MMQB – Early Edition – Pitt’s Offense is Bad

MMQB – Early Edition – Pitt’s Offense is Bad

Historically bad, as a matter of fact.

This year’s team is averaging  19.9 points per game.  That is the worst since Johnny Major’s 1996 team which averaged 19.5 points per game.  In other words, this is Pitt’s worst scoring offense in 23 years.

And yet we still managed to win seven games.  The 1996 Johnny Majors team won four.

Not that I’m trying to spin this, because four turnovers, four sacks and zero-for-two on redzone TD’s is squarely on the offense, and it’s completely unacceptable.  Throw in a couple more botched goal-to-go series this season and heck we could be staring at 10-2. Continue reading “MMQB – Early Edition – Pitt’s Offense is Bad”

Boston College Preview and Prediction Thread

Hello everyone and happy day-after-Thanksgiving.  My apologies for not being able to post a preview at the regularly scheduled time yesterday, but the combination of fighting off some kind of bug and hosting Thanksgiving got in the way.  The good news is that the bug has been successfully dispatched and the dinner was a success, so no matter what happens with Pitt Football this weekend, I’ve got health and family to fall back on, and I hope you do as well.

I’ve also got the POV, and I’d like to take a moment to thank all you POV’erts out there, whether you’re a frequent commenter or simply a frequent reader.  So far this year we have had over 57,000 visitors and over 587,000 page views.  We’ve also had nearly 33,000 comments posted.  Half of the reason I maintain this blog is because I love Pitt and Pitt football, and the other half is you.  Whether or not you agree with what I’m writing, I’d like to express my thanks for keeping this blog as active and vibrant as you do.

And now on to football…

How many times since 1981 has Pitt won eight games?  Nevermind nine, nevermind ten; I’m talking eight.  Because that is what is on the table tomorrow.  A chance at an eight win season, at home, on senior day, against a team that Pitt is favored to beat, and has the talent to beat. Continue reading “Boston College Preview and Prediction Thread”

QB Corner – Previewing BC’s Dennis Grosel

QB Corner – Previewing BC’s Dennis Grosel

First, some good news.  Pitt wresting is ranked #10 in the country.  This is the first time they’ve cracked the top 10 since 2015.

Pitt moved into the top ten be defeating previous #7 Lehigh this past week:

And yet somehow, two ACC schools are in front of us.  One of them is the hated Virginia Tech.

Also, just as a reminder, Pitt Women’s volleyball won their third ACC championship this season.


So there is your feel good Pitt sports post of the week.  Wresting and Volleyball baby.  Hail to Pitt.

And now on to the quarterbacks.  Continue reading “QB Corner – Previewing BC’s Dennis Grosel”

MMQB – Virginia Tech

MMQB – Virginia Tech

It’s been a while since Pitt has really been licked.  I mean like really licked in the regular season, as in take-you-behind-the-woodshed, and whack you with a hickory stick until you are black and blue.

364 days to be exact.  Pitt at Miami.  November 24th, 2018.  Pitt scored three points and bumbled their way to 200 yards of total offense against a team that wanted it more.  Pitt committed ten penalties in that game, by the way.

November 23rd, 2019.  Pitt scored zero points and somehow managed to collect 177 yards against a team that wanted it way more.  Pitt committed ten penalties in this game as well.   Continue reading “MMQB – Virginia Tech”