Pitt at North Carolina Game Thread

Is it three in a row? Or a return to normalcy. You decide.

Game on the ACC Network with an 8:00 PM start. Wes Durham and Dan Bonner calling the game. I like Durham and Bonner is a Avonworth HS grad. Also, on 93.7 The Fan.

Link to the Pitt Athlectic Department previewing the game. https://pittsburghpanthers.com/news/2022/2/15/mens-basketball-panthers-take-two-game-win-streak-on-the-road-to-north-carolina.aspx

Combo Game Day Thread – Pitt Women’s Volleyball and Men’s Basketball

In a rematch. it is #1 Louisville vs. #3 Pitt. The game is scheduled for 5:00 PM on the ACC network.

Special thanks to Annie and John in South Carolina for helping the uninformed (like me) to actually understand the fine points of volleyball. Link to the Pitt volleyball game day article: https://pittsburghpanthers.com/news/2021/11/23/womens-volleyball-no-3-pitt-no-1-louisville-rematch-set-for-wednesday.aspx

At 8;00 PM, Pitt’s men’s basketball takes on Vanderbilt. This game is also on the ACC network.

Link to the men’s Pitt’s basketball game day article: https://pittsburghpanthers.com/news/2021/11/23/mens-basketball-panthers-looks-to-extend-win-streak-wednesday-against-vanderbilt.aspx

Let’s make it a sweep. H2P

Most Succinct Pitt BB Headline Ever….

“Jamie Dixon leads TCU past Kansas, kicks Pitt in groin

I’ve stayed away from BB talk on here because I historically haven’t been that interested in it.  But halfway through this season, and after reading the complaints about Kevin Stallings on here, I started paying more attention.

And what a waste of time that was.  Again, I didn’t watch much Pitt BB under Dixon – just tourney games but it seems his teams were 100% better than what I saw out of Pitt this season… and I don’t think Dixon had that much better talent every year either.

I had a phone conversation the other day with some interesting third-party info being passed – which means it is 50/50 at best – but supposedly Stallings wouldn’t mind moving on if the financial side of things didn’t hurt him.  Again, that may well be just water cooler talk but still… I wouldn’t be surprised on bit – would you?

We’ll wait and see on that. What is evident, and I’ll disagree with one of our commenters here, is that Stallings had zero control over that squad from the day he was hired.  My take on that?

These student/athletes aren’t stupid and whatever happens in the Pitt administration as far as coaching departures, hires, press conferences, etc…, affect them way more than that stuff affects Pitt fans.  After all, this is not only their educational opportunity on the line but in some cases it maybe their life’s work and huge financial opportunities in the balance also.

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Call Out the Damage Control Team!

Editor Note: Our great friend and long time commenter Eric Wassel (MissingWlat) send me this piece for you guys to discuss.  Even though I don’t really follow Pitt BB that much I watched part of the UL game to see if Pitt was as bad as UPitt thinks… well, we know the answer to that now don’t we?
Last week Reed sought out volunteers to pen a basketball article. At the time, in the midst of a four game losing streak, I thought that it would be a good time to assess where the primary blame lies. There are a couple of viable theories. Did Jamie Dixon leave the cupboard bare? hqdefaultIs Kevin Stallings just a poor basketball coach? Do the players lack heart or senior leadership?

Let me state for the record, that a week ago I was in the camp that Coach Dixon was primarily to blame for his lack of recruiting and for leaving the program without a center, a competent point guard, or any quality depth. However, after tonight’s embarrassing loss to the Louisville Cardinals (just for emphasis: Final Score: Louisville 106, Pitt 51. Second worst loss in school history),  I am reevaluating my position.

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