Georgia Tech Prediction Thread

Georgia Tech Prediction Thread

Well well well, if it isn’t the eve of another ACC Coastal road game.  Pitt visits Georgia Tech on Saturday for a 4 p.m. kick, and I’m excited about that because I live about 40 minutes away from “The Flats” as they call it in Atlanta, and I’ll actually be able to watch the Panthers in person.

What I’m not excited about is Pitt’s tendency to play down to their competition.  And lets make no mistake, Pitt is better than Georgia Tech.  Pitt has more talent on defense.  Pitt has more talent on offense (Hard to believe but yes it is true).  Pitt’s developing offensive line should be able to get some push in the running game.  Pitt’s defensive style is geared towards stopping the run – which is pretty much the only thing Tech has done well this year.

Basically all Pitt has to do is tackle the running back, pressure the quarterback, and cover the deep passing routes (all of which they can do well), and they could very well pitch a shutout.

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Duke Prediction Thread

Duke Prediction Thread

Despite last week’s weak showing against Delaware, optimism is running high that we can beat Duke.  Perhaps that is because six starters were sidelined last week, including Kenny Pickett.  Perhaps that was because we believe that 13 penalties are an anomaly.  Perhaps that’s because we know that Pitt tends to play down to lesser competition, and we know that Duke isn’t lesser competition.  Perhaps it’s because we’ve won five of the last six games against the Blue Devils.

Well, whatever the reason, we all know a little optimism can be a dangerous thing.  It’s much safer to keep your expectations low.  Not that the Pitt Sports Information Department is doing anything to help.

In all seriousness though, September was a great month for Twyman.  He is living up to expectations, and he needs to keep it going.  Morrissey gets credit too.  He has done what he’s done against two of the better pass rushes in the country…UVA and Penn State.  Not bad for a former walk on.

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Delaware Prediction Thread and Tailgate Info

Delaware Prediction Thread and Tailgate Info

First and foremost:  The unofficial Pitt POV tailgate will be in Red5A at 7:30 with breakfast of scrambled eggs and French toast and bagels around 9:00.  Special guest Commander Reed.  As per protocol, Fran is organizing with the help of some others.  It’s open to all Pitt fans (and even some Delaware fans if they choose to show up).  Look for the Pitt POV flag if it’s your first time, and feel free to bring something if you are going to stop by.  Be safe and have fun folks!

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Penn State Hate Week: Game Preview and Prediction Thread

Penn State Hate Week:  Game Preview and Prediction Thread

First, I would like to congratulate the #6 Pitt Women’s Volleyball team for defeating the #10 Oregon Ducks on Wednesday night in four sets.  That folks, is what athletic excellence should look like.  Enjoy these highlights and Hail to Pitt.

Second, Pitt Football’s Tre Tipton (WR, Apollo Ridge HS) was named to the AllState AFCA Goodworks Team.

Tipton is one of 22 players nationwide named to this year’s team, which was selected from a pool of 137 nominees by an esteemed panel of judges, including ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit and former Florida Gators and NFL quarterback Tim Tebow.

As a reward for being named to the team, Tipton will be invited to the 2020 Allstate Sugar Bowl to join Tebow and Allstate volunteers to give back to New Orleans through a special community service project. Allstate will recognize the team during the halftime show.

Not too shabby.  Tipton’s perseverance in the face of adversity has certainly paid off.

Most importantly,  you should vote for him to be named Captain by clicking this link.  You can vote once per day, so get out there and vote for this outstanding Pitt Man.  And do it more than once!

Okay now lets talk some Pitt-Penn State.

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Sun Bowl Prediction Thread

Sun Bowl Prediction Thread

Well folks.  Here it is.  The official Pitt POV Sun Bowl prediction thread.  We’ve said a lot about this game, and I’ll recap the conversation.

On one hand, Stanford has the talent to make us look bad if they show up to play.  Their roster is dripping with four star players, and the Cardinal passing game is very good.

On the other hand, a lot of Stanford’s starters are not playing due to injury or NFL combine prep.  Also, you can’t measure heart and desire, which you would think the 19 (mostly two and three star) Seniors on this 2018 Pitt squad have in spades.

My heart wants to say that Stanford overlooks us and Pitt will win this one with their smashmouth style, ultimately sending the Senior class off in with a bowl win and something to really hang their hat on, but my head says David Shaw is a heck of a coach, and he’s had two weeks to prepare, and that scares me.

I’m sticking with my original prediction, but I sure hope I’m wrong.

Stanford 41, Pitt 28.

What do you have to Say Panther Nation?  Sound off!

 Late add: also here is your Pitt uniform reveal