A Look Back at Some Pitt Recruits

During the offseason we fans tend to look backward over the history of Pitt football and start talking about teams and players we were familiar with.  Some of them we liked, some disappointed.  A few months ago I compiled a list of 2* and 3* recruits (Rivals.com) whom I though played above those star ratings.

It encompasses the last 13 years and there are some names on there that shocked me to see that they were rated so low coming out of high school.  Here is the list:

YR Player Position Stars
‘03 G. Lee  @Pitt
WR 2*
‘03 Clermond LB 2*
Session OLB 3*
McGlynn OL 3*
‘04 Strong TE 2*
Kinder WR 2*
  Revis  @Pitt
DB 3*
‘05 Mustakas DL 2*
CJ Davis OL 2*
‘06 Romeus  @Pitt
DE 2*
  Pinkston  @Pitt
OL 3*
Wright DB 2*
‘07 Gruder ILB 2*
  Hynoski*  @Pitt
FB 3*
 ’08  Dion  Lewis  @Pitt  RB  3*
Taglianetti DB 2*
Turnley OL 2*
‘09 Street  @Pitt
WR 2*
Hendricks DB 2*
‘10 Mosley-Smith DL 3*
S. Johnson OL 3*
‘11 Bennett RB 2*
‘12 Caprara LB 2*
  Holtz  @Pitt
TE 3*
‘13 Blewitt K 2*
Webb DB 2*
‘14 Wirginis LB 2*
Blair DE 2*
Ollison  @Pitt
RB 3*

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How Many Pundits Does It Take…

After the press release for the new fan initiatives went out on Monday four local media reporters had a chance to sit down the AD Scott Barnes and discuss those changes and other topics.

Sam Werner of the Post-Gazette, Craig Meyer of the Post-Gazette, 15 year old  Lance Lysowski of DKPittsburghSports.com and the silver-backed gorilla of Pittsburgh sports writing  Jerry DiPaola of the Tribune-Review  all took part in it and what followed was a very long and detailed interview, more like an overview type discussion, regarding the ‘momentum’ Pitt is carrying now that we have had personnel switches at the University’s administrative leadership positions.

Those personnel would be Pat Gallagher replacing Chancellor Mark Nordenberg; Scott Barnes replacing AD Steve Pederson and at the more grass roots level Pat Narduzzi replacing head football. So far it looks that has come rolling it and made positive changes to both the Athletic Department and in how that Department interacts with the fans, alumni and students… and media.

Gallagher, Narduzzi and Barnes (if he keeps eating the way he has been)

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A Win for the Masses

Proverbs 31:4-8 ” Give beer to people who are dying and wine to those who are sad. Let them drink and forget their need and remember their misery no more. “  Obviously we need to get wine sales to the public in Heinz ASAP because with 2016’s schedule there may be some real sad-making days this fall on the Northside.

One of my real problems with Pitt football over the years is how they had treated the common fan when it came to purchasing alcohol at Heinz Field.  Not only were we dragging ass in adopting this policy…:

Where is Pitt?

…we were also enforcing an extremely prejudicial (or crass ) allowance policy that was already in effect.

Pitt ‘s previous stance was that if you paid the extortion fee of a “donation” (and I use that word in protest) you could then buy the much more expensive Club Seats and watch the game with a fully stocked and enclosed bar in your club’s section.

Club seat prices

Don’t get me wrong here – there is absolutely nothing wrong with donating to the Pitt Athletic funds if you choose to do so.  There is something seriously wrong when favors are withheld because you don’t do it and that is exactly what was happening.

To Pitt’s and Chancellor Gallagher’s credit that has now changed.  I say the Chancellor Gallagher because while the “Beer Sales Now Dammit!!” was  recognized and carried forward by Athletic Director Scott Barnes and the new Fan Experience Committee, the final decision

What? There a game being played?

rested with Gallagher and the University’s General Council’s Chief Legal Counsel Geovette Washington.

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Recruit: “I’m here!” Pitt: “Thank God!”

As a follow-up to some items we discussed on here last week regarding recruiting and  Narduzzi not hesitating to switch kids to positions where the team needs help and the kid can thrive here is something that dovetails with it.

The Post-Gazette has a piece on the impatient go-getters from our 2016 who have already reported for summer drills.

“He did tip his hand a bit, though, when asked about positions that could use reinforcements from the freshman class. The names Narduzzi mentioned — Zack Gilbert, Keyshon Camp, Rashad Weaver — all play defensive line, an area where the Panthers do look thin heading into 2016.

