Are We Accepting Averageness?

For years I have been stating that the University of Pittsburgh’s football program has held a place in the echelons of college football that was sort of like being in limbo.  Setting all the excruciating concise details of that concept aside it basically means we had died and been on the verge of hell forever.

But that was a bit harsh, so I modified my thinking to us being akin to a long-range airship that never had clearance to either land safely nor soar above the clouds – sort of like being on a solar powered dirigible that just kept going around in circles for years no matter how hard the crew tried to make it do something different.

In plain English I feel the program is solidly ensconced in the bottom of the top half of the 128 D1 football teams in America.  We hover between the 32-64 team rankings almost every week of every year we play football. Almost every week that is.

Some seasons we do rise above that – this year was one of them. Last year was also, at least for a while. But we never seem to be able to make that sustained push to get us into the Top 20 rankings on any sort of regular basis.  This remains the case with numerous changes in head coaches, staff coaches, athletic Directors and Chancellors… no matter how good or bad they are; how well-liked or hated,  it stays about the same.

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