POV’s Sunday Podcast – Recruiting

Just a day after Mike Vukovcan announced his departure from KDKA and going all-in with Pittsburgh Sports News… and about five hours after I posted an article about it my daughter calls me up and says the Pitt POV’s Patreon donation site is online and ready to be activated.

Ironic, yes?

Please let me explain what our donation site and process is about and what it will do and not do. I did some rather extreme research in looking for a site that would be what I wanted to represent my intent to… hell, there’s no other way to say it… get money from you. 

First and foremost I want it to be very clear in its intent and that is as a donations sitenothing more than that.  It is not a subscription site regardless of their use of the word “subscribe” which I think is a poor choice of a word for them to use.

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