POV Sunday Podcast 1/29/17

First of my sincere thanks to these uber-readers, commenters and now Pitt POV support donors who are so much better looking and smell nicer that those who didn’t drop me a dime.

Thank You!

Tip of the Helmet to: Greg (Greg),  Jack (Friends of Pitt),  John (MajorMajors),  Joe (jnrpitt), Kevin (Kman),  Mark (PittPT),  Peter (PetePitt73),  Phil (pmdH2P), Russ (rkb),  Tom (Dr. Tom),  William (wwb or wbb kind of like like a Jeckell & Hyde deal…) our BB Nostradamus Mark (UPitt) and Michael (Altomike). 

My true friends listed  above – I am in awe of you all.  Your generous donations are actually humbling this rather medium-sized ego of mine and I hope to do even better in 2017 in getting to you, all POV’ers,  better articles and more items and issues to have a blast discussing.

BTW guys – Altomike has a total of one (1) comment yet kicked in big time. Which is why I keep saying we have a huge amount of readers who rarely comment or not at all.

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