If You See a Prius Flipped Over…

in the Heinz Field parking lot before a game that will be mine.

Why flipped over do you ask?  Because our own MVPOV’er Commenter and Crazy Supporter of the blog, Bernie Blystone (alias “BigB“) has just had delivered to my house a gift that will keep giving.

Hernias that is.  I came home from the gym to see a huge box leaning up against the side of my house.  When I opened it – it must have weighed 100 lbs – I found a Submarine’s Periscope inside.

No, really, it could have been one, it is that big.  But it is a… drum roll please… a 20 ft telescoping solid 4″ diameter aluminum flagpole and with a heavy-ass base that goes under your car wheel when you are using it.


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Predictions are Funny Things…

A commenter posted a link to The Panthers Prey – Chris Dokish’s blog about Pitt football and Dokish’s take on our 2017 defense.  Dokish specializes in recruiting stuff mostly but also tends to get way into the weeds about individual player’s abilities and talents.

Chris Dokish’s Website

People love reading that and I do also.  It is apparent he puts a lot of research into his writing. However, I believe about half of it.

That’s no slur on Dokish’s work,  but when you are in the business of offering predictions regarding how well players will do in the future, as he is, then you basically have a 50/50 chance of getting your predictions into the “correct” ballpark.  I know this to be true – after all I predicted that Jack Lippert would be a three-year starter and that Chris Wuestner would be the next Mike Shanahan.

The thing is that fans read Dokish’s stuff but never go back to see how good he is at doing this.  Let’s remember to do that after the 2017 season and compare Pitt’s real results to his current predictions.

Well it is too much to cut and paste but I suggest you take a reading of the whole piece – I do like to read his work – and pay close attention to his “DBs” section toward the bottom of the article.  This is what he said for the upcoming 2017 season:

Bottom line- It’s going to be hard to convince some people that the secondary could be a lot better, but I have to say anyway that there’s a real possibility that the secondary could be a lot better. If Whitehead returns to form, and Hamlin and Ford live up to their potential, there will be an enormous improvement. And these are three elite talents so it’s not unimaginable.

Also, last year’s underclassmen, like Jackson, Motley, and Stocker, should get better now that last year’s shell shocked season is over. Throw in some very talented redshirt freshmen like Coleman, Miller, Campbell, and Garner, and you can see that there may be light at the end of the tunnel sooner than people think.

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