MMQB -Pitt at Duke

MMQB -Pitt at Duke

On the way back to the tailgate on Saturday, one of the POV’ers suggested I rename this piece “the cardiac kids.”  I don’t disagree.  Over the past three games Pitt has a displayed a unique talent for dominating the first half of play, making just enough mistakes to let their opponent take a small lead in the fourth quarter, and then rallying for a last second win.

Is it maddening?  Yes.  Is it entertaining?  Absolutely.

It’s also unsustainable.

But lets not worry about that right now.  We snatched victory from the jaws of defeat (after we had nearly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory…) on Saturday and now Pitt sits at 4-2 at the midpoint of the season.

Here are my goods, bads and uglies from the game. Continue reading “MMQB -Pitt at Duke”

Monday Morning Quarterback – UCF

Monday Morning Quarterback – UCF

Of all the games to miss.  I was in Germany all week and got back on 2 p.m. Saturday.  Needless to say, it was going to be tough to justify spending an additional four hours away from my family, so I didn’t even try.

But I did watch the replay on Sunday, and what a replay it was.  From Pitt’s near perfection through most of two quarters, to their slide into Same-Old-Pittiness after the AJ Davis Fumble, to the self-implosion of a physically beaten UCF team late in the game,  to the Play that will go down in as one of the greatest in Pitt Football history, this game was nothing less than an instant classic.  I am supremely proud to be a Pitt football fan at this present moment, and I am supremely jealous of those who were able to attend this game in person. Continue reading “Monday Morning Quarterback – UCF”

Monday Morning Quarterback – Penn State

Monday Morning Quarterback – Penn State

There is not a lot to be said about this game that has not already been said, but I will say a few things.

First:  I owe Kenny Pickett an apology.  Immediately after the Virginia game, I wrote an article that completely trashed Pickett’s play and his overall potential as a quarterback.  Well, I would like to say that I was wrong and I am sorry.  Whatever Kenny has done since that game has been nothing short of transformational.  Here is  my list of critiques from Virginia (and last season), with updated analysis: Continue reading “Monday Morning Quarterback – Penn State”

MMQB – Ohio

MMQB – Ohio

Pitt beat Ohio 20-10 at Heinz on Saturday, and the win brought the Pitt fan base back to equilibrium.  There was a fair amount of trepidation going into the game, but it turned out to be unwarranted because Pitt’s defense held the Bobcats to just 212 total yards.  This was probably helped by the fact that (Ohio QB) Nathan Rourke was feeling under the weather, but regardless of Rourke’s condition it was clear that Pitt’s defensive line was dominant.  Pitt sacked Rourke six times en-route to -43 yards rushing and just 177 yards passing.  Pitt also tallied 10 total TFL, and five additional quarterback pressures.  At this point you probably all know that Jaylen Twyman notched three sacks, and he’s the first Pitt player to do that since the “other” #97, but I’m going to repeat it because well, it bears repeating.  I’m also going to say that this is the Pat Narduzzi defense we have been waiting five years to see, and damn doesn’t it look fine?    Continue reading “MMQB – Ohio”

MMQB – Virginia

MMQB – Virginia

About midway through the first quarter, an ACC network cut to a University of Pittsburgh tailgater unceremoniously dropping a pan full of delicious-looking barbecue onto the ground just as it was being taken off the grill.  If that isn’t a metaphor for the entire evening, I don’t know what is.

Still,  It was just one game, and it’s not like Pitt was a complete and utter train wreck.  There were positives.  Penalties for example.  I counted only one pre-snap penalty for Pitt.  On both sides of the ball.  That speaks to discipline.  I counted only one holding call.  That was surprising given that we were starting four brand new offensive linemen.

The defense played well.  A couple of early PI calls were cleaned up.  Paris Ford was outstanding.  As was Kylan Johnson.  Keyshon Camp was very good (hopefully he’s not hurt badly).  The Star linebacker position made plays.  Elias Reynolds looks like he’s a step more explosive.  Damarri Mathis, after getting turned around on one play early played an excellent second half.  For the most part the tackling was solid.  Continue reading “MMQB – Virginia”

MMQB: The Sun Bowl

MMQB:  The Sun Bowl

Editor’s note:  I was going to post this on Weds AM, but we already have 612 comments on the game thread, and this one may be a little bit easier to scroll through.   Continue to have at it, we sure do have a lot to talk about.

Well, we blew it.

And it’s not like the fans couldn’t see it coming, because nearly everybody did.

The first ominous sign was the inability to score touchdowns during a dominating first quarter.  Things got a shade darker after we tried and failed to get any kind of passing game going in second half.  By the time Watson went into panic mode in the fourth quarter and all-but-abandoned the run our fate was sealed.

And yet there were good things about the game.  The team came out fired up, and they never quit.  The running game was again strong, even without senior running back Qadree Ollison, who went down early with an ankle injury.  The defense certainly played well enough to win.  If the El-Paso-Fumble-Pass-TD had never happened we might even have held on.

But we didn’t.  And the bottom line is that the Stanford Cardinal spotted us a half-dozen of their best players, and we still couldn’t figure out a way to win.

Water finds its own level people, and our level is .500.  Seems like it always has been and seems like it always will.

Feel free to list your goods, bads and uglies, or just vent.

Hail to Pitt.  (Half of the time)