A Look at Our 2017 Recruit Class

We have exactly 11 days left before the 2017 National Letter Of Intent day on Feb 1st and that is a short time to try to land the recruits that we want to have on the Pitt roster for next season. The problem is that for most of the recruits we are trying to sway toward Pitt is that they have formal offers from other programs and are being hounded by all those other school’s recruiters as well.

After further review of each 2017 recruit I’m more impressed with this class than last year’s and more than I was just a few weeks ago.  They almost all have at least one FBS offer and most have Power Five offers also – other than the Pitt one of course.

Fans tend to look at different things when assessing a prospective recruit.  Some love the star system; some rely on the national rankings given out and others look at the different football program’s quality level of scholarship offers the player has received.

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