C C C C C-Changes to Ease the Roster

It looks like we are seeing some more of the every-year roster changes that happen for various reasons – most often 5th year players being moved out of the program and others who have seen the handwriting on the wall regarding playing time.  This is done most often to clear up scholarships.  To jog your memories a D1 school is allowed only 85 scholarships on the roster at any one time.

Listed below are the players who will be redshirt Seniors in 2017.  Remember that at this point in their careers each of these kids will have had a full four years in attendance as student/athletes at Pitt and should have an under graduate degree by this time… or very soon. 

In the past there was an unwritten policy Pitt adhered to… if a player accepted a scholarship and kept his nose clean and met all his academic, team and athletic department requirements Pitt would give them a full four years in return.

But I believe that informal policy went by the wayside after Dave Wannstedt was head coach.  Anyway, here is that listing.  Players in red and crossed off are already off the roster and have decided to leave; players in black are not on scholarship at this time or at any point.

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