POV: Tyler, We Hardly Missed Thee.

Now that the season is over I though we should take a look back at some predictions we fans made before the 2016 season started and see if what we thought would happen actually did happen.

One key issue I wrote about in detail was that I thought our offense wouldn’t miss our star wide receiver Tyler Boyd as much as some fans and media writers thought we would. 

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The phrase I used to describe our receiving corps last season was “Boyd was the elephant in the room“,  meaning that when when Jim Chaney was drawing up his offensive game plans or when Boyd was out on the field the main focus pointed directly to Boyd in the passing game.  He was the turbo fan that sucked the air from the other receivers on the roster.

As well it should have given the great season he had for us previously in 2014.  To recap, here is his  statistical production for that season:  78 catches for 1,261 yards (16.2 ypc) with 8 TDs and a long of 53 yards.  Wow, pretty fine year and no wonder why we all felt he would be the prime target in ’15.

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