POV Bits & Pieces; 3/29

Just got back from the Campus of University of Virginia where we stayed when visiting Monticello yesterday. I forgot just how beautiful that campus is as it is mainly Thomas Jefferson’s designed buildings.  We stayed at a nice hotel called the Cavalier Inn.  Not super fancy, a bit tattered here and there but really pleasant and only $99 per night… with a good free breakfast.

We’ll be playing Virginia in their house in 2018 so keep this info in mind – will make for a great road trip destination.

On to football:

I posted in a comment with this info yesterday but want to include it for the readers who don’t follow the comments.

QB Nate Peterman is getting more and more publicity as the days draw nearer to the 2017 NFL draft on April 27th – 29th.  Now we see an article in the Buffalo News that lists why the Bills should draft him.


  1. He played in a pro-style passing attack. Peterman led the Panthers’ highest-scoring offense in program history as a senior in 2016, an attack that put up 40.9 points per game. He also led the ACC in passer efficiency (163.4 rating), starting all 13 games while completing 60.5 percent of his passes for 2,855 yards, 27 touchdowns and seven interceptions.
  2. He’s resilient. Peterman signed with Tennessee coming out of high school in Florida so that he could play SEC football. He didn’t get many chances, though, redshirting as a freshman in 2012. He broke his hand in his first start of 2013 and threw just 23 passes that season, then got benched after two series in 2014 in favor of Joshua Dobbs, who started the rest of the year. Peterman ended up throwing only 43 passes for Tennessee.
  3. He’s smart. In addition to the bachelor’s degree in communications he earned in three years at Tennessee, Peterman also has an MBA from Pitt’s Katz Graduate School of Business. He made the 2016 All-ACC Academic Football Team.

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POV Podcast and a Quick Rebuttal

Wasn’t Dr T’s article great.  Thanks so much for that Tom. I disagree with 56.8 % of it though.

One thing a lot of Pitt aren’t really considering when discussing our problems with opponent’s passing games is that the defensive backfield talent level may go up this year … but the problem will still be the coaching.

Here’s the thing – Paul Chryst was as good a OC before coming to Pitt and Narduzzi was a DC and still our offense never came around to the level of his offenses at Wisconsin – they just didn’t.

For instance Chryst’s last three years as OC they scored: 31.8, 41.5 and 44.1 ppg.

Narduzzi’s defense gave up: 22.3, 18.3 and 16.3 ppg.

All very much Top 10 years in the NCAA respectively…

Now –Pitt fans point to Narduzzi’s first three years as the DC for a blueprint for what we’ll see at Pitt. He was giving up 26.6, 23.9 and 26.3 ppg for an average of 25.6 ppg.  A nice slim increase then back again but still pretty good…

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Why So !%?#^#?? Optimistic?

Note: Every so often we’ll have guest writers contribute some articles for a different Point of View toward the football program and the team. After all – we are called POV, right?  well, this is a good one from Dr. Tom Richards.

Well it finally happened.

Reed has decided to give me some extra rope. By that I mean,  he extended me the invitation to contribute an actual article for submission to the Pitt POV. Imagine that? He even gave me the subject he wanted me to expound on, that being last season’s abysmal  performance by our defensive secondary.

He also informed me that,  just like Jack Webb used to state on the old TV series Dragnet,  to give him the FACTS, just the facts, on why I’m expecting last year’s horrendous secondary performance to evaporate come 2017. No optimistic smoke & mirrors, just the hard facts, not even any alternative facts, just the hard ones.

But I know his true intentions, I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck ya know. He’s supplied just enough rope so that I can hang myself with it come about mid December, by then when we’re all bitching and moaning once again on why Pitt had such a sad repeat performance by our defensive secondary, keeping us from winning the ACC Coastal Crown yet again.

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Some Bits & Pieces

Note: We have to skip the Roundtable Call-in this week as my son and I are taking a two-day “Guys Break” in Philly. We will do it next week for sure.

Last week I mailed out oval Pitt POV car decals to everyone I had addresses for.  If you didn’t get one and you would like to then send me an email at rkohberger@gmail.com with your home address in it and I’ll get one out to you. Please put “Decals” in the subject line if you would.pittpovlogo_hires-06

It isn’t a bad idea for me to have your address on file anyway because every so often I get something I would like to share with you all.  For example I got my hands on some rather scarce “Pitt Football Spring 2017” guides in hard-copy and just finished mailing them out.  They went out originally only to the working media.

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POV: Some Practice Thoughts

Before I begin I want to share this new document with you – it is Pitt’s Guest Practice Rules & Regulations:

Practice rules

As you can see certain conduct is expected when you are there as a media guest, and specifically afterward, and they are clearly spelled out. It really is almost exactly the same limitations I have put on my own writing after watching practices anyway. With that in mind I read this as not-so-much pertaining to the “Media Open Window” time period but the whole of the actual practice time where some invited guests are allowed to watch the stuff that is fully closed to the media.

Today there was some NFL Scouts who stayed an extra day, high school coaches, coaches from way-smaller colleges and some player’s family members.

See – they get to watch the actual X&Os and proprietary part of the real practices including players getting screamed and, at least today, a brawl… which I’m upset I missed.  But I had a chance to see 40 minutes of work today vice the normal 20-25 minutes so I’ll describe some of what I saw.

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POV Report: Pitt’s Pro Day 2017

First off I have to apologize – I took 59 photos and for some reason I have only three, all blurry, in my phone.  I’m pissed and so you all have to get your reading glasses on.

I had a chance to get up to the Southside today to watch Pitt’s Pro Day at the UPMC Sports Complex. What I’d like to do here is give you all a different look and slant on things than you would get from the mainstream media.

In other words –  it’s funny what the players will tell you when the coaches are occupied elsewhere.

To start off the intent of Pro Day is to Pitt players (and others from smaller schools and elsewhere – more on that later).  Pitt had a slew of seniors there – all of them on the roster actually.  The only player who didn’t take part in anything was Nate Peterman surprisingly enough.  I asked a few people what that story was but heard versions of ‘It’s his decision” each time.

Well, the other kids were there to show up and kick ass and I think,  from talking with various NFL Scouts,  they all acquitted themselves well.

Scouts from every NFL teams are here and they are like Navajo Code Talkers in that I can’t understand a word they are saying and I’m trying to eaves drop a group are sitting  right behind me.

Four guys from the Steelers – one older and three younger.  Talked with the Tampa Bay scout – looking at Peterman among others. 

Lots of these scouts are in their late 20s & early 30s – stringers for just the times and visual impressions of the kids?  I don’t know but I’d say there were at least eight people from the Steelers.  I asked one of the scouts how often he does these things and apparently he;s a local HS coach, or something along those lines, who get called to give reports.

It must be that those Steeler guys are playing hooky from working next door because you know there isn’t a chance in Hell they will actually draft any of our boys.

I’ll get into some specifics later – some 40 yard dash times were eye-opening for sure but fist let’s set the stage.

I arrived at the clubhouse facility at 9:00 am and the upstairs dining area was the staging point for both the scouts and the media in attendance.  Food and coffee etc… and I had some interesting talks with some guys (and girls – Megan) from the Pitt News and then NFL Channel.  They – the NFL- were there to film the running jumping and skipping that was done.  Coach Narduzzi took the Scouts into the players meeting room for some top-secret talks that we weren’t invited to.

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