FB Post-Bowl Bits and Pieces

Remember that photo?  Good times yes?

From the comments on the last article I think you guys are substituting our fans’ disappointment in the bowl loss as some sort of referendum on the whole season. In that article I made it a point to congratulate  Narduzzi for beating PSU and Clemson and winning eight games – that was all well done. 

Being ranked, if only for a short time, is a job well done also.  But we can and should have done better.  When we don’t we shouldn’t make excuses but look for explanations.

Because the bottom line is that really good teams withstand injuries to win games anyway, especially big games. That happened to us and we didn’t overcome them. The lack of depth at QB wasn’t Narduzzi’s problem only, but his substitution at the position was questionable.

OK – that’s obviously a pet peeve of mine and others disagree but I’ll say this.  That personnel move was a shock and a big topic of conversation in the press box when it happened and has been one since the game.  It is a head-scratcher at the very least.  But it went down that way and we saw the results.

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