POV: Know The Enemy – YSU

BYLINE: Chris Logue

It’s that time again where we finally get to look, objectively, at our opponents and it starts this week with an anticipated re-match with a 2015 foe. Yes, Pitt did win that game, closer than desired, but this time around, for growth and the loyalty of fans, it must be a blow-out. But, how does Pitt stack up against this FCS power?

Youngstown State is coming off a season where they went 12-4 and amassed that fourth defeat in the FCS Championship where they fell to James Madison. Still, it is a program reborn under Bo Pelini, who more than doubled their win output in just his second season.

YSU is a senior-laden team (20) that drives on experience and discipline, but now lacks a running back duo that vaulted the Penguins into contention last season. That being said, YSU will trot out a running back that is looking to complete a dream that extends back to high school. If the name Tevin McCaster sounds even the slightest familiar, you’ll know that he grew up and attended high school at New Castle.

His dream was to play at Heinz Field and win, as far as the Panthers are concerned, they want to wash that dream away. The most crucial position on any field is the quarterback, and YSU returns a solid one in Hunter Wells. This will be Wells’ second trip to Heinz Field where he started in 2015 and went 19-38 for 274 yards and a single touchdown – which equates to a 119.3 passer rating.

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YSU Two-Deep; On the Flip Side…

Note: I started drafted this piece immediately after I posted the preceding article.

I wrote an earlier article detailing what I think are the major question marks found in Pat Narduzzi’s YSU two-deep that was just released by Pitt’s Athletic Media Department.  They are many and I think they are compelling in the sense that it really highlights the lack of experience we will be fielding at Heinz field on Saturday.  Here is that listing again:


But that two-deep, as in anything regarding Pitt Football, doesn’t tell the whole story. While I can’t really wrap my head around the fact that the HC and DC feel that SR DL Shane Roy is a starter, I can also look at the list and see things that I feel will be working hard for us to get a victory in this game.  I’ll start with the offense.

Three players whom I feel could also have question marks next to their names also (but I didn’t award them that) are more in line for the positive 1245686792938124914raemi_check_mark-svg-hi.   That would be Chris Clark at TE; Max Browne at QB and rsJR Qadree Ollison at RB.  Now, I have written in the past that I have major reservations about Max Browne so let’s start with him. Continue reading “YSU Two-Deep; On the Flip Side…”

YSU Game Two-Deep; Read it and ….

OK… I’ll say weep… or scratch your head maybe.  There are some real surprises and concerns here and unless this is a some-what joking attempt to rile up Pitt fans I see some scary issues in front of the opening game.

First off I am actually not that surprised that SR Mike Flanagan is listed before rsSO Chris Clark at TE.  Regardless of that 5* and #1 TE recruit ranking Clark was given years ago Narduzzi always goes with real game day experience if he has the opportunity to do so. We see that now at the TE position for the opener.

Most specifically it is because of Flanagan’s blocking abilities.  He’s a big and proven guy and, again I don’t care what the Pitt people say, Chris Clark is on the thin side. Pitt needs bulk for that 6th offensive lineman this season.

Jim Morrissey over both Conner Dintino and Alex Officer (who played Center last year) is disturbing to me. I have said repeatedly that I have real concerns about the Offensive line.  A rsFR with absolutely zero game experience beat out both of them… not good at all.  Hey, you can believe Morrissey is some sort of Fall Camp superstar if you wish – but the real possibility is that the other two guys sucked at playing Center.

Here is the lineup as of Monday afternoon…



And what do the first two paragraphs of this article have to do with each other?

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New!! Pitt POV Fantasy Football!!

I have never played Fantasy Football although I’ve always thought it would be a great thing for a sports blog to do with it’s readers.  So, I believe we should develop a Fantasy League for Pitt football  – I just don’t know how to do it.

Can anyone suggest a good fantasy site and/or moderate such a thing for the POV?  I looked at various sites on the Internet but since I have no knowledge of how these leagues work I’d like to defer to someone who does.

Of course, I will provide a cash prize at the end of the season to whoever wins all the marbles.  I promise to keep the prize low enough so that you don’t get kicked up into  a higher tax bracket.

Here is what I found in just a short search – I’m sure some POV reader knows a better free site that we can use.

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