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The basketball thread was getting full, so I’m starting a new one.

The latest topic of interest is Chris Peak’s latets 3-2-1 article.  It’s free.

Give it a read and comment away

Link to Pantherlair 3-2-1 article 

Also…this guy just hit the xFer portal.  Maybe Pitt can lure him in?

Lastly, Damar Hamlin sends his love:

As does the rest of the Pitt Football team

Hamlin’s Valentine is the most popular getting nearly 61% of the vote.

Cam Bright got 7.3% (Dude is criminally underrated, even in this …)

The always popular Roc the Panther stole 23% of the vote

and Taysir Mack’s love note to opposing defenses caught 8.5%

Hail to Pitt


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The Week in Review 2/9/2020

The Week in Review 2/9/2020

On Monday I expected this to be a slow week.

Men’s basketball got a little love in Mark Packer’s ACC Basketball power rankings.  He listed Pitt as sixth.

Grade:  B.  Pitt is knocking on the door of the top 1/3 of the conference just two years after going winless in the ACC.  That’s progress my friends.

…And Pitt football landed a commit.  It was later revealed that this commit was a 6’3″, four-star cornerback from Georgia.

Grade:  A Continue reading “The Week in Review 2/9/2020”

The “Pat Narduzzi Might Be Leaving” Thread

Well, it happened.

And now the speculation is rampant…because you know, Pat Narduzzi.

First.  Lets just talk about the state of the MSU program. Continue reading “The “Pat Narduzzi Might Be Leaving” Thread”

The Week in Review 1/26/2019

The Week in Review 1/26/2019

Monday, January 20th:  Literally nothing happened.  Grade:  Incomplete

Tuesday, January 21st:  Former Pitt Football Coach Todd Graham was named head coach at Hawaii.  Predictably this brought many a “I guess Penny has family in Honolulu” jokes forth from the Pitt faithful.  And those jokes were not unjustified.  It also brought forth this, which I personally happen to prefer:

Grade:  C.  This has absolutely no bearing on Pitt sports whatsoever, but it’s always fun to make a joke at Fraud Graham’s expense. Continue reading “The Week in Review 1/26/2019”