POV: Peterman’s Quiet Storm

One of the first positions football fans look at in determining how good a team is is the Quarterback.  That is where the offensive plays begin and his play, good or bad, usually will determine how well the ball is moved up field and how many points are scored.

We have had a long run of QBs on our Pitt teams that looked like they would be fine on paper and some turned out to be OK on the field also. Others never really lived up to the recruiting hype and/or blew it when they had their chances to finally get into the starting position. 

Over the last 20 year we have had Tyler Palko, Pat Bostick, Bill Stull, Tino Sunseri, Tom Savage, Chad Voytik and just now ending with Nate Peterman.  Not exactly the equivalent to the Yankee’s Murder’s Row of the late 1920s, but then again some came in and played well for us.

But quietly this season, almost on tippy-toes or cats’ paws, Nate Peterman put up a year that is almost unrivaled by any Pitt QB in a very long time.  Let’s look at how he stacked up with Pitt’s more recent QBs’ play.

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