On Life Its Own Self – Retirement

Since my retirement five years ago I have made a promise to myself to do two things every single day: 1) Learn something new and 2) Do some good for someone. That is what I have to do to keep that promise to myself and enjoy my retirement.

Guess what one of those two things is that I do… yep, its writing a blog about Pitt Football (and obviously other issues) for my fellow Pitt fans to enjoy. That is the really fun thing in my life.

But I also push myself to get ‘out of myself ‘because, lets face it – the Pitt POV  is pretty self-serving for me. So I volunteer for a lot of different things and boy do I love that – even the crappy parts which sometimes happen. 

I work at a Homeless Day Resource Center where I break up fights sometimes (helps to be 6’6″ and 255). I work with Wounded Warriors, I volunteer to read/perform short stories to audiences at the local library, I judge high school STEM competitions, etc… Some are on a continuing basis and some are  a one-off gig.


What I’m getting to here is that I’ve been asked to, and agreed to, do something new and be a “Human Book” in my County Library’s system’s Human Library Project. It is basically a project where somebody with something unique about their lives volunteers to share that with others who may have never met anyone like that before.

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