail to Pitt, Hail to Pitt, every loyal son 
Hail to Pitt, Hail to Pitt, till the victory’s won 
The Gold and Blue shall wave forever 
On high thro’ fair and stormy weather 
We’ll sing her praises far and wide until the end of time 
Hoop hurray, Hoop hurray for dear old uni.. 
We’ll wave and cheer for many a year 
And sing her songs out loud and clear 
For our University.

Know the Enemy + Miami Predictions Thread

Know the Enemy + Miami Predictions Thread

Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone.  If you didn’t get a chance to check out Reed’s farewell article yesterday, please take a look.  He’s the reason why we are here and he’ll always have a place in Pitt POV legend and lore.  Definitely worth a read.

Now that you’ve done that, onto Miami.

Imagine this:  An underperforming team with a true freshman quarterback takes on a the Coastal Division champ in the final game of the season and pulls off the upset.

Pitt MiamiYep.  That was us last year.  Hail to freakin’ Pitt.

This year it’s Miami.

There are differences, of course.  Miami True Frosh QB N’Kosi Perry is a four star recruit.  Picket was a three.  Also, Miami committed to Perry early, and they’ve played him in 8  games so far.  Pitt held back on Pickett, and he had played in only two coming into the Miami.  Lastly, Pitt was the underdog last year.  And…somewhat surprisingly (or maybe not given the national media’s bias against Pitt) Pitt is the underdog again.

So lets talk about Perry.

First off, right now Perry is not a great passer, at least statistically.  He’s completing 56% of his passes on the season at 6.4 yards per attempt on the season.  To his credit he’s thrown 13 TD’s to only 5 picks.  All this is  good for a rating of 129.6.  Not exactly stellar.  With the exception of the TD / Int ratio, Perry has roughly the same stat line as the 2017 version of Ben Dinucci (56% / 6.9 YPA).  Sure, Perry probably has more upside then DiNucci, but you have to like the fact that Perry has not yet developed into an NFL caliber passer.  Yes he can still hurt you with his legs, but we seem to have figured that out as of late (no whammy, no whammy…)

Also I want to point out that Perry has not been a great against ACC competition.  His last two games vs. GA Tech and Virginia Tech were not his worst, but they were also below his season averages.  We arguably are playing as good or better defense than these two teams recently.

Perry in last two games (avg)

61% completion

5.9 YPA

2 TD

0 Int

122 passer rating

Just for Kicks and Giggles:  Pickett in Last 2 games (avg)

73% completion

11.6 YPA (I’m not making this up folks)

4 TD

0 Int

200+ passer rating

All this to say that Perry’s level of play, assuming he does not break out on Saturday, pretty much plays into our defense’s strength.   As Alan Saunders pointed out in his recent film study article, the Pitt Defense benefits from inaccurate and inexperienced passers.  Lets hope Perry remains true to form on Saturday, and lets also hope that we can dial up some pressure on the quarterback.

The Miami Running game is another story.  Travis Homer and DeeJay Dallas are a dual threat to be reckoned with.  They are both smaller backs (Dallas is the bigger of the two at 5’11” / 200), and lightning quick.  And they’ve racked up 1371 yards between them for an average of ~5.7 yards per rush.  We will need to continue to plug the gaps and tackle well or it will be a long day.  I’d recommend the coaching staff watch the BC and GA Tech game films, because those teams held these guys to about 3 yards per attempt.

Now lets talk about the defense.

Miami has the #3 defense in the country.  Yes. #3.  We should be worried.

In many ways this will be a good warm up for the ACC Championship vs Clemson (they have the #2 defense) because I expect our band of gritty two-and-three star offensive players to be severely overmatched for much of the day.

Yes, Shawn Watson will have his work cut out for him.   Nonetheless, Miami has lost five games this season, three of them against teams that we’ve beaten.  So they are not invulnerable.

Virginia beat them with defense and special teams.

Georgia Tech did it with turnovers.  (they are #14 in the nation in turnover margin.  For the record, we are #37)

Duke did it with a jump pass in the rain.

All of these games were low scoring affairs.

Which leads me to believe this game will be too.

Interview with a local University of Georgia Fan

The bottom line is that Pitt has too much heart to lose to a faltering Mark Richt Miami team, even though the talent gap is still pretty wide.  Miami will make mistakes and the Panthers will capitalize.  And there is the very real possibility that after we beat on them for three quarters, Miami will quit.  Pitt wins 21 – 17.

Scouting Wake Forest

Scouting Wake Forest

I’m not convinced Wake Forest is our true opponent this Saturday.

Yes they have the #32 ranked offense in the country, and yes, they have an all-ACC caliber receiver who is 79 yards shy of 1000, and yes they have a quarterback that threw for 372 yards against NC State, and yes they beat then-14th-ranked NC State last week on the Road.  And yes it’s Senior day.

And so you’d think Wake Forest is set up to exploit our less-than-stellar pass defense which is ranked #82.

