Breaking News: Pitt Excels as a Student/Athlete Institution

From this morning’s Post-Gazette.  What wonderful news…

Twelve of Pitt’s 17 programs performed at or above the national Academic Progress Report average, and six of those programs — football, baseball, men’s and women’s cross country, softball and women’s tennis — set or matched their highest all-time APR scores, according to figures released Tuesday by the NCAA.

Three teams — softball, women’s cross country and women’s tennis — posted a perfect score of 1,000, the last of which did so for the fourth-consecutive year. Thirteen of 17 programs posted scores at or above last year’s marks. One of the more pronounced improvements came from the football program, which saw its score jump 10 points to 984, vaulting it to fourth among 15 ACC teams and putting it 16 points above the national average. Men’s basketball also posted a 984, placing it 17 points above the national average and fifth in the conference.

This is what I have always envisioned for the University of Pittsburgh.  Ever since I started blogging on The Pitt Blather and now on the Pitt POV I have held firm in stating that yes, the student/athlete concept and requirement is not dead as so many Pitt fans seem to think it is.

This is part and parcel of our modern-day football history as we have seen more of an emphasis on doing deeper background checks on football recruits since the early 2010. Our players still get in trouble sometimes but Pat Narduzzi is quick with discipline and has had rosters filled with students who are also taking academics more seriously.

This is what the bigger donors are concentrating on with Pitt football also – Remember the Guttman’s and their $2M donation to the football program – that was earmarked mostly for the tutoring and educational facilities for the players…

Good for him and good for Pitt.

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Dan72 and I are going to be attending this Pitt Alumni function down here in Maryland on June 7th – let’s get some other Maryland POVers to come also – it’s free and if you aren’t an alumni it doesn’t matter – just register as a “Friend” like I did.

Here is the webpage to register…


30 thoughts on “Pitt Excels in Sports Academics… & Learn How to Create Your Own Blog….

  1. Pitt advanced to the semifinals of the ACC baseball championship, rallying to upset No. 1-seed North Carolina, 5-4, on Wednesday night at Durham Athletic Park.

    Yee haw…we finally beat the Tarholes in one of the 3 main sports. And in North Carolina, so this was like a home game for the Holes.


  2. Maybe the worm is starting to turn (a little ) for us . Beat the Holes and Wake in the Fall !


    VBGB Beer Hall and Garden
    920 Hamilton Street
    Charlotte, NC 28206
    5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
    Register here
    Email Us


  4. Gotta say kind of a goofy locale. Should have had it at the many many places right in downtown Charlotte.


    1. On the other hand, Beer Hall and Garden sounds about right.

      BTW, we had beaten UNC men’s BB twice in recent years but I know it seems like a long time ago. We actually beat UNC FB in this decade but not since joining the ACC.

      But totally agree that the FB team needs to get off the snide



  5. I was going to lead with the good news but after seeing Reed’s changes I’ll throw this out there first…

    College should be about education. That said, we are a DI athletic program in 2018. Keep the kids eligible, help them progress in the classroom and go get some more. Iw the goal is 4.0 in the classroom and .500 on the field, let’s join the Patriot League.

    Now, on to my “positive” post..

    How about the Panthers upset yesterday? Here’s the link to Cardiac Hill and OF Frank Maldanado’s amazing catch.

    Let’s hope it works out this well against UNC in the fall.



    1. How about we get the kids graduated with a good GPA we make sure that they can get decent jobs after graduation so they’re educated enough to do that and we play above .500 ball… how does that sound?


  6. So wait…. If I’m reading this right…. PITT isn’t the worst college to be a fan of? .. Stop the presses….

    Congratulations to the baseball team and the University of Pittsburgh..


  7. Big time players make big time plays when the game is on the line.

    Maldonado= Big Time

    Impressive academic performance. Something else for Narduzzi to sell. DO IT!

    The BBall list is impressive as well, hope he closes some of those Bigs.


  8. That academic performance ought to get the attention of kids and parents who realize how small a percentage make a pro career. Unfortunately too many have star dust in their eyes.


  9. I find it funny and strange that we keep bouncing around debating why can’t PITT be like the Johnson’s and the Smiths and the top programs in the country when the answers is always right in front of our noses. PITT doesn’t want to be like those schools. We need to face the facts….. We’re rooting for a team that has values and is not interested in winning at all cost like other schools are. Then I ask.. is that all bad?


  10. nothing wrong with B grades and B+ performances on the field
    So I’ll take a 3.0 GPA if we can win 8 football games or go slightly above .500 in ACC basketball.


  11. Pitt to play a home and home with Wisconsin starting in 2026. Hopefully we’re all still here by that time, finally ready to play a more difficult schedule and surely reaping the rewards after 11 seasons under the guidance of Pat Narduzzi.


  12. Pitt Signs Two-Year Football Scheduling Agreement with Wisconsin

    Panthers, Badgers Agree to Home-and-Home Series in 2026-27

    LINK: Pitt, Wisconsin to Play Two-Game Football Series

    PITTSBURGH—The University of Pittsburgh and University of Wisconsin have signed a home-and-home football scheduling agreement for the 2026-27 seasons, Pitt Director of Athletics Heather Lyke announced today.

    The initial contest will be played at Wisconsin on Sept. 19, 2026. The Panthers will host on Sept. 11, 2027.

    “In speaking with (Wisconsin Athletic Director and Burgettstown native) Barry Alvarez, we both felt this was a great scheduling opportunity,” Lyke said. “Despite our regional proximity, we’ve rarely played each other in football. It is a challenging and compelling non-conference game that our respective teams and fans can look forward to.”

    Pitt is 3-0 all-time against Wisconsin. The teams last met during the 1967 season.

    The Badgers have not played in Pittsburgh since 1937 when the Panthers, led by legendary coach Jock Sutherland, rolled to a 21-0 victory en route to the national championship.

    Wisconsin is presently led by head coach Paul Chryst, who held the same position at Pitt from 2012-14.

    Date H/A Result

    Oct. 23, 1937 H W, 21-0

    Oct. 15, 1938 A W, 26-6

    Oct. 14, 1967 A W, 13-11


  13. The bigger question, will Lumpy have 11 P-5 players to put on the field for his no name defense?


  14. I like it but who knows what either program will be like in 8 years. Recent history sides with Wisc but who knows? wwb


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