POV Sunday Podcast; April 30, 2017

POV Sunday Podcast; April 30, 2017

I have a few Pitt POV car magnets left – the big ones like this:


Let me know if you are interested – send an email to me with your contact info (address & phone) and I’ll get one out to you if I have enough.  Please put “Car Magnet” in the subject line.

Don’t forget Tuesday night’s POV Roundtable Call-In show. It has been a resounding success and growing by leaps and bounds.  Here is last’s weeks recording if anyone missed it – we cracked ourselves up until Ike peed his pants.

I’ll post up the participant particulars in Tuesday’s article. I start a meet around 7:45 or so then start recording when everyone is set and ready around 8:00.

News for the uncaring: Rushel Shell was chosen by the Steelers as an undrafted Free Agent… now it gets even more interesting.on the Southside in May – July before they leave for training camp.  BTW – Shell and Conner didn’t overlap on the Pitt roster.

RS:  Hi, I’m running back Rushel Shell. I went to Pitt too.

JC:  Hey, I’m James Conner – you know, the guy who made you an answer to a trivia question.

Also – The Doctors and I are talking about back surgery, up until now they have been giving me the 50/50 walk again line, which I told them to cram where the sun don’t shine.  I kind of hope we can do it but if so I’ll be calling for more donations for booze and earplug money if I’m to be trapped in the house for weeks with my wife.

Correction: Staunton, VA to Blacksburg, VA is actually 117 miles so it would be a ‘going to or from’ stop.



Now that Conner No Long Stalks the Field…

Now that Conner No Long Stalks the Field…

As part of a series looking at individual units we will try to patch-up, rebuild  or strengthen in time for the 2017 opener against Youngstown State I’ve switch between offense and defense articles taking closer looks.

We’ve talked about the Tight Ends, the Defensive Line and the Linebackers and the QBs and offense in general.

But I have some real concerns about our running game and would like to take a closer look at the Running Backs – maybe researching this piece will make me feel better. 


To recap last season’s rushing production here are the final stats for our run game in total and the reason we were #28th in the nation at 225.1 ypg with a nice 5.4 ypc average.

That was a pretty big jump from our 2015 production that saw us at #44th with only 186.6 and a 4.77 ypc… and a jump up of almost a yard adds up over the season.

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Pitt’s Tight Ends and What Else?

Pitt’s Tight Ends and What Else?

This position is one that is going to be very closely watched during the upcoming spring practices as it doesn’t have a deep existing roster at the position where a sure starter will jump right into the void.

And it is a void considering one of our most productive TEs of all-time, Scott Orndoff,  has just left.  He was a good one, very efficient and productive, and could block just fine for a guy who is 6’5″ and 265 lbs. The surprising thing with Orndoff was how fast he was in getting out on the intermediate and deep routes. Because of that he had an excellent yards per catch production especially in his last two seasons as a starter.




Year G Rec Yds Avg TD Plays Yds Avg TD
*2013 6 6 50 8.3 2 6 50 8.3 2
*2014 4 4 24 6.0 1 4 24 6.0 1
*2015 11 13 244 18.8 5 13 244 18.8 5
2016 12 35 579 16.5 5 35 579 16.5 5
Career 58 897 15.5 13 58 897 15.5 13

A 17.1 ypc over 48 receptions is up in the Wide Receiver airs and is a true added weapon to the offensive game plan.  10 TDs over that time isn’t chopped liver either for a TE.

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Pitt Football’s Glory Days; Part 3

Pitt Football’s Glory Days; Part 3

(This is Part 3 of a three-part series looking back at Pitt’s best decades of football)

Yesterday we discussed that last set of Glory Days from 1974 to 1983. Now let us skip another 33 years from 1984 to the nearer history of Pitt football in 2007. Remember that number because from 1938 to 1974 was a 36 year stretch.  It seems to me that we take around  35 years to ramp up to have another good run of Pitt football. Way too long but it is what it is – at least so far.

Now are talking about this last decade, from 2007 until last season’s end. I think it’s interesting that we look at these last 10 years and think the program has been rather average or even mediocre at times, especially the four years under Todd Graham and Paul Chryst. But if you put these ten years up against our whole history of play you’ll find that we really been above and beyond what the vast majority of other years’ stretches had done.

Here are the years in discussion:


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Pitt Football’s Glory Days: Part 1

Pitt Football’s Glory Days: Part 1

Sometimes when I’m trying to figure out what to write for the next article I take a look at some of the historical stuff that pertains to Pitt football and I try to figure out patterns or events that I can point to which would be interesting to talk about.  With that I have found something that I think will be nice to share with you guys.

Lets look back at what we all feel were the glory days of Pitt football.600px-pittwvuatexpopark1908.. and to me that means not going back to the turn of the earlier century, the early 1900s, even though we did kick ass then when football was a different animal all together and we played at Forbes field… but into the 1930s. 

In other words lets look at Pitt’s first rush of success from when football was more modern and the forward pass was fully integrated.

Today we’ll make that Part 1 of our look-back.  Part 2 will cover 1974 until 1983 then in Part 3 we’ll look over the last decade… yeah, believe it or not the last 10 years have been a highlight for us. Continue reading “Pitt Football’s Glory Days: Part 1”

Who’s Out & Who’s In? Offense

Who’s Out & Who’s In? Offense

Pitt’s recruiting is winding down now with just eight more days for the staff to close out what they want to accomplish.  Regardless of who they get from now until LOI Day the chances are that whoever it is won’t make an impact next year – although some true freshmen do it, it’s a long shot.  So let’s talk about the departures from the three team units; offense, defense and special teams.

Today lets look at what the 2017 the offense may be in the opener in September. Which by the way the first three games look like this .


Not the easiest 2nd game for new starters to play in – PSU in Happy Valley. Ugh

We know there are at least five starters who will be missing when spring practices start in late march. Here they are:

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C C C C C-Changes to Ease the Roster

C C C C C-Changes to Ease the Roster

It looks like we are seeing some more of the every-year roster changes that happen for various reasons – most often 5th year players being moved out of the program and others who have seen the handwriting on the wall regarding playing time.  This is done most often to clear up scholarships.  To jog your memories a D1 school is allowed only 85 scholarships on the roster at any one time.

Listed below are the players who will be redshirt Seniors in 2017.  Remember that at this point in their careers each of these kids will have had a full four years in attendance as student/athletes at Pitt and should have an under graduate degree by this time… or very soon. 

In the past there was an unwritten policy Pitt adhered to… if a player accepted a scholarship and kept his nose clean and met all his academic, team and athletic department requirements Pitt would give them a full four years in return.

But I believe that informal policy went by the wayside after Dave Wannstedt was head coach.  Anyway, here is that listing.  Players in red and crossed off are already off the roster and have decided to leave; players in black are not on scholarship at this time or at any point.

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