POV Golf Outing: Rev. 1 Mod. 1

If anyone needs any more incentive to start their planning their trip to the Quicksilver Golf Course for the Pitt POV Open Golf Outing in April then take a look at this:

How cool is that?

I had a bunch made up, 14″ x 24″ and they are sturdy as hell and just waiting to go home with you… 

That’s only one of the many interesting yet surprisingly likable prizes to be awarded to those who cough up the big bucks and who can actually play a decent round of golf. 

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A Quick Hitter Today

On this date in 1981 the only church open for Saturday business on the Big Island of Hawaii was the small Imiola Church in Waimea.

Imiola Church

So, that is where my wife and I got married and in a rush since my ship was changing homeport and leaving mid- week.

See – I knew if I left Hawaii without her hand I’d regret for the rest of my life.  So I took a machete…


Koa Wood Interior

A wedding on Valentine’s Day is rather tacky but it had to happen that way. Kidding aside I’d be in bad shape without her counsel over these years. I fully admit that.

Now, how we met is a story that is best told over drinks... without kids present.

36 years ago and after only knowing each other for six weeks.  Weird huh?  I still don’t think we know each other all that well…  She has an uncanny ability to hear whispers from two floors away. She may have the rooms bugged though.

Anyway, because today is that anniversary I’m pulled away to do other things but wanted to get something up for Pitt fans to discuss…

Rivals.com’s Chris Peak has another good podcast up and discusses the arrival of OC Shawn Watson and the departure of DL coach Tom Sims. 

He absolutely disagrees with my and others’ beliefs,  that Pitt’s offer to Matt Canada was done knowing that LSU was going to and/or already had topped it.

Well, here the thing – if you know that your offer is going to be topped – which they did, and you know the buyout was going to be paid – which Pitt did, and still offer $1m then great for Pitt.  Kudos for them I suppose.

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