2022 WTE Production Lost – Pitt

With the start of spring training, I thought I would get a jump on my Way to Early (WTE) ACC team reviews. Along with Pitt, I expect all ACC teams to lose and then gain players with the start of the second TP period (May 1 -15).

We all know who Pitt lost to  expired eligibility, early NFL entrance, and the TP. But do we know what other ACC teams and OOC opponents lost? That is the point of these articles.

I would like your input on how to improve these articles. So, any feedback is appreciated. The WTE team articles will show the same format as Pitt’s.

As you are well aware, I like to use color coding. Here are the keys:

  • Green – College eligibility has expired.
  • Reddish Pink – Entered the Transfer Portal.
  • Blue – Left team with eligibility remaining.
  • Yellow – Starter on Defense.

Besides headings and names, I also use “BOLD” for what I think are important items.

As usual, I start with a comparison of team’s schedule for 2022 and 2023.

I usually travel to Pittsburgh in late September or early October to visit my brother and take in a Pitt game. It looks like the available games are UNC or Louisville. This year, my younger brother from Texas may make it three. Also, I enjoyed my last visit to Wake Forest and have targeted that as my away game.

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#11 Pitt vs #3 Xavier Musketeers NCAA Game Thread

Here we go for our third chance to show the college BB world that Pitt is for real. I know Pitt fans are the hardest on the Panthers (just read some of the in-game comments on here!), but I feel we’ve done a damn good job since the tip-off against Mississippi State. Now, onward…

Here is what we’ve done since the end of our ACC season:

Have to say that a 3-1 record when it counts for advancing ain’t too shabby. 24-11 overall is pretty damn good for the program also. We’ll see how that holds for this afternoon against Xavier. Here are two quick overviews of the two teams playing today (I scoff at ESPN’s 68.8% chance to win for the Musketeers):

ESPN’s Pitt vs Xavier

NCAA’s Pitt vs Xavier

Here are some more detailed info tidbits for the two schools:


Pitt’s Basketball Season

Pitt’s Men’s Stats

Pitt’s Roster


Xavier’s Basketball Season

Xavier’s Men’s Stats

Xavier’s Roster

And here’s who we will play after today’s win:

Here is the progression of the BB program since Kevin “Slim” Stallings was hired:

OK – have at it and let’s bring home another win!