But the reality is that Wake’s quarterback, Jamie Newman, is their backup, and the defense that surrendered those 372 passing yards is ranked 128th in the FBS.  Yes folks, 128th.  Kind of makes you proud to be a Pitt fan doesn’t it?  128th is the second worst in the entire FBS.  Right behind Texas Tech and right in Front of Houston.

Thats not to say that Wake Forest isn’t dangerous.  Sophomore WR Greg Dortch, is a 5’9″ speedster, and he’s just the kind of player that could give our defense fits.  He’s fast, he’s shifty, and I’m sure they will move him all over the field.  I fully expect him to have a big day.  He also returns punts and kicks, so keep an eye on special teams, especially if the game is close.

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 10.06.24 PM.pngWake’s Running game is no slouch either.  They have two backs that can gash you, and a seasoned offensive line that specializes in run blocking.  (Sound familiar?)   Senior Matt Cobern at 5’10”, 200 lbs ran for 243 yards vs Louisville (yes I know… Louisville is bad, but 243 is 243).  Cobern has run for 698 yards on the year with a 4.8 yd average.  He is physical and has good speed.  Cobern is a “little banged up” according to Blogger So Dear, but he’s listed as the starter this week, perhaps because it is Senior Day.

Junior Cade Carney (Cade…you don’t hear that game up north) is a little bigger at 5’11” 215 and has run for 629 yards on the season, with a 5.2 average. Oddly enough he seems to show up in big games.  With the exception of Syracuse game, his rushing average is higher against the better teams he’s faced this year.

Wake’s offensive line features three RS seniors in in the middle and two redshirt Junior tackles.  They are experienced, and they are pretty darn good at run blocking.  They rank 27th in “line yards” which is a measure of run blocking effectiveness.  (For the record Pitt is 10th).  However they rank 85th in sack rate, which tells me we should have a chance to get to the quarterback.  (Pitt is  92nd).  I believe I heard Narduzzi mentioned the Deacs runs some of the same zone schemes as us, so I suppose the silver lining here is that our front seven should at least have an idea of what to expect.

Wake Forest Achilles heel is their defense.  They are 102nd in rushing defense, 123rd in passing yards allowed, and 120th in overall yards allowed.  You have to think Watson and Borbley are licking their chops over this matchup.

Which brings me to my original point.  Wake forest is not the real opponent on Saturday.  The real opponent is ourselves.  If we go down there and execute, we should win this game handily.  We are statistically equal or better in nearly every category (except passing, except passing…), and we’ve played a tougher schedule by half.  (Ours is ranked 27th, Wake’s 59th).


You would like to believe that after a statement win last Saturday, the 19 seniors on this team are focused 100% on the task at hand, and they’ve got everybody else focused on it too.  With nothing other than my gut to guide me, I’d say there is about an 80% chance of that being true.  And while I do not want to sit here and be the naysayer while we we have so much positive momentum, I have been a Pitt fan too long to put blind faith in any Pitt football team.  So for me, last week is over (and yes it was a great week).   For me, this is a “Prove It” game, just like every game left on the schedule.  I’ve had my heart ripped out too many times to go all-in.

Hail to Pitt







POV: Pre-NC Game Bits & Pieces

Here are some pieces of info and links to prep you all for the game on Thursday night… one thing to remember, I think, is that NC’s record of 1-8 is valid, but that doesn’t matter when the whistle blows.  At this point Pitt is giving away 9.5 points to the Tarheels.

PITT (4-5, 2-3 ACC) vs. NORTH CAROLINA (1-8, 0-6 ACC)

November 9, 2017 • 7:30 p.m., ET

LINK (PDF): Pitt Game Notes (vs. North Carolina)

• Pitt looks to continue its recent momentum when it hosts Coastal Division foe North Carolina for a Thursday night ESPN national telecast. This will be the Panthers’ 23rd all-time appearance on ESPN’s Thursday package.

• The Panthers are coming off a pair of impressive wins, 24-17 at Duke and 31-14 against Virginia. A victory over North Carolina would extend Pitt’s winning streak to three games and even its record at 5-5 on the season.  

• Narrow margins have been the rule during recent Pitt-UNC series history. The past six meetings have been decided by a combined 25 points, an average of 4.2 points per game. The Tar Heels slipped past the Panthers in Chapel Hill last year, 37-36.

• Since 2013, North Carolina is the only team in the Coastal that Pitt has not beaten. The Panthers are 0-4 against the Tar Heels in ACC play. North Carolina also leads the overall series, 8-3.|

• Pitt’s last victory in the series occurred in the 2009 Meineke Car Care Bowl in Charlotte. Coach Dave Wannstedt’s Panthers edged the Tar Heels (coached by Butch Davis), 19-17, on a field goal with 52 seconds left. 

• Junior tailback Darrin Hall has reignited the Panthers’ rushing attack by averaging 182.5 yards over his past two contests. Hall had 254 yards at Duke, followed by a 111-yard effort against Virginia. 

• Junior all-purpose player Quadree Henderson had a 75-yard punt return touchdown in Pitt’s last game against Virginia. Henderson has seven career kick return TDs, two shy of the national record. 

