New Hosting Site for Discussions

My POV friends and confidants,

I took Tossing Thabeets’ (best screen name ever) suggestion and ditched Skype which required all parties join Skype in order to communicate.

Instead we will use a hosting site named and it is as simple as can be.  All a caller has to do is dial the websites regular phone number and then enter a 10 digit “Meeting’s unique ID code” and the screen will ask you what name you want to use then Hey Presto!  you are in the discussion group.

You can also get into the discussion just by clicking on a link I will provide you via email or via the POV comments section…

Here is the front page and at the top you will see a bar that looks like this over toward the right side:


You’ll click on the “Join Meeting” box and that will start you into the below process.

Before you do that I will have sent an email, text or posted the meeting’s ID number. An example of you’re using your computer is that I will either send you an email, text or post  this link:

https:/ (that last number was our session’s unique ID # from last evening  – it changes with every meeting). Do that and you are in Bluejeans.

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Pitt’s Tight Ends and What Else?

This position is one that is going to be very closely watched during the upcoming spring practices as it doesn’t have a deep existing roster at the position where a sure starter will jump right into the void.

And it is a void considering one of our most productive TEs of all-time, Scott Orndoff,  has just left.  He was a good one, very efficient and productive, and could block just fine for a guy who is 6’5″ and 265 lbs. The surprising thing with Orndoff was how fast he was in getting out on the intermediate and deep routes. Because of that he had an excellent yards per catch production especially in his last two seasons as a starter.




Year G Rec Yds Avg TD Plays Yds Avg TD
*2013 6 6 50 8.3 2 6 50 8.3 2
*2014 4 4 24 6.0 1 4 24 6.0 1
*2015 11 13 244 18.8 5 13 244 18.8 5
2016 12 35 579 16.5 5 35 579 16.5 5
Career 58 897 15.5 13 58 897 15.5 13

A 17.1 ypc over 48 receptions is up in the Wide Receiver airs and is a true added weapon to the offensive game plan.  10 TDs over that time isn’t chopped liver either for a TE.

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POV Sunday Podcast; Saturday Edition

As promised we rolled out the POV Round Table series last evening with a two-man show – myself and our long time commenter PittFan28 (Brian Ashcom).  The result was great and we had a good time talking about ourselves, our opinions of and our relationships with Pitt football.

Take a listen above – we came in just a bit over 35 minutes but truth be told we could have gone on for an hour at least.  I think the technical work is OK, I used Skype for the communications bit (I’ll reprint Skype instructions below) and then used a program called Audacity for the actual recording. 

You’ll hear that it came through pretty clearly but with some scratchy bits from Brian’s end, but nothing that really detracts from the content.

As we do this more often, and it was fun, we’ll smooth out any rough spots and with more callers I’ll do a lot less talking. 

Here is how I envision the POV regular season to shake out:

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POV’s “Next Level” Round-Table

We have been discussing instituting a POV Round-table  bit on here so that we can get others involved in the theme and subject matter for articles.  Well, my daughter has figured out that we can use Skype for the call-in portion then I can use a program called “Pamela for Skype” to record the sessions.

So – let’s give it a whirl.

If you are interested in doing a Beta Test (that may end up in an article) then send me an email by 1:00 pm today telling me you want in.

I want to do this at 8:00 pm tonight and figure it will be between 30-60 minutes long.  The only requirement on your part is to have Skype downloaded on your computer and know how to use it.

For this first test run I think I’ll take have myself as the Moderator and two other callers for the discussion.  I’ll have some subject prompts (none about Wannstedt!) and we’ll discuss our Pitt Fan backgrounds first.

Here is the Skype Download for computers with Windows.

Here is the Skype Download for Android and other mobile devices.  It also has the iPhone stuff there.

Here is a good User’s Guide for Skype.

My Skype name is “Reed Kohberger and I’ll be up and ready to receive your calls at 7:55 or so. 

When you send me that email please include your Skype name also so that I can add it to my Skype contacts and let you into the call….

Let me know via email by 1:00 pm and we’ll try to get the ball rolling…