POV Sunday Podcast; 5/14/17

POV Sunday Podcast; 5/14/17

A shorter Mother’s Day podcast today – reviewed the last two articles about the RBs and QBs and threw out other assorted ramblings.


POV Sunday Podcast; April 30, 2017

POV Sunday Podcast; April 30, 2017

I have a few Pitt POV car magnets left – the big ones like this:


Let me know if you are interested – send an email to me with your contact info (address & phone) and I’ll get one out to you if I have enough.  Please put “Car Magnet” in the subject line.

Don’t forget Tuesday night’s POV Roundtable Call-In show. It has been a resounding success and growing by leaps and bounds.  Here is last’s weeks recording if anyone missed it – we cracked ourselves up until Ike peed his pants.

I’ll post up the participant particulars in Tuesday’s article. I start a meet around 7:45 or so then start recording when everyone is set and ready around 8:00.

News for the uncaring: Rushel Shell was chosen by the Steelers as an undrafted Free Agent… now it gets even more interesting.on the Southside in May – July before they leave for training camp.  BTW – Shell and Conner didn’t overlap on the Pitt roster.

RS:  Hi, I’m running back Rushel Shell. I went to Pitt too.

JC:  Hey, I’m James Conner – you know, the guy who made you an answer to a trivia question.

Also – The Doctors and I are talking about back surgery, up until now they have been giving me the 50/50 walk again line, which I told them to cram where the sun don’t shine.  I kind of hope we can do it but if so I’ll be calling for more donations for booze and earplug money if I’m to be trapped in the house for weeks with my wife.

Correction: Staunton, VA to Blacksburg, VA is actually 117 miles so it would be a ‘going to or from’ stop.


POV Bits & Pieces and Roundtable Night; 4/25/17

POV Bits & Pieces and Roundtable Night; 4/25/17

First off, as promised, here is the donation of your golfing money to the Grassroots of Howard County Day Resource Center.


It was a check for $300, was well received and is needed – as you can see by the missing drywall in the ceiling of the rooms behind us.

I can’t thank you guys enough for chipping in the way you all did and I will say that I made sure your donated fees are being expressly used to support the homeless services in our county. Not only did we all have a great time – you probably put some new boots on, or food in the stomach of, someone living out in the woods.

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Narduzzi’s First 2017 Season Presser

Narduzzi’s First 2017 Season Presser

NOTE:  Here is the Pitt 2017 Spring Prospectus.  I seriously believe that if you are going to be discussing Pitt football from now until the Spring Game then this is a valuable download to have at hand.


Below is the video of Pitt HC’s first press conference… let’s break down his major points.  If you just want to hear his opening remarks then watch this bit from Penn Live).

I have to be honest here – with the exception of the leadership issue discussed this is almost the same info we all have written about and discussed in the comments there really isn’t any ‘news’ imparted.  But it is a nice long presser and it’s about Pitt football so here goes.

Some main issues discussed:

The leadership void left by the graduation of Peterman, Galambos, etc. has to be filled.  HCPN mentioned DT Jeremiah Taleni and MLB Quintin Wirginis for that on defense; Browne on offense.

Kazeon Pugh will be at DE this season and looks good so far in workouts.  He was the Scout Team tailback with terrible ball security. 🙂

TEs – may be in a no TE situations more than before – until  someone steps up?  rsFR De Andre’ Schifino  was specifically mentioned at the TE position.  He was a walk-on last season and redshirted.  However in the past when Narduzzi has mentioned guys early on like that they bear watching.

He talked about Darrin hall’s injury and his partial attendance in spring practice.

A real example of ‘coach-speak‘ was when he talked about competition at all position… “even if Peterman had returned there would be competition at that position“.  Wink, wink, nudge nudge.

He slide a bit of a knife toward Ollison as he referred to Ollison’s work in last year’s spring practices when he referenced that Ollison was ‘feeling good‘ after being ACC Rookie of the Year then came into spring practice as “just OK“. Hmmmm.  Well, coach’s prerogative based on attitude I guess.

I do suggest he get Ollison the ball early and often in the camps leading up to the opener though.

“Ollison seized the opportunity by becoming just the fifth freshman in Pitt history to achieve a 1,000-yard season…rushed for 1,121 yards and 11 touchdowns on 212 carries (5.3 avg.) and also had 14 receptions for 77 yards (5.5 avg.) and a TD…”

He also said new FR Charles TE Reeves was going to get as many snaps as possible; DE Hendrix is OK and practicing; New OC will not mirror Matt Canada – there will be new terminology and ‘structures’ whatever those are.

I hope one change is running Henderson out of the backfield sometimes.

Here is something referring to just what we talked with Dr Tom and Ike about on Tuesday evening:

“Narduzzi hopes returning quarterbacks Ben DiNucci and Thomas MacVittie, who were freshmen last season, will provide depth this season.

“We had one guy (Nathan Peterman), hoping he’d stay healthy,” Narduzzi said. “He didn’t in that bowl game and we saw what happened (Pitt lost to Northwestern, 31-24, after DiNucci threw two interceptions in the fourth quarter).”