• Quadree Henderson leads the ACC and ranks seventh nationally in punt returns with a robust 16.1-yard average. North Carolina, in contrast, is 112th in punt return defense, surrendering 12.4 yards per return.



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Pitt vs Duke Gameday Thread

Guys – if you are making late predictions please include them on yesterday’s prediction thread found here so that I have them all in one place.

OK – another Saturday and another chance for Pitt to vault into the rarified air where  the three win teams reside.  I think we can do it today.  Why not? But I’ll still stick with my prediction that we lose by 8 or 9 points because of so many serious question marks we have seen emerge in the first seven games.

My thought process with this prediction is like about a hundreds other Pitt fan’s I have read over the last few day… until we can mount a consistent and effective running games that produces way over our current 3.3 ypg & 113.7 yards per game.

That ineptitude will put a lot of pressure on any team’s passing game even if they have an established and experienced QB behind Center.  We don’t have that which makes this game even more shaky.  So – it adds up to another disappointing afternoon on paper…

But let’s prove Reed wrong this afternoon.

Here’s a tip of the beer mug to the POV’ers attending the game in Durham, NC today.  Get together, have fun, swap your best Pitt-life stories and bring us far away fans a win today!!  But above all be careful driving today.

Note: for our readers who haven’t received a POV shirt yet please email me at with your size and address (and phone # if you would) with “T-Shirt” in the subject line and I’ll do what I can to get one out ASAP if I still have your size.

I’ll be putting a new order in with, I think, a new graphic done by my daughter if I can afford her prices… obviously 22 years of room & board, medical coverage, college tuition and a new car for her 21st B-day means nothing to an artist.

POV Shite WhitePOV Shirt Blue

POV: Pitt vs Georgia Tech Game Thread

POV: Pitt vs Georgia Tech Game Thread

Yes- that is our own Dr. T getting ready to kick some Yellow Jacket ass. Actually that is an almost perfect Southpaw boxing stance shown bu the Old Dentist.

OK guys and gals – here is the official POV Georgia Tech Game Thread.  Enjoy the game and take your blood pressure medications as needed.

I will ask you that if you haven’t made a formal prediction yet to to go back to the GT Predictions article and leave your predictions there so it is easier to figure out who had the most accurate one.

We need this one badly folks – I suppose we could look at our PSU and OSU’s losses and make excuses that they were Top 10 opponents, but no longer is that the case.  This is our first ACC match and we need  to come through with a win.

If we can’t do that then we at least have to play a decent enough game so that we can feel like we can win other ACC games on our schedule.  Let’s hope we pull it out and that every one of our Panthers come out of the game as healthy as they went into it.

HTP! and Bring Home a Win!!!

Happy 4th of July! Hail to Pitt!

A day for celebration and remembrance of what hard work and sacrifices both our  Citizens and Citizen-Soldiers have made to make and keep the United States of America a free and vibrant democracy.  I appreciate what has taken place before us and before today and with my circle of  family, friends and acquaintances  – including each and every one of you readers – I know we’ll keep the USA on an even keel for centuries to come.

So… If we are remembering stuff,  then take a break from the scrambled eggs, grilled bratwurst and mashed potatoes I know every red-blooded American is eating for their 4th of July meal  (at least that’s what we did at our German Grandma’s house when I was a kid) and take a minute to review some of the past and glorious Big Game victories Pitt has had in the last 19 years…

Let’s time travel back to Walt Harris’s tenure at Pitt and see what he, and our following HCs, have done when faced with Big Games on a national stage.  Here are the matches as determined by me to have the label “Big Games ” which were mostly when our opponents had Top 25 rankings either on the day of the game or at the end of the season (as in lats year’s PSU win).

For a holiday treat and because you are great Pitt fans I linked a ton of info in the chart below.  The actual scores of the games are linked to the box score and the “Opponent’s Gameday Rank” column has either articles about the game or some videos I thought were fun to watch…  Grab a beer and Enjoy!!

Year Head Coach Opp. Gameday Rank Final Score Opp. Final Ranking Record vs Ranked teams
1997 Walt Harris #22 Miami 21-17 NR
WH #19   VT 30-23 NR 2-3
2001 WH #12   VT 38-7 #18 1-1
2002 WH #3     VT 28-21 #18 1-3
2003 WH #5     VT 31-28 NR 1-1
2004 WH #24 ND 41-38 #17
WH #21 WVU 16-13 NR 2-0
2007 Dave Wannstedt #23 Cincy 24-17 #17
DW #2 WVU * 13-9 #6 2-0
2008 DW #10 USF 26-21 NR 1-2
2011 Graham #16 USF 44-17 NR 1-1
2012 Paul Chryst #13 VT 35-17 NR
PC #21 RU 27-6 NR 2-2
2013 PC #24 ND 28-21 #21 1-1
2016 Pat Narduzzi NR PSU * 42-39 #7
PN #3 Clemson * 43-42 #1 1-1

I’ll pick my three favorites (highlighted in bold) and then you all can chip in with yours in the comments section. 

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