Spring Events for Pitt POV’ers

At periodic intervals I will be posting info about opportunities for us readers and commenters to get together and meet each other face to face, have a drink or two, and wax poetic on detailed and serious Pitt Football issues.

Coming up in 2017’s Winter/Spring months so far we have two events:

First off – The Pitt recruiting class of 2017’s Pitt National Letter Of Intent Day (NLOI) that will held be at Heinz Field with free parking in the Gold Lot. (You can RSVP through the link above).

2017-loi-day-2I will be hosting a cocktail hour before the official start of the event.  Meet myself and other POV’ers at Jerome Bettis’ Grille 36 between 4:00 – 5:00 pm. Possibly earlier depending how long my drive from MD takes.

At 5 o’clock we’ll mosey over to the North club at Heinz Field to do the football coaching staff ‘meet and greet’ that Pitt puts on before the more formal 6:00 pm talks and PowerPoint shows by the position coaches talking about the kids from the 2o17 recruiting class they will have under their care.  That lasts about an hour or so then… if we feel like it we can have another back at Bettis’ Grille.


Leave your wallets at home!  This day’s on me as a small way to say thank you all for what you all have done in helping this blog get off the ground over the past six months. I truly mean that. Continue reading “Spring Events for Pitt POV’ers”