Catfight!! Pitt vs Villanova

We are on the cusp of another year of Pitt football, the beast we both love and fear.  This season has an aura of excitement around it that I don’t believe I have witnessed since back in 2008 when we were coming off an injury riddled 2007 that saw us rally to beat rival school WVU and crush their championship hopes.

Going into 2008 we were sky high because we had an injury delayed starting QB return in Bill Stull and we had the return of the star RB LeSean McCoy… lots of similarities to this season.

But the big difference is that we aren’t going to start the 2016 season with a loss to a lesser out of conference opponent like we did against Bowling Green back then.  That just isn’t going to happen.

I rarely make concrete predictions like I just did – maybe never actually when writing about Pitt football.  But I am that sure we will not come out of the starting gate looking like wilted lettuce like we did against both YSU in 2008 and then again against Akron in 2012.

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Understudies To The Wings!!

Here we go – the smell of football is really in the air now.  The team has broken regular camp practices and and is working on the game plans for the opener.  The optimists are figuring a nine win season and the not-so-optimistic figures a seven or eight win deal is about right.

No one thinks sub-.500 though so that’s a good thing.

Best line in this?  “Maybe he misses a class and doesn’t play at all.”  I love this stance folks, truly.  BTW – missing a class for a valid reason isn’t what he’s talking about – he means cutting class.


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How We Pitt People Choose to Live


“Joe Knew”.  Two words that are in the center of a lot of controversy and indignation.  I wish I could say it was a tempest in a teapot but I don’t feel that way.  And even as a die-hard Pitt fan I don’t fail to see the ‘other’ side’s reasoning in this matter of the manufacturing and attempted sales of these shirts.

For some background…  Some minor Pitt blog, at least one I have never heard of it, called had T-shirts made up with the saying “Joe Knew” on them… and planned to sell them before the Pitt-Penn State game on Sept. 10th.

Under any other circumstances and probably anywhere else in the country this wouldn’t be newsworthy.  Fans of one college program have been insulting other schools and their fans since college football started in the early 1900s.

But the subject of those two words is Penn State’s ex-head coach of its football program Joe Paterno and the phrase itself references the Penn State – Jerry Sandusky pedophilia scandal.  In other words it is a hot, emotional and ultimately a sad issue.

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Sunday POV Podcast; Aug 28th

P-G –  Depth will prove key for Pitt football entering season

 Offensively, the Panthers are poised for a strong year, starting with depth on the offensive line. Pitt is shored up on the left side with Adam Bisnowaty at tackle and Johnson at guard. Alex Officer and Alex Bookser are competing at center and right guard, and Brian O’Neill, who converted from tight end, is expected to have a big year at right tackle.

But what offensive coordinator Matt Canada called “unbelievably magnificent” is the depth beyond those five — Jaryd Jones-Smith, John Guy, and Connor Dintino which makes a solid eight players in the rotation.

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Expectations For the Run

Welcome back to Chas Rich of The Pitt Blather!   He just posted a nice article about Pitt’s WR corps status going into the season opener which is a main topic of conversation given that the only bona fide offensive star on the Pitt team who played last season departed from that unit.

I say don’t take the time to worry about that part of Pitt’s football team this year.  We have old and new talent there that by the force of circumstances had been hidden by Tyler Boyd’s long shadow.

In a sense we fans are in the same spot with that as we were going into last season’s second game with us wondering about what would occur with the run game after James Conner tore up his knee and looked to be lost for the season.

What happened then is what will we will experience now, and what is also the beauty of college football, there are players waiting in the wings for the chance to shine and they will.  We saw that last season with Quadree Ollison filling in at the RB1 position and doing a bang-up job.

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Turn Over Every Stone for News

After a evil-looking hypo needle filled with of complaint slipped through my sea-salt hardened skin and penetrated into my Pitt-fed bloodstream this morning I awoke from the drug-induced coma and my first coherent thought was “Wow, one of my readers is a real ass!“.

Just kidding – But the fact that I am sometimes repetitive was pointed out to me earlier so let me make one thing perfectly clear;  I mean I want you to understand this point I’m making; and I insist that you really, really get what I’m saying…

I am not repetitive at all.  Let me say that again . I am not repetitive at all. Once more, not repetitive over here!

That was fun, now onto Pitt football.

Let’s take a spin through Pitt Media Reporting Land of Make Believe and see what breaking news we have to talk about.lombc2a9ard-3020-hirez-tif

Does anyone recognize this “Land of Make Believe” print from their dentist’s office when they were a kid?  If so comment on it please and I’ll tell you an interesting story…

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Why We Write About Pitt Football

The thing about writing on timely subjects for public consumption is that you are never working in a vacuum.  Every interesting, and again, timely subject that floats to the front of your mind is also out there for others to contemplate and write about also.

I have seen that happen many times over the past five years.  I have pulled something quite out of thin air and written an article (or an essay as was the last Pitt/PSU rivalry article) only to find that 1) someone had written on the same subject in recent history and I hadn’t seen it or 2) Someone wrote about the same subject immediately after I posted mine.

As a writer and part of the media covering Pitt football I can tell you that if your public wants an article a day to read and discuss you have to really work hard to try to get them unique information and viewpoints to be able to do that.

How do I do that on a regular basis?  Well, to put it in bald terms sometimes I borrow subjects from other media outlets and use those as a nucleus of my articles – I expound on them as it were and take what others say or write, and then I inject my own views, opinions and some supporting or contesting facts, then bundle them up in an article and throw it out to Etherland for you all to read.

But I always take great pains to both reference the author and the media the articles are found on and then I link to the original source so that you all can read the source material as it was originally written.

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