How I Became a Pitt Fan; “Pittpride26”

How I Became a Pitt Fan; “Pittpride26”

Greetings from Los Angeles. I have been a POV reader since you launched and an occasional commenter under PittPride26. Reading the blog post today by Pittman4ever really flooded back memories of how I ended up at Pitt so I started to jot them down and it ended up being longer than I intended or imagined… 

By Dan LoBue (Pittpride26)

I ended up at Pitt in a pretty round about way that I thought you guys may find entertaining. Growing up in northern New Jersey I latched on to the Steelers as my favorite NFL team. It was the late 70’s, the Giants and Jets were terrible so I bandwagoned. As 1990 rolled around it was time for me to figure out my college destination. I was in the top 1/3 of my high school class, had (slightly) above average SAT and played varsity football and baseball. My parents wanted me to stay in state but with those solid credentials Princeton was off the table so the logical destination for me was Rutgers.

At our high school college fair the University of Pittsburgh had a table so I wandered over and was talking Steelers with them. Boy I loved Rod Woodson back then, 26 was my football number and I still wear it to this day on softball jerseys! They also started telling me about the campus and the city feel. Living in the shadow of NYC I always dreamed of living in the city and being able to watch the Steelers every week sounded awesome. Watching any team you wanted was not an option back then. That said Rutgers was going to be my choice but might as well apply to Pitt anyway and did so.

To add another layer, my high school girlfriend was a year older than I was and

Not Dan’s Girlfriend

currently a freshmen at the University of Delaware. She really wanted me to go there. It is actually a pretty great campus but at 17 years old it seemed like picking a school based on my girlfriend was a bad idea. Did I tell her that?

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