Well, coach.  If you hardly ever play any QBs at all other than Peterman then don’t bitch about your back-up failing in a bowl game… which is exactly what he is alluding to here.  I don’t know why Pitt coaches never seem to do this but it would have been a easy thing for at least a few series to get the “never played” butterflies out for DiNucci if he was indeed the ‘hidden QB2‘ as some fans think (he wasn’t).

BTW – The official 2016 Pitt stats has Ben DiNucci playing in two games this season. Huh?  He only played QB in the bowl game so he must have been on special teams in another… or in the Victory Formation but that didn’t happen.

We were ahead 42-14 going into the 4th quarter against Duke. At the 11:01 mark in that quarter it was still 42-14.  Matt Canada did play Manny Stocker for that last two series… but then apparently sat him on the bench for the rest of the season. 

I’ll say this again – Manny Stocker should have been the QB against NW when Peterman went down.  He was the ONLY QB on roster who took any real game snaps to that point.

The old saw I’m hearing that there was no choice but to play DiNucci in the bowl is bull-crap.  DiNucci is no more the QB of the future at Pitt – even in a back-up role than I am.  If Stocker wasn’t the guy then he shouldn’t have been the guy to get those snaps against Duke.

What is refreshing and honest though is Narduzzi admitting that not playing DiNucci earlier was a mistake and well; “we saw what happened…” Two INTs on the final two series is what we saw and that my friends was the difference between 8-5 with a bowl loss and a 9 win season and a ranking in the teens.

Here are some article covering the conference.

Five Questions from the Post Gazette.

Coverage of the Presser by the P-G.

Jerry DiPaola’s Trib-Review coverage of the Presser

POV Sunday Podcast; 3/12

POV Sunday Podcast; 3/12

Note – I said “Reese” when I meant “Reeves” in talking about our young TEs for 2017.

Just How Bad Have Our Defenses Been?

As I said above I think it is funny that fans who pilloried Paul Chryst for in-staff hiring of Matt House as the DC and then hated House with a passion… while we gave up only 26.3 ppg in ’15 and 27.2 ppg in ’14.  In ’13 Chryst’s defense gave up 21… and that was without a real DC on board.

Let me go deeper – in 2014 we gave up 27.2 ppg against a strength of schedule rating of 3.49… compare that to last year’s giving up 35.2 ppg against a 3.51 SOS. So much for the “harder schedule” argument there.

Year Conf W L SOS PPG Nat’l Rank Coach DC
2016 ACC 8 5 3.51 35.2 106th Narduzzi  (8-5) Conklin
2015 ACC 8 5 3.78 26.1 54th Narduzzi  (8-5) Conklin
2014 ACC 6 7 0.97 26.3 59th Chryst      (6-7) House
2013 ACC 7 6 3.49 27.2 70th Chryst      (7-6) House
2102 BE 6 7 2.05 21.1 23rd Chryst      (6-7) None

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Now That His Yips Are Gone…

Now That His Yips Are Gone…

The player who made us forget about the loss of Tyler Boyd is returning in peak form for next season’s round of football games.  rsSR WR Jester Weah closed the door rather firmly maxresdefaulton the question of who was going to be able to replace Boyd with his superb 2016 season. Boyd’s early departure worried us fans – it didn’t seem to bother Weah one bit.

Granted Boyd missed the first game in 2015 for disciplinary reasons then had a sub-par season (for him) afterward and but within a few games last year we were completely satisfied that our receiving corp was indeed better suited for a new OC’s offense than the previous year.

Right before last season’s fall camp I had written that I personally didn’t think we’d miss Tyler Boyd much at all in the ’16 season because he just hadn’t been productive as he had in the past in 2015.  Chris Peak alluded to my saying that as “totally ridiculous“.  “Hah“, I say. (Chris is 99% right on the money usually but I think I was correct in this one).

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at PittsburghBoyd had a lot of receptions but his yards per catch average dropped to only 10.2 in ’15 and with that he had only six TDs.   We saw a true football example of the ‘elephant in the room’ disappearing when he left us and thus Peterman had more receivers to use as primary targets… even in the fewer attempts he had passing.

Part of that reliance on Boyd was the fact that old OC Jim Chaney was joined at the hip to him. He wanted him to be the primary, secondary and tertiary targets on almost every pass play.  Matt Canada came in and didn’t have that problem, if that isn’t too strong a word for it.

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POV Sunday Podcast; This & That

POV Sunday Podcast; This & That

Below is a copy of the Golf Outing flyer I sent out via email email yesterday.  The POCs are Rick Caldwell and myself.  For the actual Golf outing issues; reserving spots, sponsorship, “will attend”, etc.  please either call Rick at 717-838-4855, x246 or email him at rcaldwell@whiteoakdisplay.com.  

Please make any check payments out to either Reed Kohberger or The PITT POV.


For other stuff you can call me at 410-997-0388 (H) , 410-782-9981 (C) or email me at rkohberger@gmail.com.

We really hope to see you all there  and have the gifts, prizes, food and drink ready for you.  BTW – we need suggestions for the name of the trophies.