Our Thanks to the “Small Feet” Kids”

Here on the Pitt POV we had an earlier discussion about the 2016 offense and how it really took off after we got a new OC in Matt Canada for this last season… remember him?  We also discussed how much impact OL Coach Peterson had on the OL in the run game this year.

Back in the ’16 spring practices I had a discussion with Pat Bostick about our new Offensive Coordinator and what we may see happen differently on offense this year. When we discussed the prospective run game he used the phrase “small feet players” more than once.He used that phrase in interviews later on also.

In context that meant that Matt Canada would be using the smaller WRs in the run game more often – and boy did he. 

That meant the WRs who hadn’t been involved much before 2016 but who had speed and moves Canada wanted in the run game would see the ball on a much more generous basis.

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