Are QB Decisions Now Changes Later?

I was surfing old Pitt articles in the Sports illustrated magazine this morning trying to get some push towards writing an article for this Monday lunchtime hour.  I came across a few articles about Pitt quarterbacks Dan Marino and Rick Trocano and started thinking about how back in the day players would be demoted or moved to other positions and you rarely heard a peep out of them.  They would just suit up and carry on in a different job.

Very few players who had been recruited over in a specific position threw up their hands and transferred out back then.  Yet we see that happen all the time now. Mark Myers, a big strong armed highly rated QB recruit by one recruiting service – not so much by the others – came to Pitt under Dave Wannstedt and never really bought into the energy and desire required to succeed at this level.

After muddling around and being not played by two different HCs he transferred to John Carroll college and had a blast in the less pressurized atmosphere where all he had to worry about was throwing the football around and dating different co-eds.  He seemed to thrive at both and set school passing records there.

Just recently we watched ex-starting QB Chad Voytik leave the team because he lost his starting job.  Fans looked at that and figured he wanted more starting playing time elsewhere, naturally assuming that if he dropped to a lower level of competition he’d be a starter again.

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