Who is Your 2016 MVP? Seriously

Until I can get home and do up a podcast for today let’s chip in with our Pittsburgh Panthers Football MVP for 2016.  You can list one overall; one on offense and one on defense or anything your little heart desires.

Looking at the season objectively I feel the MVP has to come from the offensive side of the ball for obvious reasons.  One being we had no defense to speak of.  I think QBs are always the most important guy out there because it all starts with the snap and the ball being put into play.

Peterman had a great year as we talked about yesterday.  He didn’t light the world on fire from game one until game 13 but he got steadily better as the season unfolded and, perhaps most importantly, didn’t have many turnovers that kept us from scoring points. Seven INTs on the year is darn good especially stacked up against 237 TD passes.

But that’s the easy pick.  I supposed you could point to James Conner as the romantic choice given it was his comeback year but truth be told his production doesn’t jump off the page at you.

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