Who Are the Breakout Stars in 2017?

Part of the offseason discussions about Pitt football – the fun part – is speculating about what will happen next year. A big part of that is looking at the players we lose to graduation and who is still onboard, or is in the recruiting pipeline, who may fleet up and become starters.

We are losing players who have given Pitt some great play over their careers – guys like Nate Peterman at QB; RB James Conner, OLs Adam Bisnowaty and Dorian Johnson just to name a few on the offensive side of the ball.

On defense DE Ejuan Price and his sacks will be gone. Shakir Soto is leaving along with starting LBs Matt Galambos, Mike Caprara and Bam Bradley… and others also.

So what happens when that happens?  Well, the beauty of college football is that there is a starter’s revolving door that lets newcomers in at the same time old timers go out.  A great thing that happens each year is that kids who haven’t been in the media eye much rise up to not only do their job but sometimes do it extremely and surprisingly well.

Others are players who have been on the roster for sometime but have big question marks next to their name because there is doubt they will live up to expectations.  And expectations are funny things.  Most are reasonable but sometimes what fans expect bleeds over to a player being hyped up to heights that they just can’t meet.

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