Song of the Southside

Song of the Southside

Pitt opens against Virginia on Saturday, and I approach the game with a mixture of anticipation and trepidation.  On one hand, there is a nearly palpable sense of confidence radiating from the Southside, and if you quiet your mind and turn your ear towards the Mon you can nearly make out the faintest of whispers saying, this year is different.  It is a siren song that Pitt fans yearn to believe.  One that is backed by the steely gazes of the upperclassman, and heard in the timbre of their voices.  It is projected through the stolid words of center Jimmy Morrissey, inferred by body language of the wide receivers licking their chops as they talk about the the passing game, and made that much more audible by grim determination of quarterback Kenny Pickett.

And yet for every reason to believe, there are a dozen reasons not to.  Jimmy Morrissey’s confidence?  There are four first-year starters surrounding him.  Those wide receivers?  Useless if they can’t get the ball.  And Kenny Pickett?  The last time we saw him, he was  nothing more than a shell-shocked sophomore, gritting his way through the last three games of the season.  Oh and don’t even get me started on the running backs and tight ends. Continue reading “Song of the Southside”

Pitt Depth Chart

Here is the Depth Chart that Pitt Released today.  I pulled it from Pittsburgh Sports Now, but I’m assuming EJ sent out a press release.

My fast thoughts in italics.  Please feel free to discuss.


QB: Kenny Pickett.   Backup- Nick Patti or Jeff George Jr.  Interesting that the backup situation is an “Or”

RB: AJ Davis or Todd Sibley  No surprises here.

WR: Taysir Mack, Tre Tipton, Maurice Ffrench.  Backups- Aaron Mathews, Dontavius Butler-Jenkins, John Vardzel.  John who?

TE: Will Gragg. Backups- Nakia Griffin-Stewart, Grant Carrigan  So Gragg beat out Griffin-Stewart.  Maybe that 20 lbs of muscle he put on in the offseason paid off.

LT: Carter Warren    Backup- Carson Van Lynn  And it’s official.

LG: Bryce Hargrove   Backup- Brandon Ford  Yep.

C- Jimmy Morrissey  Backup- Owen Drexel  Yep.

RG-Gabe Houy    Backup- Jake Kradel or Chase Brown  r-Frosh and local product Kradel cracks the two-deep.

RT- Nolan Ulizio   Backup- Jerry Drake Jr.


DE: Patrick Jones    Backups- John Morgan or Kaymar Mimes  Mimes back to DE after TE last year speaks to a slight lack of depth at DE

DT: Jalen Twyman   Backups- David Green or Tyler Bentley Young guys making the two deep all over this line.

DT: Keyshon Camp or Amir Watts   Backup- Devin Danielson Nice to see another local guy make the two deep.

DE: Deslin Alexandre   Backup- Habbukkuk Baldonado Haba is going to have to grow up fast.  

Money Linebacker: Kylan Johnson  Backup- Chase Pine  Pine fails to grab the starting spot yet again.  When is the lightbulb going to go on for this guy?

Mike Linebacker: Elias Reynolds or Saleem Brightwell Solid and experienced MLB corps.

Star Linebacker: Cam Bright or Phil Campbell I still think this is going to be the weak link of the defense.

Strong Safety: Paris Ford   Backup- Jazzee Stocker  Ford locked down the starting spot.  Can he deliver?

Free Safety: Damar Hamlin  Backup- Therran Coleman  Coleman is a guy who has paid his dues for a while.  

Cornerback: Dane Jackson  Backup- Erick Hallett  Surprised to see Hallett here.  5’11”.  Redshirted last year.  

Cornerback: Jason Pinnock or Damarri Mathis.  As expected.

2019 Football Preview & Prediction Thread

2019 Football Preview & Prediction Thread

Well fall camp is wrapping up, and next week the team starts their Virginia game prep in earnest.

The depth chart won’t be published until Monday, but I think we’ve watched enough videos and read enough camp reports to get an idea of who will be on the field.

The question is, will they be any good?  There is a momentum behind the program that has not been felt in many years, but good vibes can dissipate rapidly with a blown coverage, a missed tackle, a sack surrendered or an untimely interception thrown.

Pitt still doesn’t have enough talent, detractors will say.  Nothing we saw last year shows that we’ll improve, they will say again.

And it’s possible that they are right.  Continue reading “2019 Football Preview & Prediction Thread”

Pitt Football 2019 Fall Camp – Day 13

Pitt Football 2019 Fall Camp – Day 13

Day 13 is in the books, and the Panthers are scrimmaging today.  Looks for some meaningful depth chart updates to leak out (or be straight up published by the SID…) next week.

Here are yesterday’s interviews and Narduzzi Transcript.  My only observation is that both Linebackers, Pine and Reynolds, appear to have turned the corner from a maturity standpoint.  This will especially help Pine.  Hopefully Reynolds has worked on his speed and quickness over the offseason, as he’s always been good between the ears.  Hail to Pitt. Continue reading “Pitt Football 2019 Fall Camp – Day 13”

Pitt Football 2019 – Fall Camp Practice 12

Pitt Football 2019 – Fall Camp Practice 12

Practice interviews are up.  Enjoy.


Head Coach Pat Narduzzi

Some good commentary on Kenny Pickett and the O Line here.  Yes it’s typical positivity from the ‘Duzz but for some reason this year I believe him.  Okay well actually I believe him every year, but I believe him more this year.

Offensive Line Coach Dave Borbely

Still one of the best interviews on the staff.  Very good and what I believe to be true information on the state of the offensive line.  Form your own conclusions though.  Here is Borbley after practice 18 last fall.  His second sentence is “We still have along way to go.”  I’m not hearing that this year.  Also noteworthy at about 4:30, he goes through all the young backups (who are now potential starters).

Quarterback Kenny Pickett

Man is he good at saying stuff without staying stuff.  Clearly he’s got more confidence.  Clearly he’s focused on the season.  Gosh I hope his maturity shows through on the field.

Offensive Lineman Carter Warren & Gabe Houy

Carter has some swag.  Houy is just a humble dude.  They are both who they are, which is what you want.

Linebacker Leslie Smith

Honey Badger 2.  I’m just going to start calling him that right now.  If course if the hype isn’t real this name won’t stick… Continue reading “Pitt Football 2019 – Fall Camp Practice 12”