“Those are three cats that can play a lot of different things,” Narduzzi said.

Another player who figures to play a number of roles, at least immediately, is Ohio athlete George Hill. Hill, a former four-star recruit, could end up playing defensive back, running back or even receiver, and Narduzzi wasn’t eager to pigeon-hole him before training camp started.”

Obviously having them on the Southside before fall camp starts isn’t a coincidence.  Narduzzi can say that he’ll let the player themselves choose which position they would be most comfortable with and that seems to be the case…you also get the impression from the HC that even if that player isn’t 100% sold on the idea of switching the decision will be made by the guy who is paid to make those decisions.

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Sunday Pitt POV Podcast; 6/26/16

Here is the first Sunday morning podcast for this blog.  These were well received when I did them elsewhere even if sometimes they seemed to go on forever.  I’ll try to limit them to 30-45 minutes as I know everyone is busy with other things in their lives also.

This piece explains why the blog was started and what I hope to accomplish with it. That is simply to draw readers and commenters into the Pitt POV family and get everyone comfortable with it… and then to get some tangible benefits to charities who always need them.

Take a listen:

After today these podcast will be much more Pitt football oriented and probably shorter than today’s 45 minutes.

Here are the three articles about recruiting that I referenced in the podcast .  If you haven’t read them before I ask that you take the time to do so as they were very well received by the readers and are timely in that we are in the middle of the recruiting push right now.

To understand the intricacies of the recruiting ‘game’ makes it easier to see the big picture instead of just being disappointed when a kid we want goes elsewhere.  I strongly suggest reading the comments also as there was some great discussions generated.

The Art of Recruiting; Part 1

The Art of Recruiting; Part 2

The Art of Recruiting; Part 3

Yesterday’s news had the info about Pitt’s two new capital improvements that just got the needed funding for construction.  One will be a domed field for Pitt’s lacrosse (a great sport to watch for sure – all action all the time.) and soccer teams so they can practice and play in any weather.

Here is the actual plan mentioned – “The Plan for Pitt”

Here is a fantastic article by my favorite writer across any genres, although he is a sportswriter for the New Yorker.  I read anything I can get my hands on by John McPhee (and Roger Angell if you love sports writing) This explains the game of lacrosse in a way that is just plain fun to read.  John McPhee – “Spins Right and Shoots Left”

My sincere thanks for the great response since we rolled this blog out – it has been outstanding and I appreciate everyone of you taking the time to visit, read and to comment.

Note: I have succumbed to Twitter at my daughters advice – my handle there is Reed Kohberger (@rkohberger).  You show me yours and I’ll show you mine.



Administrative Problems

Hey – want to catch everyone up with the commenting problems.  As of today commenters were having to enter their name & email address on each comment – otherwise the comment would be labelled as posted by “Anonymous”.

A friend might have found the solution to the problem.  Apparently one has to check the “Stay Signed In” box under the name and email boxes as shown (after the first time you enter info):


I don’t know if this will keep your name and email in the commenting system forever… but you may have to do that each time you visit – then you should be able to comment like normal afterward.

Please try it and let me know…

Thanks, Reed



Recruiting Tidbits, etc…

Pittsburgh Sports Now has an article on who they (Mike Vukovcan) thinks will be Pitt young impact players this upcoming season.  He lists some obvious names: DB Hamlin, WRs Flowers, Ffrench and Henderson, DL Camp, etc… and then asks us if he missed anyone.

Since speculation is what we do as Pitt fans and on blogs – and that’s what it is regardless of how any writers try to convince us otherwise – I’ll chip in.

Here is the Rivals listing of Pitt’s 2016 recruiting class.  We fans are excited because it is the highest nationally rated class we have had, at # 32, since the Wannstedt days, as we should be.  it looks like a good one top to bottom and when you start looking past the obvious ratings of start you see that the offer lists of these recruits is what the difference between this class and our more recent classes is.

Take for instance OLB Elias Reynolds who at 2*s and 5.3 rating points is the lowest rated recruit in the class. He also wasn’t ranked nationally in any category – a “NR” across the board.  But here is what makes me think he can be a diamond in the rough – he was ranked 7th as a senior in the state of New York.

Looking at Reynolds recruiting offer sheet we see that he had been pursued by Syracuse, Rutgers, Illinois, and Wake Forest… among lesser schools also.  So another Power 5 NY school, Syracuse, wanted him and they must have know he was ranked in the Top 10 of their state – yet he came to Pitt to play for Narduzzi.

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