Why Stubbornness is Bad…Mostly

It is certainly no secret to see what the main drawback is on the Pitt football team is this season – it is our pass defense which as it stands today is (still) putrid – we’ll talk about the details of that in a minute.

But it isn’t only the pass defense which is hurting us.  We have fielded a stout run defense all season on the whole in giving up only 103 yards per game which is great and lands us 6th nationally.

Yet even with that going for us we been suspect in one of the most important overall defensive areas and that is our Red Zone defense where as you can see we sit dead last in the FBS.

Team Stats – Through games 10/29/2016
Stat Rank Value
Total Defense 70 415.5
Rushing Defense 6 103.3
Passing Yards Allowed 125 312.3
Team Passing Efficiency Defense 115 145.34
Scoring Defense T-98 32.4
3rd Down Conversion Pct Defense 32 0.345
4th Down Conversion Pct Defense T-111 0.667
Red Zone Defense 128 0.968

But wait!! Stats are decieving…

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POV: Sunday Morning QB

This will be a very quick article as I’m stretched thin here.  But here goes…

Thursday night saw us lose a close heart breaker to a Coastal Division opponent Virginia Tech by the score of 39 to 36.  It went down to the end of the game with Pitt still having a chance at to at least tie it up but we fell short. 

There are some things that just absolutely jump out as far as positives and negative go. Since it was a loss we’ll start with the negatives:


* Our pass defense This is getting to play like a broken record and almost every game we play we point to our horrid pass defense as on of the negative aspects of the game just played. 

Thursday we allowed 406 yards through the air as their QB, Jerod Evans went 26/40 for 406 yards with two TDs and no INTs.  That is a QB rating of 166+ and he chewed us apart.

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POV’s Pitt vs VT Game Thread

“The time has come” the Walrus said, “to talk of many things: Of shoes and ship and sealing wax – of Pitt football and kings…”

Pitt football most of all.  Here is your official PittVirginia Tech game thread and here are the ever-enjoyable “Game Notes” for Pitt’s Media Dept.

I’ll be in the Press Box tonight so should be able to chip in with observations as we slowly beat VT into the ground with our running game…

Have at it and enjoy – but make sure to read Dan 72′ BB price I just posted earlier this morning.